Small Talk: CLIO’s Pro Eye Palette

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On this installment of Small Talk, the YesStylist editors took a break from skin care to amp up their makeup routines!

With makeup looks this summer continuing to be all about the eyes, we were eager to get our hands on CLIO’s Pro Eye Palette. The eye shadow palette is packed with ten dreamy shades in matte, shimmery and glittery formulations! Coming in everything from neutral browns to soft corals and bright pinks, the palette looks set to give us a soft glam makeover.

Read on to see our verdicts on Pro Eye Palette’s Street Pastel, Coral Talk, Street Brick and Brown Choux eye shadow selections.

Michelle: What are everyone’s makeup routines like these days? Hands up if they’re simple and fuss-free!

Agnes: Mine is simple and fuss-free for sure, especially since it’s so hot these days! But I try to add a lil’ pop of color to my eyes and cheeks. 😌

Zoe: I’m such a snoozer in the morning, so my makeup routine is usually really simple – just foundation, brow pen, eyeliner and powder. 😂

Michelle: That’s similar to my routine, minus the brow pen and powder! That said, I’m hoping to amp up my eye makeup since I can’t put my lippy collection to good use.

Agnes: Oh! What are you doing with your eye makeup? I need some recs and tips for the perfect summer look.

Michelle: I’ve been eyeing CLIO’s Pro Eye Palette! It’s all pinks, beiges and browns. 😍

Melanie: I love anything that’s brown, neutral or earthy – colors that fit my daily makeup routine. 🤩

Michelle: I’m definitely in the mood for some pastels!

Melanie: Let’s try it then!

Agnes: I’ve got my hands on the Street Brick palette! I’m loving the close-to-skin colors – nude, warm blush and dark brown. Lots of variety, and so versatile : )

Zoe: That sounds like a palette that can work all year round!

Michelle: Mine’s the Street Pastel one. The colors are quite pinkish. I keep saying pink is not my favorite color, but maybe it is. 😂

Melanie: I’ve got the Brown Choux eye palette! The colors are similar to my skin tone, which is why I love them.

Zoe: Mine’s the Coral Talk palette. When I saw the colors irl, they look like a good range of brick and beige pinks, but there are defo hints of coral tones in all of them!

Michelle: Nice! I love that mine’s a good mix of light, easy-to-wear shades – great for any day of the week. How did you guys find the formula though? 😮

Agnes: I loved how it glided seamlessly onto my lids. I never really opt for eye shadow because I find a lot of formulas super powdery, but this one is smooooth 👌 Even the glittery ones are smooth!

Zoe: I know right! It’s really velvety and soft. There’s also not much fallout, so I’m happy.

Melanie: Yeah, it was super soft when I applied it onto my lids. I think the shades have a highly buildable formula, especially the matte ones!

Michelle: I’ve had terrible experiences with glittery eye shadows in the past, so this selection was defo a pleasant surprise! Even the flecks stayed on 🥰 They’re easy to blend too!

Zoe: The color payoff was also really vivid! I was a little taken aback when I dabbed on the darker shades, especially since I wasn’t expecting them to look that strong. 😂

Agnes: Omg, same here Zoe! I didn’t expect the pigment to be so sharp and vibrant with just a few dabs. I had to blend in the lighter colors after applying the darker ones to bring the intensity down.

Melanie: I find that the colors look even better if you apply an eye primer or base eye shadow beforehand. For me, I use the shade Flat White as the base before applying darker shades! Trust me, it looks better and more natural. 😂

Zoe: Good tip! I usually mix my base shades Be Natural and Peachnia before layering on the darker shades, to bring out the coral undertones in the darker shades. 🌼

Agnes: Let me try working with a base shade next time. I start with a light color on my inner creases before moving onto the darker colors as I blend outwards.

Is it just me, or do any of you use the glittery ones like a highlighter? Sometimes I put glitter on the top of my cheekbones, hehe.

Zoe:Omg Agnes, that’s genius! ⭐ I never would have thought of using them as highlighters!

Agnes: I only used them to highlight the corners of my eyes and the center of my eyelids for a shimmery touch. I’ll give your highlighter tip a go next time! ❤️

Melanie: I usually play around with three shades from the palette, starting from the lightest to the darkest: Flat White followed by Ristretto and Fromage 😋 I’d layer some glittery shades on top when I have time. For the glittery shades, I blend them with my fingers instead of using the brush! 😂

Michelle: My go-to shade is the darker Mixed Berry, which I pair with the glittery Aurora Dream! Or else I go light and summery with Spring Picnic and Floral Garden.

Agnes: I’ve been using Mascarpone as my inner base and Cinnamon Toast to fill in the rest. 😋

Zoe: Although I love the colors on my palette, my issue is that not all of them went well with my skin tone. Personally, I think coral tones aren’t meant for skin with yellowish undertones. 😖

Agnes: I have to agree with you on that, Zoe. Corals and reds are no-gos for me. With my somewhat fair (now tannish) skin, nudes and creamy beiges look best~

Zoe: I know, right? I felt a bit gutted that I had to avoid the Soft Coral shade in my palette 😂 Unfortunately it just doesn’t work for my skin tone and my wardrobe.

Agnes: Maybe that color can be used on your cheekbones! 😜

Zoe:Ohh for blush! 😮

Melanie: Agnes, I feel like you’ll probably like the selection I have! The colors are very soft and subtle –perfect for everyday use.

Agnes: That defo sounds right up my alley. Anything close to au naturel is sooo me.

Michelle: I have to say, mine is a little on the girly side, LOL.

Zoe: Michelle’s palette is very spring though! Mine feels a bit too autumnal 😂, especially the dark shades.

Michelle: True, I guess now is the perfect time to use mine! Even though the palette leans girly, I’m still pretty happy with more than half the shades. Plus, they stayed put pretty much the whole day.

Zoe: Same! I thought the eye shadow would smudge a bit after a few hours of wear!

Agnes: The fact that they stayed on all day with the colors still looking as vibrant as ever is huge brownie points for me. I still looked alive as the day wore on… hahaha.

Melanie: Yep! I’m impressed with its long-lasting formula! It didn’t crease even after a whole day. 👍

Michelle: Defo a keeper for me. Btw, did you guys use your own brush or the brush included?

Agnes: I used the brush included, otherwise I’d probably use my fingers. I’m glad there were two sides to it – it made things less messy when I blended the colors together!

Zoe: I agree! I love how it’s dual-ended, which makes blending and shading so much easier than using my fingers, lol.

Melanie: I used the flat tip when applying the base eye shadow and the round tip for the glittery shades to get a more defined look. 😮

Michelle: I’m ashamed to say I still ended up using my fingers quite a bit 🙈 But the brush was defo a nice touch.

Zoe: Haha it’s okay, Michelle! But the brush bristles are so soft on skin~ Also, I love how it matches the colors of the palette 🥰 so aesthetic!

Agnes: Yes, the bristles are so soft ❤️ It completed the whole soft glam experience.

Michelle: Overall, I’d say CLIO’s Pro Eye Palette is a solid eight out of ten from me. Nothing much to complain about except for a few shades I didn’t love~

Agnes: Likewise, I am definitely going to continue using my palette, but I want to try Melanie’s version, too!

Melanie: I defo recommend the Brown Choux palette! I think it’s officially my go-to palette now. 🤩

Zoe: I’m pretty happy with the palette too~ I’ll probably use it more when the season changes, as the coral hues don’t go well with my summer wardrobe 🤔 I have the perfect lippy to go with it for F/W though! 😂


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