Recreating BTS’s Outfits from “Butter”

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By now, there’s probably nary a soul that hasn’t heard of BTS’s newest smash hit Butter. Released on May 21, the group’s second English single has disco-pop, dance-pop and EDM influences. With its catchy beats and feel-good lyrics, it’s no surprise that the summer track has broken plenty of records on YouTube and Spotify, such as clocking over 11 billion Spotify streams on the song’s first day of release.

Although the members spend most of the Butter music video in slick suits – from monochrome to multi-colored to black and yellow suits that pay homage to the butter theme – I’m going to be focusing on two of the group’s outfits, both of which are easy to draw inspo from for daily and occasion wear.

Outfit #1

In this first set of outfits, BTS sports green, yellow, orange, red and blue tracksuits. They accessorize with layered gold-tone chains, large medallion necklaces and colorful beaded necklaces for a hip-hop-inspired vibe. The members complete their get-ups with fun sneakers featuring color-blocking and pattern-mixing designs.

The members don these athletic looks while dancing in a school gymnasium. Later, during Suga’s rap sequence, we see that behind the gymnasium is a set containing an airplane, tour bus and rows of palm trees, depicting a tropical summer vacation.

V is clothed in a green T-shirt with a yellow zip-up hoodie and yellow sweatpants, both adorned with contrasting green stripes. Suga is in an elbow-sleeve green tee with lettering on its mock-neck. He goes tone-on-tone in green striped sweatpants with a yellow drawstring. J-Hope’s sweatshorts come in the same color as Suga’s sweatpants and with the same yellow drawstring. He accessorizes with a white bucket hat with green contrast trim, as well as a white T-shirt with green trim and a green “81” print. Jin is clad in a near-identical white tee with black trim and numbering, which he styles with a yellowish-orange tracksuit.

Instead of a number tee, Jimin’s white tee comes with red and green lettering that spells “GUCCI,” which goes perfectly with his red zip-up hoodie and red striped sweatshorts. RM rocks a similar ensemble with his plain white tee and a red tracksuit. Finally, Jungkook matches his wardrobe to his electric blue tresses. His white pullover hoodie and sweatpants are embellished with blue stripes and blue butterfly accents, and he extends the streetwear aesthetic with a patchwork bucket hat.

Outfit #2

Compared to the vibrant activewear in the first set of group outfits, which can be worn comfortably at anytime, BTS’s second set of group outfits boasts an androgynous avant-garde air that’s sure to turn heads. Entirely in black and white, they’re reminiscent of formal monochrome suits, but with more feminine and daring influences by mixing pearls, ruffles, leather and mesh.

The members wear these ensembles in front of a completely white backdrop while spelling out the word “ARMY” with their bodies – a shout out to their adoring fans. We also get individual shots when they hang out in a vintage-looking home with striking yellow walls. Suga sips from a yellow cup, Jungkook enjoys popcorn on a yellow one-seater, and J-Hope closes the music video by doing the unthinkable – consuming a thick slab of butter.


J-Hope is decked out in a sleeveless black top with pearl details, while a pleated white collar (resembling a Renaissance-style ruff) peeks out. Adopting the design behind Marie sleeves, his flared black pants are sectioned off into intervals with ribbons and held up with a double-ring brown leather belt.


Jimin layers a white ruffle-collar top under a sheer black mesh top, both of which are tucked into elastic-waist faux leather shorts. He rocks black sneakers with rhinestone-embellished caps. Jimin’s outfit contrasts a prim and proper white shirt against modern materials such as mesh, leather and rhinestones, while his wide-leg, elasticated shorts and sneakers keep things comfortable.


Like Jimin, Jin layers a long-sleeve mock-neck white top under a black top. However, his white top is made of sheer mesh while his black top is an oversized elbow-sleeve tee. Breaking fashion gender norms, he styles a knee-length pleated black skirt over straight-leg black jeans. With his mesh top and pleated skirt, Jin contrasts sensual and feminine pieces against casual, current pieces like an oversized T-shirt and jeans.


Compared to the others, Jungkook’s outfit is tougher. Devoid of mesh or a ruffled collar, his ensemble instead features predominantly black leather pieces. He wears a V-neck white button-up under a black biker vest and black leather shorts with a silver-tone zipper, and finishes off the look with classic Chelsea boots.


RM builds his outfit with a timeless white button-up shirt but elevates it with a leather harness. Similarly, his black knee-length dress shorts stand out thanks to the white contrast trim. Like Jungkook, he grounds his more masculine get-up in leather platform boots. However, he incorporates one of the group motifs with a ruffle-collar black mesh top, and adds a touch of luxury with oversized square sunglasses with pink lenses and a gold rim.


Suga also builds his outfit with a white button-up, but with a few little tweaks – namely, puffed elbow sleeves and a pearl-embellished collar. He offsets the doll-like piece with a grungy stud-trimmed sleeveless leather top and matching leather pants. For accessories, his layered silver hoop earrings are understated but still cool.


From the top half of his outfit, V looks every bit like an elegant dame, with his white straw hat, square gold-tone glasses, pearl-adorned gold glasses chain and lapeled white pin-stripe vest. The bottom half paints a different picture, however, as he stylishly layers buckled dress shorts over side-button trousers.


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