Chit Chat with Das

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Chit Chat is our latest addition to the YesStylist. In this semi-regular feature we meet content creators who are making noise in the beauty-sphere, and learn more about these internet sensations and how they came to be.

Our first conversation is with Das, a Toronto-based Korean influencer who creates both Korean fashion and beauty content and is passionate about using cruelty-free beauty products. She enjoys challenging herself and pushing boundaries when creating content for her audience. Her originality has gained her a dynamic following across the globe, with over 106,000 subscribers tuning in to her YouTube channel. Through her makeup video tutorials and style lookbooks, she continues to find new ways to creatively express herself.

Read on and get to know Das!

What’s a typical day for you like?

Nothing special. I used to go to work 9 to 5, come home and do what I need to do. Now that I’m a freelancer, I do the same except I’m usually working from home. Also except that I take (many) more unnecessary breaks. And have my PJs on all day long. It’s sweet but also very bad for my introvert life. When I’m free I usually play video games, watch Netflix or hang out with my friends and giggle at silly things.

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Where do you get your beauty inspiration from? 

Oddly enough, I find my beauty inspiration from the “ugly” things in life. There’s a fine line between what’s beautiful and what’s ugly. I find beauty in very common scenes in life and put a little twist to it and create something I find “beautiful.”

How has social media shaped your career?

It definitely opened up more chances for me to be creative and made my skill set more versatile because I’m constantly learning new skills and knowledge so I can make my content better. It always challenges me to improve myself which I really need. Just a few years ago, I had almost zero knowledge about videography or video editing. Now it’s a part of my career which is kinda crazy to think about.

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How do you stay motivated when it comes to creating fresh content daily?

It always starts with the message I want to deliver. And when I develop the idea from it, I try to make something that is interesting or useful in some way. For example, when I’m creating a YouTube video, I always think about how this video can benefit whoever is watching – either I’m sharing a new useful technique, encouraging others to feel good about themselves, or maybe making a video that’s just fun to watch. Delivering a positive message is what motivates me the most. And positive reactions I get from my followers really keep me going.

Did you ever see yourself doing what you do now?

Not really. I used to enjoy blogging before, but every time my friends suggested starting my own YouTube channel, I used to say, “No way that’s happening.” I’m actually very introverted and love to stay low-profile (I know it sounds crazy coming from a “social media person” but it’s true), so the idea of putting a video of myself on YouTube frightened me. I can’t say I’m comfortable about it now but on the bright side, it makes me conscious about what I put out there.

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