Achieving bright, refined skin with PESTLO’s Spicule Re-Born Peeling Mask and Re-Bright Toner Serum Set

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Spicules are considered a natural alternative to microneedling. This ingredient derived from marine sponges offers a gentle peeling effect in skin care. Spicules penetrate deeper than the outermost layer of skin, helping to deliver active ingredients and to rejuvenate skin by stimulating skin cell turnover and getting rid of excess dead skin cells.

Eager to try out this magical ingredient, I chose the Spicule Re-Born Peeling Mask by PESTLO, a Korean skin care brand whose one-of-a-kind products mix ancient skin care wisdom with modern technology and natural ingredients. You might have already come across its bestsellers such as the GOM cream, Re-Bright Toner Serum Set and The Seed Real Collagen Mask infused with 100% botanically derived collagen.

Spicules’ similarity to microneedling and the natural exfoliation they provide were the reasons I picked up the Spicule Re-Born Peeling Mask. I wanted to improve my skin appearance and refine skin without having to resort to physical exfoliators that may further damage skin. I also picked up the Re-Bright Toner Serum Set in hopes of making post-acne scarring on my chin area less visible.

PESTLO – Spicule Re-Born Peeling Mask

Experience: The mask promises gentle exfoliation and fading of dark spots. Apart from spicules, it also contains green tea leaf powder, mugwort powder and pinus pinaster bark extract to soothe redness and irritation. Its texture resembles a herbal remedy – thick green paste with pieces of herbs and a faint pine scent. Overall, it reminded me of DIY face masks. The mask is quite dense and dries fast after being spread onto skin, so it’s best to apply when the face is still wet after cleansing. Slightly wetting the skin and massaging in a circular motion make it easier to spread and be absorbed.

Result: After each use, my skin felt nourished like it had just drunk a glass of water. Thanks to the soothing green tea leaf powder, mugwort extract and mugwort powder, my skin didn’t feel tight or dry (which is typical post-peeling), and didn’t need additional hydration. I find it to be a great way to safely exfoliate at home, even for sensitive skin.

PESTLO – Re-Bright Toner Serum Set


Experience: The set contains a 100ml Re-Bright Toner Serum and a 7ml Vita 7 Bright Activator ampoule. The serum bottle is made of heavy glass, which adds a luxurious feel. The packaging design and the refreshing citrus scent turned my experience into a pleasurable self-care ritual rather than a mundane task.

The serum has a milky texture. It contains a blend of essential oils with scents dominated by lemon peel oil, bergamot fruit oil and rosemary leaf oil. The scent offers an invigorating boost at the start of the day, and a calming touch after a long, exhausting day at work. Besides having a pleasant scent, rosemary leaf oil is a great antioxidant with calming properties. The serum also contains antibacterial lavender oil to prevent acne breakouts.

The bright orange ampoule is highly concentrated, and cannot be used as a standalone item. It reinforces the brightening properties of the serum with retinyl palmitate, a milder alternative to retinoid made by mixing retinol with palmitic acid.

To use, pour the ampoule into the serum and shake until the solution turns light orange. The preparation process made me feel like a chemist and added some fun to my usual skin care routine. Rich in antioxidants and vitamins from essential oils, the mixture promises to make skin more translucent and glowy.

Result: My skin became suppler, softer and less oily immediately after application. The serum spread easily on skin thanks to its light texture. It was highly absorbent even without prior chemical exfoliation, so I didn’t have to spend much time patting my cheeks and waiting for it to absorb. Effective AND time-saving!


Apart from being a gentle exfoliant for those with sensitive skin, PESTLO’s Spicule Re-Born Peeling Mask has superb nourishing and calming properties. It creates a fun and witchy self-care experience thanks to its fresh forest smell and DIY-like herbal texture. The combination of the Re-Bright Toner Serum and the Vita 7 Bright Activator creates a powerful duo capable of reducing the appearance of dark spots and evening out skin tone. Overall, these products are fun to use and deliver immediate visible results. I recommend giving them a try if uneven skin tone and dark spots concern you.

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