Protect Skin This Summer with PESTLO’s Saferecipe Sun Essence

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The old me would go days without applying sunscreen unless I had a beach day planned. The current me won’t miss a day of sun protection. Rain or shine, I make sure to always protect my skin with sunscreen. After turning 25, I started noticing sun damage such as pigmentation and premature fine lines on my forehead; these developments were due to my lax sunscreen practices. I learned about the importance of sun care the hard way, but luckily it wasn’t too late.

I’m now in my late 20s, and slowing down the signs of skin aging is one of my priorities. In addition to anti-aging skin care products, sunscreen is the number one essential in my routine. I’m constantly on the hunt for the best sunscreens and PESTLO’s Saferecipe Sun Essence seems like a great contender. 

Read on for my in-depth review of this sunscreen to find out whether it’s worth adding to your summer skin care collection.

PESTLO Saferecipe Sun Essence

Key Ingredients 

PESTLO’s Saferecipe Sun Essence is formulated with EWG-verified ingredients that are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. I was intrigued by its ingredients list since it has a good mix of antioxidants and soothing ingredients – things I like to have in my sunscreen. This sun essence also contains zinc oxide, which makes it a mineral sunscreen. 

The ingredients that stand out for me are centella asiatica extract, houttuynia cordata extract, ceramide NP and panthenol. My skin is prone to redness, especially when it adjusts to summer heat, so I appreciate that this sunscreen offers soothing benefits.


Most mineral sunscreens I’ve tried tend to have thick and heavy textures, but this isn’t the case with PESTLO’s Saferecipe Sun Essence. The sunscreen feels like a light sun lotion on skin. Thanks to its lightweight texture, it blends easily into skin and offers a slightly matte finish. 

My Experience


One of the reasons I neglected using sunscreen daily in the past was due to the white cast. Back then, most mineral or physical sunscreens left a white cast, and I have tan skin so this was a huge concern for me. As sunscreen formulations have improved over the years, I can now enjoy using mineral sunscreens without that dreaded after-effect. When I tried this sun essence,  the formula left a minimal white cast at first, but it disappeared once the sunscreen had fully absorbed into my skin.

I have combination skin and I normally lean towards products that leave a dewy finish. Saferecipe Sun Essence left a nice matte finish that felt comfortable for me – no signs of tightness or dryness throughout the day. I’d recommend this sunscreen for those with oily skin; however, it wouldn’t be my first choice for those with dehydrated skin.

I love spending time outdoors during summer, but too much sun exposure affects my skin barrier. The great thing about PESTLO’s Saferecipe Sun Essence is that it’s formulated with ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier. The combination of panthenol and ceramide NP reassures me that my skin is protected against barrier damage. I can count on this sun essence to not only protect my skin against free radicals but also keep my skin barrier healthy throughout summer.

Is it worth adding to my summer skin care collection? It’s a yes from me!

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