10 Wearable Fall / Winter 2021 Fashion Trends

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Cool and crisper weather is arriving soon, a reminder that it’s time to refresh your wardrobe for the changing season. Don’t know where to begin? Get ideas from the latest fall fashion trends that are totally wearable and affordable!

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1. Item – Shirts

Don’t we just love shirts? You can wear a shirt as a base, middle or top layer. Some are lightweight enough to be carried in your bag. The design can come with all sorts of detailing, and it can be worn buttoned up, tucked or loose. This fall, try wearing a shirt underneath a dress, be it a bustier, spaghetti strap or vest dress. You’ll be surprised by how many compliments you get from this combination.

2. Item – Jumbo Jeans

One of the top trends even during summer, high-waist, wide-leg jeans are all the rage. Soft, lightweight chambray pants were a staple this summer; swap them for darker and thicker versions as the temperature drops.

3. Item – Boot Up

Ankle-length Chelsea boots are one of the most evergreen footwear. They’re utterly versatile and comfortable, and they offer good protection against the elements. Chelsea boots don’t take up much room in the shoe shelf compared to knee-length boots. Choose a black patent pair, which can match well with anything from leggings and jeans to skirts and dresses.

4. Item – Cloud Coats

Soft puffer coats in white, off-white, oat or beige are in vogue. This outerwear may not be the most wearable of fall trends since the puffer coat can feel bulky and restrictive, but one alternative is to wear a cropped version. That way, you can also flaunt your mini dresses while sporting a lightweight cut of the coat.

5. Color – Saturated

The brighter, the better! This winter is all about wearing big, slouchy pieces in a single popping color. Think lemon yellow, bubble pink and bright orange. Don’t forget to match with equally bold makeup!

6. Color – Terracotta

Quite the opposite of the saturated trend, this earthenware color is about connecting with Mother Nature. Among the many shades of brown, this orange-beige hue makes one feel warm and down to earth, reminding of autumnal brown leaves, pumpkins, wheat fields and other visual cues of the fall season.

7. Pattern – Chintz

The word “chintz” originates from the Hindi word “chint” meaning “variegated.” Referring to wallpaper-like antique floral patterns with a glazed finish – a style popular in the 18th century − this flamboyant fabric is heavily decorative and gives your clothing a polished appeal.

8. Style – Alpine

From quilted coats and Nordic jerseys to leggings and snow boots, this trend is all about surviving cold, high-altitude conditions while looking good. Think of your ski trips and take it from there!

9. Texture – Cable Knit

Cable knit wear is a subsidiary trend of the alpine style. All knits are appreciated this fall, but chunky cable knits with a slouchy loungewear design such as sweater vests and knitted dresses are most desirable.

10. Texture – Furry Friends

A faux fur hat or mini furry bag can add luxe to an ordinary outfit. Try out fuzzy items in different textures and prints: a teddy or cow print piece can create a sweet and cute look, while a long fur piece or leopard print can achieve an opulent look. To stand out from the crowd, go for boldly colored fur.


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