Outfits Inspired by the Fantastical World of Wonder Egg Priority

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Bursting with fantastical elements yet grounded in realism, the 2021 original anime series Wonder Egg Priority offers a psychologically intense story that’s a fresh take on the mahou shoujo genre. Featuring four 14-year-olds thrown into video game-like dream worlds where they have to battle demons for a chance to “resurrect” their deceased loved ones, the series juggles explosive drama with meditative moments. Guided by two shadowy figures, Acca and Uraacca, the four “egg girls” are often forced to confront their trauma as they battle foes. It’s not all darkness and horror though, as indicated by the heroines’ bright and snazzy outfits. From sweatshirts in mood-boosting colors to bomber jackets oozing attitude, Wonder Egg Priority presents look after look that’s instantly iconic yet highly wearable.

Read on for style inspo straight from the Egg World!

Ai Ohto – Sweet, Comfy Casuals

Wide-eyed innocent or warrior? You’re never quite sure with unlikely heroine Ai Ohto, a social outcast because of her differently colored eyes. Quiet, introspective but with a surprisingly courageous core, this high schooler launched headlong into the high-stakes world of the Wonder Eggs after her friend Koito Nagase’s tragic passing. With her signature sunflower-motif hoodie, candy-colored snap clip and chunky sneakers, Ai cuts an unlikely figure against the carnage of the Egg World. Cheery and optimistic even as the narrative takes a heavy turn, her style is a reminder that there are always silver linings during difficult times.

Inspired by Ai’s signature look, I assembled an outfit that radiates kidult energy and kawaii vibes while being comfy enough for quick grocery runs. In a slight deviation from the character’s yellow sweatshirt and denim shorts, I chose a slouchy sweatshirt referencing the color of Ai’s hair, and a pleated denim mini in versatile black. Chunky sneakers with yellow accents, a black bucket hat and a yellow alligator clip give the look extra edge, while a cute canvas crossbody bag is just the ticket for stashing everything from paperbacks to Wonder Eggs.

Rika Kawai – High-Octane Street Style

Full of diva energy but also warm-hearted and righteous, former teen idol Rika Kawai constantly surprises by revealing a vulnerable core beneath her bravado. The polar opposite to introspective Ai and the foil to Neiru Aonuma’s sleek conservatism, Rika is always ready for battle, whether it’s with Wonder Killers or Seeno Evils. Her exuberant personality extends to her wardrobe, which combines a sassy bomber jacket in red with a black tee and fitted jeans. This look is perfectly complemented by pink streaks in her blonde hair!

For Rika, I went all out and assembled an outfit that blends girly sass with punkish undertones, primarily in a palette of black, pink and red. This bomber jacket emblazoned with fierce embroidery pairs perfectly with a corset top and high-waist jeans, especially when the bottoms are accented by a black buckled belt. Black canvas sneakers featuring pops of pink complete the ensemble, along with  a faux leather choker embellished with heavy metal, accessories that nod to Rika’s fun-loving, action girl persona.  

Momoe Sawaki – Preppy with a Hint of Androgyny

On the surface, Momoe Sawaki’s style is all about cool androgyny. When we’re first introduced to this character, she’s perennially in her preppy uniform of a slouchy sweater, button-up, slacks and a crossbody bag. As the series progresses and Momoe embraces her feminine identity, femme elements start cropping up in her wardrobe, from the swishy silhouette of her school uniform to a floaty, date-worthy midi dress in seafoam green. Veering from sleek and preppy to unabashedly girly, Momoe’s style evolution is proof that the best outfits are the ones we feel most comfortable in.

This outfit reimagines Momoe’s signature preppy look in a more feminine direction while preserving its palette of blue, white and brown. The slouchy knit vest nods to her oversized, varsity-style sweater, but I’ve paired it with a striped shirt featuring flared cuffs and form-fitting corduroy pants to create a more streamlined silhouette. Brown faux leather boots and a matching faux leather satchel add touches of understated luxe, while a delicate necklace with a heart-shaped pendant hints at Momoe’s inner fire. The result is a look that radiates collegiate cool without sacrificing femme vibes.

Neiru Aonuma – Minimalist Lolita Chic

Fiercely intelligent and cool as ice, Neiru Aonuma is the mystery element of the quartet. Her aloof demeanor hides a not-so-secret desire for friendship, and she begins to find a sense of belonging after joining the Wonder Egg gang. True to her personality, Neiru’s wardrobe leans towards prim and proper but with unexpected twists, and it’s exactly this juxtaposition of qualities that makes her such a commanding character. Her favorite outfit presents a minimalist interpretation of Lolita chic: a slate gray shift dress with a doll-like collar embellished with a ribbon and rosette. This daily uniform is paired with black loafers for a sleek touch as well as bobby pins for a whimsical vibe.

Understated yet secretly flamboyant, the outfit below is anchored by a gray shirt dress with a subtle floral print, schoolgirlish Peter Pan collar and bold hemline. To maintain the balance between quirkiness and sleek sophistication, I accessorized the look with a ladylike handbag, ruffled socks, chunky loafers and faux pearl hair clips. I also added the simple yet most essential of accessories: rhinestone studs.

Calling All Magical Girls

In an anime world where dreamtime battles can alter the course of a friendship or one’s reality, the distinctive fashion of our four heroines remains a constant amid flux. Exuberant and instantly recognizable, their wardrobes are essentially everyday armor, and the closest we get to magical costumes in a series where magic doesn’t always provide the answers. From Neiru’s austere chic to Ai’s sporty casuals, these outfits are proof that staying authentic to your own style beats any glamorous transformation.

Clockwise from top left: Ai Ohto, Neiru Aonuma, Rika Kawai, Momoe Sawaki


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