Your Sign’s Statement Print Look Based on Characters from SEX EDUCATION

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Just a few days to go ‘til season three of Sex Education drops on Netflix! Based on the leaked teasers, it seems like the Moordale Secondary School students won’t be returning to the new school year with their signature colorful looks. So I took matters into my own hands and crafted these vibrant ensembles inspired by the show’s cast. Read on to see which Sex Education character is your zodiac twin, and the outfit I imagine they‘d wear on the first day back on campus!

SPOILER ALERT: The following may contain spoilers from seasons one and two of Sex Education.

Fire Signs

Pick  a Fire Sign

Jackson’s look

Embroidered Lettering Baseball Cap
Short-Sleeve Argyle Print Polo Knit Top
Slit-Hem Straight-Cut Jeans
Lace Up Sneakers

At the end of season two, head boy and champion athlete Jackson ditched swimming to embrace his newfound passion for acting. Based on this development, he’ll likely  swap his iconic varsity jacket for a more low-key athleisure look. An argyle polo shirt, black cap, jeans and sneakers form a get-up that captures Jackson’s ex-jock vibes with an added touch of preppiness.

Olivia’s look

Floral Print Cropped Knit Halter Top
High-Waist Floral Miniskirt
Alloy Lettering Hoop Earrings
Puff-Sleeve Cropped Blazer
Zipped Python Shoulder Bag
Pointy Toe Mules

Olivia has always been a queen in sporting rich jewel tones, and no doubt she’ll be upping the ante by rocking her favorite colors and floral prints in perfectly color-coordinated fashion. There’s always one piece that sticks out in Olivia’s outfits because, like a typical Leo, she puts her own spin on things with confidence!

Ola’s look

Rainbow Color Print Camisole Top
Adjustable-Waist Wide-Leg Pants
Striped Cardigan
Food Print Canvas Backpack
Platform Sneakers

Ola loves a trusty jeans-and-rainbow-stripe-top combo, but I envision she’d put a fresh twist in her color palette this season. I added a touch of pastel to her usually vibrant wardrobe, an idea borrowed from her girlfriend Lily. I believe your romantic partner shouldn’t affect your fashion choices, but in Ola’s case, it can be a loving gesture to pick up some of Lily’s qualities without losing any of Ola’s individual charm!

Earth Signs

Miss Sands’s look

Cherry Embroidered Cropped Cardigan
Floral Print Slit Sundress
Acetate Hair Clip
Fishnet Bucket Bag with Pouch
square-Toe Sling-Back Flats

A good floral number never fails Miss Sands! Instead of her usual ochre and mauve tones, I picked a light blue floral dress and cherry motif-embroidered white cardigan for a freshly-back-from-summer look. Miss Sands always braids and pins her fringe to the side, so I thought it’d be a sweet touch if she wears colored hair clips for a change to match the dress.

Otis’s look

Striped Knit Top
Corduroy Wide-Leg Pants
Plain Socks
Platform Canvas Inside Out Sneaker

Yes, I excluded his signature bomber, but it’s not the first time our troubled hero has been seen without his jacket. The gist of Otis’s outfit − corduroy pants, a striped sweater and socks that match the earthy color scheme − stays true to his personality, and it’s based on pieces he wore in the past two seasons.

Viv’s look

Mock Two-Piece Hooded Long Trench Coat
Short-Sleeve Print T-Shirt
Distressed Straight Leg Jeans
Flower-Themed Printed Canvas Tote Bag
Platform Sneakers

Responsible, focused and incredibly hardworking, Viv embodies the archetypical traits of a Capricorn. Her go-to apparel emphasizes function, and when she sports print, Viv usually wears slogan-emblazoned pieces that reflect good causes or passions she cares about. I styled Viv in jeans, a white tee with a botanical print, and black canvas sneakers, along with a hoodie-and-coat combo that’ll prepare her for unpredictable British weather. The look is complete with a trusty tote bag that echoes the artwork on Viv’s T-shirt, resulting in a fuss-free yet thoughtful outfit.

Air Signs

Ruby’s look

Heart Faux Pearl Dangle Earrings
Pigment-Washed Belted Rider Jacket
Cropped Mohair Sheath Suspender Top
[nice to meet chuu] Plaid Tennis Skirt
Pointy-Toe Kitten Heel Sandals
Zipped Python Shoulder Bag

Miss popular Ruby is the leader of the “Untouchables” and a queen of gossip, making her the Regina George of Moordale. A bubblegum pink pleather jacket is the perfect statement piece for her. Styled with a snug pink vest, plaid mini skirt, heels and chunky earrings, this head-turning outfit matches Ruby’s Mean Girls demeanor.

Eric’s look

Printed Silk Scarf
Zebra Print Shirt
Zebra Print Harem Pants
Print Kimono Jacket
Logo Belt Bag
Lace Up High Top Sneakers

Best boi Eric is loud and proud with a sunny personality, and he has the wardrobe to match. There is no right or wrong when it comes to styling Eric – just be sure to have fun and be experimental! Clashing colors? Yes, please. Print on print? Absolutely! Silk scarf? Oui, monsieur!  

Lily’s look

Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Top
Duck Print Sweater
Textured Plaid Wide-Leg Pants
Holographic Mini Belt Bag
Plain Backpack
Flower Print Socks
Strawberry Print Platform Sneakers

Lily is recognizable for dressing in a plethora of pastel colors, eclectic prints and grandma knits, along with her signature space buns. True to Lily’s spirit, I styled her trusty butter yellow turtleneck under a sweater featuring a graphic of an idyllic pastel-colored landscape with gooses. I paired them with tonal plaid pants, floral socks and strawberry-motif sneakers for a cute yet kitschy touch. Let’s not forget to add a roomy backpack to hold Lily’s homework and artwork, plus an iridescent fanny pack to store other essentials.

Water Signs

Jean’s look

Double Breasted Blazer
Sleeveless Printed Ruched Drawstring Top
Printed Midi A-Line Pleated Skirt
Print Canvas Tote Bag
Square-Toe Spool-Heel Sandals

From her embroidered yellow kimono to luscious silk blouse to form-fitting jumpsuit, Jean exudes an air of sultry, sensuous confidence with her effortlessly chic wardrobe choices. I went with a relatively minimal color scheme, centering the look with a sunflower yellow blazer and matching slingback heels. A geometric-print sleeveless top with a gentle V-neck and a drawstring at center front perfectly accentuates Jean’s curves when styled with a flowy satin pleated skirt. I also threw in a tote bag printed with a watercolor female form that corresponds to Jean’s passion for art.

Maeve’s look

Short-Sleeve Skeleton Print T-Shirt
High-Waist Irregular Frayed Chain Denim Skirt
Lettering Plaid Shirt Jacket
Basic Hoop Earrings
Platform Lace-Up Long Boots
Eyelet-Detail Belted Shoulder Bag

Nothing oozes Maeve like a grungy ensemble of black denim shorts, combat boots and a snug-fitting top. A black tee studded with rhinestones and a skeletal torso graphic symbolizes Maeve’s hard-edged personality. I layered on an oversized check shirt, which features a letter M applique (M for Maeve, not Moorvale High), and added her usual silver hoop earrings and a black handbag with silverware to match. 

Aimee’s look

Short-Sleeve Floral Print Denim Set
Floral Print Halter Neck Cut-Out Camisole Top
Plain Low-Heel Long Boots
rolarola x My Melody Gingham Photo Album
Buckled Flap Shoulder Bag

The good-natured yet slightly ditzy Aimee can be spotted anywhere down the school corridors in her 70s-esque boot-cut jeans, heeled boots and bombshell curls. I styled the cartoon floral halter-neck top with a floral-motif denim co-ord set to match. Pointy boots are a must to tie in with Aimee’s love for western aesthetics, and I added a matching yellow buckled handbag to the mix. I also gave Aimee a My Melody photo album so she can commemorate all her friends and loved ones this school term.


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