Gen Z Fashion Trends for Your Next Outfit Inspo

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Gen Zs, the generation born between the late 90s and early 2010s, are actively shaping our future. These cool kids on the block have been taking the world by storm and offering fresh perspectives. Gen Zs are a progressive bunch who seek reform, diversity and a break from hierarchical norms. This pride in freedom and self-expression translates to their drip fashion sense.

Gen Z grew up alongside social media, from Instagram to Snapchat to TikTok, and their aesthetics are on the rise. Need a wardrobe revamp? Let these influential kiddos tell you what’s up!

Gen Z Fashion Trends

When you think of Gen Z fashion, think thrifting, retro glam, Y2K style and – why not? – Spice Girls! This age group defies fast fashion. They’re setting trends more than following them.

Did someone say trippy?
Bold prints, patterns and graphics are at the forefront of Gen Z fashion. This preference for bold looks reflects and fuels their creativity. Gen Zs aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd with a pop of color and unexpected palettes. Say goodbye to Plain Jane and hello to eccentric and extraordinary!

Gen Zs are making waves with a mix of 70s-inspired groovy and suave patterns, alongside 90s-inspired kitschy punk rock prints. These nonconformists take fun to the next level, from hypnotizing tank tops and playful crop tops to marble-print pants. For a party look, bodycon fits with techno prints, neon brights and vibrant geometrics make a statement that aligns with Gen Zs’ bold, fun-loving attitude.

A little skin doesn’t hurt
Gen Zs aren’t afraid to show off a bit of skin and curves. They have innovative ways to wear bandanas or handkerchiefs as tops, and they flaunt their figures in baby tees. Tight corset tops featuring boning, a lingerie-like construction, and sometimes patchwork and contrast stitching are a youthful, modern tribute to royalty and pop culture.

Slinkier fits further flaunt skin, like satin slipdresses which are making their way from pandemic nightwear to social gatherings. Another pandemic fashion transition is from cozy loungewear to cheeky sets featuring cut-outs and drawstring construction emphasizing the figure.

Some like it loose
The fashion-forward generation doesn’t forego comfort when it comes to style. Gen Zs strut down the streets in loose-fit bottoms that range from baggy denim to slouchy cargo pants. Mom jeans are a hit, as well as flattering high-waist pants with straight-leg, wide-leg or flared cut.

Prints and patterns usually seen on tops and dresses can also be sported on bottoms. Such quirky-looking pants may seem unconventional, but that’s what Gen Z is all about!

Clothing for men and clothing for women, does it matter?
Gen Z promotes gender fluidity in low-key unisex attire. Baggy T-shirts can be worn loose or tucked in, and couples can lounge in coordinating athleisure sets and swap matching sweatshirts.  

They can’t forget about accessorizing
Gen Z goes extra with accessorizing. Adding more color into the mix, their choice of kidult jewelry includes handmade beaded necklaces, bracelets and rings that were popular back in the 90s, along with layered necklaces, rainbow clips and elastics.

Whether in solids or crocodile print, retro baguette bags make a statement with their iconic silhouette. Finish your Gen Z look with cat-eyed sunnies

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