How to Give Your Sign’s Most Overlooked Quality a Summer Glow-Up (Part One)

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Most people are familiar with the stereotypical traits of their sign – Arians are hot-headed, Librans are indecisive, and Capricorns are workaholics, for example. In most cases, there is likely an element of truth to each sign’s core characteristics, but these labels alone don’t define our personalities.

Everyone is associated with a natal chart that breaks down what role each star sign and planetary placement you’re born into plays in the creation of your unique “astro personality.” Each person is influenced by various forces, and no one is characterized by just the most basic traits of their zodiac sign.

Read on for tips on how to bring out the overlooked sides of your sign to light!



Others may call you caring, nurturing, introverted and moody, but there is more to you than that. Cancerians are dedicated, professional and hardworking at work. The workplace is where your nurturing side shines as well. Since you’re sensitive to people’s feelings and the surroundings, you know how to connect with others without losing sight of what needs to be done. You’re also capable of attaining a healthy work-life balance. Cancerians’ outgoing and sociable qualities make them potentially the best co-workers.

Glow-Up Tip: Bring your fun, bubbly yet professional side to light! Start by sprucing up your work attire with some quirky but unobtrusive accessories. Trust us on this one: unique and distinctive jewelry are great conversation starters, especially during after-work drinks.



Leos often have a bad rep – those who don’t know the lions and lionesses of the zodiac on a deeper level may deem them attention-seeking, narcissistic and dramatic. These characteristics sure sound terrible, don’t they? While you may have a love for performance and self-expression, that doesn’t mean you’re all about yourself. You have a big personality but you’re also big-hearted! Ask someone with a Leo bestie or family member, and they can attest that Leos are generous and loving too.

Glow-Up Tip: Bold statement pieces command attention, and there’s nothing that communicates your loving nature more than heart motifs and prints. Wear your hearts loud and proud! If you prefer subtler ways of incorporating this sentiment into your look, start small with dainty heart-shaped jewelry or even nail art!



At a glance, your perfectionistic tendency makes you professional and efficient, particularly at accomplishing detail-oriented work. However, sometimes your pickiness may prompt others to label you as a party-pooping drama queen. It’s in your blood to analyze things and plan ahead, but your ambitious planning habit makes you pretty flexible too! You tend to have backup plans ready in case the original plan falls through.

Glow-Up Tip: Showcase more of your chill and spontaneous sides by indulging in relaxing activities this summer. Pick something that doesn’t require much planning, like lying at the beach all day in your new swimsuit.



Many will describe Librans as peaceful, indecisive and non-confrontational. These characteristics aren’t bad, but they create a misconception that Librans are gullible pushovers. Being an air sign, you are a master charmer and thorough thinker who can play along in a group to ensure your survival. When necessary, you’re adept at voicing your opinions and concerns.

Glow-Up Tip: Sometimes it’s worth bringing your assertive side to the fore to ward off those who may take advantage of your calm, non-confrontational demeanor. Easily communicate an edgier vibe by donning fashion pieces in a fierce color for an invigorating touch. Throw on a pair of sunnies while you’re at it to tie the look together!



When you look up traits for this sign, the results show a mix of good and bad qualities. But for some reason, Scorpios always get associated with more negative connotations that make you sound like a soap opera villain instead of the complex person you are. Under that mysterious and cautious exterior, Scorpios are some of the sweetest people out there. Yes, you may hold grudges when wronged, but you always remember those who are kind to you as well.

Glow-Up Tip: You’ve got your own style and vibe when it comes to dressing. To soften up some edges without changing your demeanor completely, try fashion pieces with a dose of summery or pastel colors. Even incorporating just one light-colored component into your all-black outfit can have a great effect!



Sagittarians are known for their optimistic, spontaneous and blunt natures. To some, these qualities come off as flaky and chaotic. Under all that wanderlust and seemingly unrestrained and free-spirited façade, Sagittarians are wise and have a flare for imagination. Your creative abilities can be anything from problem-solving to storytelling. This quality can also be channeled into how you present yourself.

Glow-Up Tip: There are many ways to express your creative nature. If you’re feeling artsy, experiment with different-colored makeup to elevate your looks this summer. Or refresh your wardrobe with dreamy pieces that align with your imaginative side.



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