@cosme 2021 Mid-Year Best Cosmetics Awards

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Japanese beauty review site @cosme just announced its 2021 Mid-Year Best Cosmetic Awards for the site’s most popular products launched between November 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021. Since its inception in 2002, the awards have been presented every six months to the best rated products on the platform.

This year’s awards were based on 540,000 reviews written by the site’s members. Results show a continuous demand for mask-proof skin care and makeup during the pandemic. Skin care – particularly lip care – is in much higher demand than makeup. Product accessibility has also become a concern for customers due to lockdowns, leading to the rise of drugstore brands.

To check out the full list of winners, visit @cosme’s website here (Japanese only).

Grand Prizes

1st: Canmake – Plump Lip Care Scrub
2nd: SUQQU – Signature Color Eyes
3rd: Kanebo – Scrubbing Mud Wash
4th: CEZANNE – Watery Tint Lip
5th: Maquillage – Dramatic Nude Jelly BB SPF 50 PA+++
6th: ELIXIR – Balancing Mizu Cream
7th: My Beauty Diary – Rejuvenate Deep Hydration Mask
8th: Fujiko – Nuance Wrap Tint
9th: Maquillage – Dramatic Powdery EX Foundation SPF 25 PA+++
10th: Dior – Forever Cushion Powder

Category Top

The following results show the most-loved products in each category:

Skin Care

  1. Makeup Remover: Kanebo – Instant Off Oil
  2. Face Wash: Kanebo – Scrubbing Mud Wash
  3. Toner: Benefique – Reset Clear Lotion
  4. Emulsion: Naturie – Hatomugi Skin Conditioning Milk
  5. Essence: DEW – Caviar Dot Booster
  6. Face Cream/Gel: ELIXIR – Balancing Mizu Cream
  7. Face Oil: Keana – Rice Oil
  8. Sheet Mask: My Beauty Diary – Rejuvenate Deep Hydration Mask
  9. Eye Care: POLA – Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum
  10. Eyelash Serum: Flowfushi – Eyelash Serum
  11. Lip Care: Canmake – Plump Lip Care Scrub

Base Makeup

  1. Sunscreen: Nivea – UV Deep Protect & Care Gel SPF 50+ PA++++
  2. Primer: Maquillage – Dramatic Skin Sensor Base EX SPF 25 PA+++
  3. Liquid Foundation: Majolica Majorca – Milky Wrapping Foundation
  4. Powder Foundation: Maquillage – Dramatic Powdery EX Foundation SPF 25 PA+++
  5. Cushion Foundation: NARS – Pure Radiant Protection Aqua Glow Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++
  6. BB Cream: Maquillage – Dramatic Nude Jelly BB SPF 50 PA+++
  7. Face Powder: Dior – Forever Cushion Powder
  8. Concealer: COSME DECORTE – Tone Perfecting Palette
  9. Highlighter & Bronzer: Revlon – Skinlights Prismatic Powder Highlighter
  10. Fixing Mist: D Program – Allerbarrier Mist

Point Makeup

  1. Lipstick: Aube – Timeless Color Lip
  2. Lip Tint: CEZANNE – Watery Tint Lip
  3. Eye Palette: SUQQU – Signature Color Eyes
  4. Monochrome Eye Shadow: Elegance – Rayon Jelly Eyes
  5. Blush: ADDICTION – Cheek Tint
  6. Mascara: Eyeputti – Beauty Mascara
  7. Eyeliner: Canmake – 3 Way Slim Shade Liner
  8. Brow Makeup: Canmake – Perfect Airy Eyebrow
  9. Multi-Purpose Palette: Twany – Time Beauty Pact

Body & Hair Care

  1. Body Care: Dr. Phil Cosmetics – X-Barrier Repair Body Cream
  2. Deodorant: Nivea – Deo Protect & Care Spray (Precious Savon)
  3. Hand Cream: Shiseido – Ultimune Power Infusing Hand Cream
  4. Nail Care: Anna Sui – Nail Polish
  5. Perfume: COSME DECORTE – Kimono Yui Eau de Toilette
  6. Hair Care: Pantene – UV Protect Hair Oil
  7. Hair Styling: The product – Hair Wax Neroli

Beauty Goods

  1. Beauty Goods: WHOMEE – Fan-Shaped Kumano Eyebrow Brush
  2. Beauty Device: Myse – Scalp Lift
  3. Hand Wash: AYURA – Aroma Hand Wash
  4. Daily Goods: Kose – Allertect Mist

Best Hits

@cosme Shopping Mid-Year New Best Hit: ettusais – Plumper Rich Lip Edition
@cosme Store Mid-Year New Best Hit: Benefique – Reset Clear Lotion

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