Brand Spotlight: NEOGEN

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K-Beauty brand NEOGEN uses biotechnology to enhance the benefits of natural ingredients in skin care and cosmetics. It creates multifunctional products that achieve optimal results in a simplified skin care regimen. From the brand’s bestselling exfoliating peeling pads to its latest sun care product, NEOGEN carries a variety of collections to address different skin care concerns. Here’s everything you need to know about the brand’s innovative lines and latest releases.

Gauze Peeling Pads

When NEOGEN’s bestselling Bio-Peel Gauze peeling pads have been covered by Vogue and Allure, you know they’re worth adding to your list of skin care must-haves.

If you’re not satisfied with just double cleansing and want to add an extra step to slough away dead skin cells and daily grime on skin, then NEOGEN’s exfoliating peeling pads is the solution to that! The brand’s famous peeling pads combine physical exfoliation with a triple-layer gauze to effectively get the job done while purifying skin. Several variations of the peeling pads are available for different skin types and skin care concerns. Check out which one suits your skin needs!

Acids may sound harmful but the beneficial ones can treat common skin care troubles such as acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and rough skin. The latest version of NEOGEN’s peeling pads is now formulated with a blend of hydroxyl acids – AHA, BHA and LHA in addition to PHA − for a more effective and thorough exfoliation. Use the gauze side to exfoliate and the quilted side to gently pat in the essence.

To stave off residual redness, the Green Tea Moist PHA Gauze Peeling contain a soothing combination of green tea and hyaluronic acid, which retain moisture and calm skin as you exfoliate. The refreshing formula is ideal for people with dry and sensitive skin, or with skin conditions like eczema.

As for the Wine Lift PHA Gauze Peeling, the pads are in essence packed with antioxidant-rich berry extracts to gradually transform dull and fatigued skin to a bright and firm appearance. For those who want to fight aging skin, Lemon Bright PHA Gauze Peeling delivers deep hydration with the help of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramide and glutathione, and improves fine lines for plump skin.

Dermalogy Day-Light Airy Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have item for anyone’s skin care routine, and it forms the foundation of any anti-aging routine. One of the causes of aging skin is exposure to harmful UV rays, so it’s important to use sun protection all year round − it’s a 365-day commitment! If you prefer a multifunctional and lightweight sun care item for your daily activities, try NEOGEN’s latest product, the Dermalogy Day-Light Protection Airy Sunscreen. It’s designed to guard skin against everyday environmental aggressors to maintain youthful-looking skin.

A great multifunctional product for all skin types, the Dermalogy Day-Light Airy Sunscreen delivers sun protection with broad-spectrum SPF 50 PA +++ in a barely- there, lightweight formulation. It contains 20 different plant extracts (including aloe, avocado, acai and hibiscus extracts) and a cocktail of moisture-replenishing ingredients, so people with dry skin can get an extra boost of hydration after layering a daytime moisturizer. Those with normal to combination skin types can apply the sunscreen alone as a daytime moisturizer! It’s also ideal for those with acne-prone skin or concerns about clogged pores, as the non-greasy formulation absorbs well into skin and blends well with makeup, leaving a soft and supple finish. On top of that, the formula doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s recommended to reapply the sunscreen two to three times throughout the day to maximize the formula’s skin moisturizing and protection benefits.

NEOGEN X JOAN KIM Vita Duo Day and Night Cream

NEOGEN teamed up with Korean-American YouTube influencer Joan Kim and released a product that offers round-the-clock hydration in two different yet complementary formulas. This powerful duo is a winner for anyone seeking a long-lasting glow and deep hydration! Another bonus for those seeking to buy these products is that they come in sleek and environmentally friendly refillable packaging.

Give your skin a morning boost with the Vita Duo Day Cream, which  soothes and brightens  skin with a nourishing blend of green tea and Vitamin C. The long-lasting moisturizing formula leaves your skin feeling comfortable throughout the day, while it’s refreshing scent from bergamot oil provides a revitalizing touch.

Apply the Vita Duo Night Cream before going to bed and wake up to smooth, baby-soft skin the next morning! It comes in a slightly thick gel-like texture that works overnight to deliver intensive benefits from ingredients like Vitamin E and plant-based oils that repair skin and lock in moisture. The cream is infused with lavender oil for extra soothing effects. Expect visible results in your complexion with regular use of the Vita Duo in the morning and at night.

Real Ferment Line

The key to effective skin care is incorporating an essence and serum into your routine, so NEOGEN’s Real Ferment line may just be your ticket to achieving clear and luminous skin! The line’s essence and serum utilize fermented ingredients that carry potent skin care benefits such as enhancing elasticity, strengthening the skin barrier and more. Use this pair in tandem in your daily skin care routine to get a natural glow!

Boasting a lightweight texture, the Real Ferment Micro Essence packs a punch with 93% naturally fermented ingredients, birch juice and niacinamide to hydrate and brighten skin while restoring its vitality. Apply this essence after toning, and follow with the Real Ferment Micro Serum. Featuring 61% natural fermented ingredients and active ingredients like panthenol and collagen, the serum specifically targets signs of aging by fortifying the skin barrier and delivering instant hydration to reveal your skin’s underlying radiance.

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