Recreating Kep1er’s Outfits from “WA DA DA”

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Wake One Entertainment’s nine-member group Kep1er just debuted on January 3 with their first mini album First Impact, which includes the title track WA DA DA. For those unfamiliar with the girl group, Kep1er was formed on the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999. According to the Hanteo Chart, First Impact sold 150,153 copies on its first day. Kep1er’s debut set a new record for the highest first-day sales of any K-pop girl group debut album, beating the record previously held by Aespa. Kep1er also overtook the previous record set by IVE’s recent debut album (one of the most successful K-pop albums of late) to achieve the second-highest first-week sales of any K-pop girl group debut album. In a battle of debut songs on January 13’s M Countdown, Kep1er took their first music show win by beating IVE’s Eleven.

WA DA DA is a dance song with lyrics about the group’s aspiration to repay their fans (Kep1ians) by letting go of fear to run towards their dreams as quickly as possible. The WA DA DA MV features space-themed backdrops and memorable dance moves that are already becoming viral through the TikTok WA DA DA Challenge. The song features catchy lyrics like “Running vroom vroom vroom like a supersonic,” and the MV shows the singers in three sets of high-energy outfits. Read on to recreate those looks!

Outfit #1

The music video opens with the members in glam black-and-white ensembles, which contrast ladylike elements such as white button-ups shirts, A-line skirts, rhinestones and pearls against materials like leather and mesh.


With her newly dyed pink hair, Kep1er’s center Chaehyun creates a ballerina-inspired aesthetic in an asymmetrical white tulle midi skirt paired with a long-sleeved rhinestone fringe top in black. Her layered cross pendant necklace and chunky platform lace-up boots counteract the dramatic vibes with understated toughness.


Xiaoting sports an on-trend patterned cut out top with a fitted leather mini skirt. A pair of black thigh-high lace-up boots keep the silhouette sleek and streamlined, while a layered pearl belt lends a luxe touch to the otherwise edgy apparel.


Yujin mixes sexy and elegant moods in her outfit featuring a black mesh tube top and black pleated leather mini skirt, which come together seamlessly like a sultry one-piece. Her pearl necklace with a side black bow blends in with the neckline of her silky white mock-neck blouse.

Outfit #2

In a complete 180 from their mature monochrome outfits, the members go for all-pink looks next. They keep things playful instead of overly girly with lace-up, cut out and fringe details, asymmetrical silhouettes, and tomboyish pieces like arm warmers and boots.


With her amazing stage presence, Hikaru always looks fiercely charismatic, but she shows off her cutesy side in this ensemble. The singer’s pink one-sleeve cropped raglan tee with blue bubble lettering and pleated white mini skirt emanate preppy-sporty vibes. Her white bow hair clips and pink boots with contrasting black laces further the color scheme. A single white arm warmer with pink lace-up gives the get-up skater-girl appeal.


If Hikaru’s wardrobe is preppy-sporty, Dayeon’s attire – though still current – has a softer, cozier feel. Her white crop top is constructed in lace but with subtle cut outs, and her cable-knit pink mini skirt has side lace-up details. Dayeon’s hot pink knee-high boots match her skirt perfectly, as do her baby pink gloves.


Maknae Yeseo was a child actress and member of the kid’s girl group CutieL in the past, so it’s no surprise that she exudes innocent charms. Here, she layers a pale pink mock-neck sequined mesh top under a white ruffled square-neck crop top, alongside casual multi-button pink shorts. The singer grounds the look in white boots with contrasting black laces for a cooler air.

Outfit #3

The members elevate the black and white pieces from their first set of clothing by incorporating plenty of grungy elements. This means leather jackets and boots, colorful plaid tops and skirts, as well as risqué accessories including harnesses, garters and fishnet stockings.


Mashiro layers a long-sleeve plaid print top under a white graphic print tee with red lettering, which pairs perfectly with her pleated red plaid mini skirt with a side cut out. She accessorizes with a chain belt with pearl charms, a gray garter pouch that’s hooked onto her skirt, and dangling rhinestone earrings.


Bahiyyih also dons a band tee, although hers is a sleeveless black version. The singer’s unique pocket-accent brown flap skirt features a contrasting midi-length yellow plaid panel. Instead of simple black boots, she goes for white boots with contrasting black laces – the same pair Yeseo rocked in her pink outfit. Bahiyyih embellishes her outfit with metal studded leather gloves and a chunky silver chain necklace.


Devoid of much color, Youngeun’s garb boasts sparkle instead. Her T-shirt is designed with rhinestone stars and her A-line black mini skirt is adorned with rhinestones. She opts for a basic biker jacket for outerwear and combines knee-high fishnet socks with paneled red-and-black boots. A wide black choker with studs and heart charms balances lovely and punkish energies, while silver drop heart earrings add sweetness to the look.

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