Brand Spotlight: BULK HOMME

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Founded in 2013, the Japanese brand BULK HOMME offers a wide range of skin care, body care and hair care products for men. Every product from BULK HOMME is developed through a thorough research and development process, resulting in effective formulas. BULK HOMME is made for men who want products that keep their skin care regimen as simple as possible. 

Simplicity is key when creating basic yet exciting skin care and grooming solutions for men.  BULK HOMME provides all the essentials for a minimalistic routine.

BULK HOMME’s Minimalistic Packaging

In line with the brand’s philosophy, BULK HOMME takes a minimalist approach to its packaging. All of the brand’s products are housed in bottles or pouches that are simple, stylish and functional. With a commitment to minimizing its environmental impact, BULK HOMME uses biodegradable packaging.

Everyday Essentials

Listen up, gentlemen. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand’s must-have products. To curate a simple three-step skin care routine, all you need are BULK HOMME’s THE FACE WASH, THE TONER and THE LOTION.

Start by washing your face twice a day with BULK HOMME’s THE FACE WASH. As one of the brand’s bestsellers, THE FACE WASH is a must try. It removes a day’s worth of dirt buildup and gets rid of excess oil without stripping skin. The foaming face wash is suitable for all skin types and can be used with THE BUBBLE NET to create a rich lather.

After cleansing, bring moisture back into skin with THE TONER. Formulated with Japanese spring water, willow bark extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract and hydrolyzed silk, THE TONER boosts skin’s moisture levels and strengthens the skin barrier without leaving a sticky feel. Use it post-shave to refresh and soothe skin.

THE LOTION is the perfect finisher to a basic skin care routine. It may be lightweight, but this moisturizer packs a punch on delivering hydration. Use THE LOTION morning and night to ensure your skin stays hydrated and protected against environmental stressors all day.

BULK HOMME’s Hair Care 

BULK HOMME’s hair care products, including THE SHAMPOO, THE TREATMENT and THE SCALP SERUM, meet every man’s hair needs.

Use THE SHAMPOO daily to gently cleanse hair and get rid of dirt and excess oil. The moisturizing shampoo is enriched with collagen and hyaluronic acid to keep scalp healthy and promote hair growth. If your hair feels dry and brittle, add THE TREATMENT to your hair care routine. Use it daily to deeply nourish hair and repair strands damaged by UV exposure or product buildup.

To ensure your scalp stays healthy, give it extra attention by incorporating THE SCALP SERUM into your hair care regimen. If hair loss or hair thinning is a concern, then this scalp serum is worth trying. Containing a high concentration of collagen, THE SCALP SERUM supports hair growth and strengthens hair.

BULK HOMME’s Body Care

In need of a new body wash? Give THE BODY WASH a go. Use it with THE BUBBLE NET to create a rich foam that cleanses skin and sloughs away dead skin cells. 

The key to soft and smooth skin is incorporating a lotion into your body care routine, so BULK HOMME’s THE BODY TREATMENT may just be what you need. While your skin is still damp post-shower, slather on THE BODY TREATMENT for deeply moisturizing care. Alternatively, use it in the shower after using THE BODY WASH.


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