About This Blog

What is The YesStylist?

To blog or not to blog? Our team here at YesStyle thought about question for a long time before The YesStylist was born. Initially meant to be a collection of thoughts by our very own team, we then thought, “There are so many great writers out there who love YesStyle as much as we do, so why not share this blog with them too?”. We decided that while The YesStylist would focus on Asian fashion, it would also cover a wide range of topics interesting to every reader.


Here at The YesStylist you can find…

Everything and anything under the sun! You can read up on articles about the latest must-haves, find the true definition of Asian Fashion with our Street Photography section, and be charmed by the laissez-faire air of our Lifestyle columns, where you can read about travel, your favorite idol activities, or learn about the latest fitness craze. Want in on the BBcream craze? You can turn to our beauty vloggers for a flawless finish. That celebrity look can be yours if you follow our Celebrity Style feature.

Who writes for The YesStylist?

The YesStylist originally started with ideas from just our team, but we thought to include our favorite bloggers so that we could properly represent the concept of Asian fashion as well the lifestyle belonging to you, the internet-savvy reader. Aside from our favorite bloggers, there’s also our resident style guru Nikki, some of our K-pop fansite friends, and people who simply have something to share. You might even recognize some of The YesStylist’s writers! So drop by, say hi and leave us a comment!

With such a large selection of reading, you’ll never get bored with The YesStylist.

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