Small Talk: ONE THING Modeling Pack Set

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The YesStylists pride themselves on staying on top of K-Beauty trends, so of course we had to jump on the modeling pack bandwagon – and what better way than with a group trial session?

Modeling packs are face masks that you mix yourself and apply onto your face with a spatula. Initially thick and goopy, a modeling pack creates a barrier that forces active ingredients to penetrate deep into skin, and eventually hardens into a rubbery layer that can be easily peeled off.

On this installment of Small Talk, we each try three modeling packs (Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Houttuynia Cordata versions) from ONE THING, a brand we love for the simple formulations and elegant packaging. The modeling pack contains mineral-rich diatomite to absorb excess sebum and dead skin cells. It boasts strong adhesion and a hypoallergenic formula safe for sensitive skin. In addition, we each chose a different toner from ONE THING to mix with the powder and create our masks.

Will we fall in love with these modeling packs despite the extra hassle, or will we be returning to our tried-and-true sheet masks? Read on to find out!

Sarah: We’ve tried so many masks on Small Talk, but this was my first experience with a modeling mask! 😮 What about you guys?

Melanie: Same here! I tried these modeling masks with my sisters. 😂 They enjoyed it!

Zoe: I tried a cream modeling pack from Mediflower not so long ago, but this kit from ONE THING was quite different!

Agnes: I’ve tried a similar modeling mask before! It was a bit messy but an experience. 😅

Michelle: This was my first time! A lot of fun but messy as I expected, lol.

Sarah: I was worried that the process would be super troublesome, but I appreciated that the set came with a measuring cup, mixing bowl and spatula! It made things straightforward~



Michelle: Oh yes, the apparatus was a godsend. 😂

Agnes: Thank goodness it came with all the tools! If not, my mom would have killed me for using a bowl from the kitchen, lol.

Melanie: Oh! I used a bowl and spoon from the kitchen. 😂 The mask prep felt like mixing flour and eggs.


Sarah: Oh no! Melanie, was it hard to wash the mask off your bowl and spoon?

Melanie: Yeah, it was! That’s why I had to wipe the tools with tissue first and then wash everything with hot water. 😅

Sarah: Hearing that makes me appreciate how easy it was to clean our kit. I just rinsed everything off with cold water!

Zoe: I used the mixing kit I had from when I reviewed the Mediflower modeling pack. I saw the tools you girls used. They looked smaller and more flexible, imo. 😂 My set wasn’t as easily collapsible and my spatula was also way bigger.

Sarah: I remember you struggled with the large spatula! You can purchase the ONE THING bowl and spatula set separately if you want to use it with other masks.

Michelle: Zoe, our spatula was super bendy! I wish it was bigger though. I ended up using my hands quite a bit (not recommended).

Sarah: I found our spatula a bit large for filling in certain areas on my face, so I just gave up and used my hands. 😂 I thought that was so much easier.

Agnes: I used the spatula all the way, but it was a bit difficult to cover my entire face… 😂

Zoe: I remember your spatula was also super bendy. 😮 Was it really that hard to maneuver around your face?

Agnes: It would have been easier if it wasn’t so bendy. And less powder would’ve flown everywhere when mixing, haha.

Michelle: Powder flying everywhere was defo a problem for me. As I said – it was messy. 🤪

Sarah: I didn’t struggle with powder flying everywhere, but I found application messier compared to clay masks. It started drying quite quickly, so I ended up putting more and more layers on top… and as a result, the mask didn’t adhere well to my skin. 😅

Michelle: Oh yes, I looked at my face after it was all done and it was all bumps.

Melanie: It’s so funny ‘cause the houttuynia cordata mask made me look like Shrek.

Agnes: LOL, I found that it dried so quickly too! It was like a race to apply it and let it set.

Melanie: Idk if it’s just me, but did you guys also reapply two to three layers? At first I thought it was too much, but after applying my second and third layers, I realized that the thicker the mask, the easier it is to peel off! 😂

Zoe: Yes, I defo reapplied it a few times over so that the mask became thick and smooth~ I made the mistake of leaving my edges too thin at first, and it was a pain to take off the mask, even though I was already wiping it off with a toner-soaked cotton pad. 😭

Did you all use the whole pack in one go?

Sarah: I used the whole pack in one go, but felt like it was way too much. It was probably enough for more than one face, lol.

Michelle: I did too, but maybe I just have a large face.

Zoe: Omg, I tried using the whole pack at first and it was just way too much. I had to add a lot more toner, and I had enough excess to cover my shins, lol.

Sarah: Yeah, I also felt like I had to use up so much toner to mix in the powder! I’m around halfway through my bottle now. 😭

Melanie: I feel you! I used it three times and I only have a quarter amount of toner left in the bottle. 🙁

Zoe: I feel like one full pack requires almost half of the large-sized toner.

Agnes: I’m running low on toner as well! I didn’t exactly measure the precise amount using the cup. I squirted directly from the toner bottle to the mixing bowl and kept adding more once I saw the mask mixture drying in the bowl.

Zoe: I did that too! It’s easier to just pour the toner in gradually until the mixture is thick but not too dry. The second time around, I tried using half a pack and it was so much better.

Michelle: I only used water for the collagen pack, so I’ve still got half a bottle of toner left, lol.

Agnes: Ah, so you can use water! I used water the first time and thought I did it wrong…

Sarah: Michelle, was the consistency of your mask any different when you used water? 😮

Michelle: It was quite runny – maybe that was why I ended up chucking all the powder in.

Sarah: I tried going half-half with water and toner for my last mask because I didn’t wanna use up all my toner, and I felt like the overall consistency was more spreadable!

Melanie: I did some research yesterday and I found out that if you mix your mask with water, it might have a dehydrating effect as moisture gets pulled out of skin and back into the mask.

Michelle: Yikes. 😅

Agnes: That makes sense because when I used water, the mask dried so quickly.

Melanie: I guess we’ll have to stick with the toner. 😮

Sarah: Do you think the toners you guys used amplified the effects of the masks? I used the Centella Asiatica Extract Toner from ONE THING and my skin felt super soothed. 😌

Michelle: I used the Artemisia Capillaris Extract Toner with my heartleaf mask – defo a super calming combo.

Agnes: Hmm, I’m not so sure the effects amplified for me. I used the 1% Oligo Hyaluronic Acid Toner which was supposed to hydrate my skin, but it felt more cooling. Maybe the mask was so thick that it ate up the hydration.

Zoe: I’m not sure about the effects, but the scents from the toners affected my masks. I alternated between the artemisia capillaris and calendula toners, and the mask mixture always smelled like the toner that was used. 😂 I guess the powder itself doesn’t have any scent?

Sarah: Yeah, they’re formulated without fragrances and allergens. I tried to get a whiff of the modeling pack but just got powder in my nose, lol! I also noticed that my mask smelled strongly of my toner – very herbal and earthy. 🍃

Melanie: I used the Houttuynia Cordata Extract Toner and it helped soothe my skin’s texture! Plus it felt super refreshing. 🤩 It had a bit of fragrance.

Agnes: I didn’t smell anything from mine~

Zoe: I guess hyaluronic acid is pretty scentless. 😂

Agnes: Yeah, I feel safer using something scentless!

Sarah: Did you guys notice different effects from the three masks? 🤔

Zoe: Not really, haha! No matter which toner I used, the mask left my skin moisturized, refreshed and cool. 😊

Agnes: They all felt kinda the same.

Sarah: Yeah, I have to agree with you guys. 😂 I enjoyed the cooling sensation on my skin from all three masks, but I didn’t feel much difference even though they’re enriched with different extracts. 🤔

Michelle: I like the collagen one a bit more! My skin looked a lot smoother afterward, whereas with the other two, my skin simply felt refreshed.

Sarah: I liked how the colors of the three masks were different! The houttuynia cordata mask was green and the collagen mask had little yellow-orange specks from pumpkin powder. 😮

Zoe: I was wondering what those little bits were! I guess pumpkin is rich in antioxidants, so it makes sense that it’s added to the only anti-aging modeling pack from the line! ⭐

Agnes: Besides the cooling sensation, I noticed the effects from the diatomite powder in all three masks. After removing the mask, my skin looked matte and clear!

Sarah: Oh yes, I think diatomite powder is meant to remove impurities and dead skin cells! My skin felt cleansed, bright and as smooth as an egg after use. 🥚

Zoe: It’s perfect for the hot summer weather now. ☀

Michelle: The effects were pretty obvious! Guess all that D.I.Y. effort was worth it after all.

Melanie: Yea, it helped refine my pores!

Sarah: I also loved how easy it was to remove! Just a simple peel off and there wasn’t much left on my skin to wash~

Melanie: It felt so satisfying to peel it off ‘cause the mask was super tight, haha.

Sarah: Yesss, I loved that hardened rubbery texture when peeling it off. 🙌

Agnes: Peeling it off was indeed satisfying 😂 minus the remnants that got caught in my hair – that wasn’t pretty.

Zoe: It wasn’t as easy to peel off as the Mediflower version in my opinion, but this modeling pack’s mixing process was defo much easier. 😊

Michelle: Even though it was a bit of a hassle, I’d still go for it again. Peeling it off and seeing how smooth my face looked afterward was totally worth it.

Agnes: It was an experience to be had, but I’ll stick with my sheet masks! I’m too lazy to go through the mixing process. I usually want something quick to throw on my face at night.

Zoe: Unlike the Mediflower modeling pack I tried last time, these ones from ONE THING were easy to use to get a nice, smooth application. I liked how the mixture didn’t drip or clump. But the mask was too tight on my face for my liking, and it took more time to wipe away the residue.

Sarah: I enjoyed the fun little process of preparing ONE THING’s modeling pack. 😋 My main struggle was applying a non-lumpy layer before the mask dried. I loved how cooling it felt and how smooth it made my skin! I’d buy more of these masks for indulgent pampering sessions. ❤

Melanie: I might do it once in a while with my sisters, especially since they had so much fun! 💃 It’s a good way to get them into skin care. 🔥

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