Banishing Impurities with RiRe’s All Kill Blackhead Collection

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Like many others, I struggle with pesky blackheads on my nose. I know picking and squeezing at them only makes matters worse, but I can’t help it – I’ve never been able to find a product that effectively deals with this problem! Hoping to end things once and for all, I turned to RiRe’s All Kill Blackhead collection. The collection’s most famed product is its easy-to-use remover stick that melts blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells with charcoal powder, rice, black bean and sesame extracts, but I decided to test out some of the collection’s lesser-known products to see if they work just as well. Read on to see if I’ve finally found my new life-saving product!

All Kill Blackhead Remover Gel

What is it?

A clear oil gel combined with a silicone applicator featuring small, soft bumps which effectively removes impurities from deep inside pores to create smoother skin. It’s formulated with argon kernel oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, green tea seed oil and camellia seed oil to gently melt away blackheads, whiteheads and sebum instead of pulling them out. It’s also enriched with lemon balm leaf extract and peppermint extract to fill pores with moisture. To use, apply on cleansed and dry face in a rolling motion. Leave on until sebum has dissolved and fully melted away, and then rinse off with water or wipe skin with a wet tissue.

What was my experience like?

I was drawn in by the product’s description of gently melting away impurities, and I wanted to know whether this method could lead to quick and significant changes in my problematic blackheads while also being kinder on skin. The product comes in a convenient and compact squeeze tube, and I appreciate how the oil gel and silicone applicator synergize to create optimal absorption and exfoliation. There’s also a little hole in the middle of the silicone bumps where you can see the gel coming out and easily control the amount of product you’re getting. Rolling the silicone bumps over the lightweight gel felt like a calming massage, especially when combined with the gel’s sharp, zingy peppermint scent. After use, I did find that my nose looked cleaner and smoother. The blackheads seemed to have risen to surface, making them easier to clean with just a simple rinse.

All Kill Blackhead Zero Serum

What is it?

A lightweight watery serum that’s quickly absorbed into skin with a non-sticky, refreshing finish. It’s formulated with centella asiatica extract, aloe vera leaf extract and tea tree extract to soothe pores that have become reddened and irritated due to excessive squeezing, and further enriched with diospyros kakileaf extract, chestnut shell extract, polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese knotweed) root extract and camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract to tighten enlarged and sagging pores due to frequent blackhead removal. In addition to soothing and tightening pores, it also moisturizes skin, regulates sebum production and improves oil-moisture balance. It’s designed with a metal ball applicator that offers an immediate cooling effect by temporarily lowering temperature of sensitive, heated pores. To use, simply squeeze the end of the tube and gently apply in a rolling motion on desired areas.

What was my experience like?

I’m guilty of picking at my blackheads often, and this product seemed to be ideal for reducing the damage that I’ve caused. I have large pores on my cheeks, so I was hoping to see some noticeable results. Like the Remover Gel, the Zero Serum comes in a convenient and compact squeeze tube and uses a special applicator (a metal ball, in this case) for a synergistic effect. I did find the watery serum to be as light and refreshing as it claimed to be, especially with its mild aloe vera fragrance, while the metal ball was cool and relaxing to roll atop my skin. Unlike the applicator of the Remover Gel which has a small hole, it was hard to tell how much gel was coming out onto the Zero Serum’s metal ball. I also experienced product spurting out from the tube when I tried to dispense more gel. Remember to double check that the cap is on tight and don’t squeeze too hard! Furthermore, as my skin is incredibly acne-prone, I noticed that rolling the metal ball over my cheeks caused redness and the formation of some new pimples. Although I enjoyed the gentle serum and the cooling metal ball, due to the effects it had on my skin, I didn’t continue testing the product for long enough to see whether there would be noticeable differences in my pores.

All Kill Blackhead Deep Cleanser

What is it?

A cleanser formulated with black ingredients like charcoal powder, black bean and black sesame to absorb blackheads, whiteheads and sebum as well as provide intensive pore care, exfoliate skin and improve elasticity. It’s also enriched with naturally derived plant-based extracts such as jojoba seed oil, arnica flower extract, macadamia seed oil and yarrow extract to offer soothing and moisturizing effects, protecting skin from dryness and irritation after washing. It offers a deep cleanse while nourishing and conditioning skin to create tighter pores and smoother texture. To use, lather into foam by rubbing cleanser with wet hands, massage onto face and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

What was my experience like?

The cleanser is geared towards those looking for daily pore care. I figured that in addition to the Remover Gel and Zero Serum (targeted blackhead and pore treatments that were more short-term emergency fixes), this Deep Cleanser was a good way to improve the overall state of my skin. The cleanser came out as a metallic lead gray, which surprised me considering how thin and translucent the other two products were, but turned into ultra-fine white foam as I rubbed it onto my face. The scent was lovely, like an aromatic body wash, and the texture was also creamy and soothing with its rich bubbling foam. Despite promises of moisture, I felt that the product was somewhat drying. It was slightly hard to spread on skin, and even though it did make my skin feel very clean and smooth, it also felt a little stripped dry after washing. I’d recommend it as an accompaniment to the Remover Gel, as it does improve overall skin condition gradually while ridding skin of impurities.

Looking for other similar products? RiRe’s All Kill collection also offers a deep cleanser, peeling pad, peeling gel, cleansing bar, body scrub, soap, acne cleanser, cleansing oil and bubble pack cleanser. Check them out and let us know how they fare on your skin!

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