An Algae-Rich Skin Care Routine From KLAVUU

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Long recognized as an exemplar of vegan beauty, K-Beauty brand KLAVUU is loved by fans for its nourishing formulas harnessing the best of Korean pearl extracts. KLAVUU’s The Origin line swaps pearls for marine-based goodness in skin care, with a particular focus on three kinds of algae: Irish moss, kelp and sea mustard. Comprising of a trio of skin-soothers − a toner essence, moisturizing gel and ampoule dipping pad − this skin care routine aims to refresh and nourish skin. Items in the range purportedly deliver a cooling touch, a bonus given the soaring temperatures.

Algae − An All-In-One Skin-Saver?

Having never tried algae-based skin care before, I was more than excited to get started on this routine. Although it doesn’t have the same trendy ring as skin care superstars like cica, algae is a potent moisturizing and skin-soothing ingredient in its own right. The benefits don’t end there: the marine botanical is also known to improve elasticity, combat hyperpigmentation and fight free radicals.

After going through rough patches in the beginning of the year, my skin is slowly regaining some of its luster, although redness, enlarged pores and the occasional cluster of pimples persist. Aging has also made my combination skin more temperamental. Admittedly, my late-night sleep habits and fondness for deep-fried food don’t help. But with a little shake-up to my skin care routine (and daily habits), I’m anticipating clear and calm skin in the near future.

Read on to see whether The Origin line’s marine-based trio delivered the results that I crave!

1. Ocean Essence Water & Ocean Booster Shot

What is it? Packed with three different kinds of algae, including Irish moss, kelp and sea mustard, this toner essence is formulated to calm irritated skin while offering intense hydration. It’s further enhanced with eucalyptus leaf oil and panthenol for antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, sea salt for smoothing skin, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein for boosting skin elasticity. The package consists of a bottle of “essence water” and a “booster shot,” with the latter to be poured into the toner bottle for a skin-soothing concoction.

My Experience: I wasn’t completely sure about the toner-plus-booster-shot concept at first, but mixing the liquids to form the final blue-green concoction turned out to be fun and fuss-free. Given how efficacious the toner turned out to be, I found this concept innovative rather than gimmicky.

The product was an instant cooler on my skin. It felt almost like applying aloe gel on the face, but without stickiness and the potential sting. My face quickly attained that plumped-up look it gets when it’s refreshed and happily hydrated. Although the dewiness faded gradually, the soothed feeling lasted, as evidenced by a reduction in redness and spots during my two weeks of intensive usage.

2. Deep Ocean Gel Comforter

What is it? A lightweight alternative to rich creams, this moisturizer comes in a clear, watery gel formula. It features the line’s seaweed complex consisting of Irish moss, kelp and sea mustard for major moisturization, along with hydrolyzed vegetable protein for skin firming and heartleaf for skin soothing. An extra infusion of chlorella vuglaris extract – a type of algae packing anti-aging power − keeps skin resilient.

My Experience: First off, I loved the gel’s cooling powers. Slathering it on gave me the skin care equivalent of an ice cold drink in a heat wave! Refrigeration is recommended to boost the moisturizer’s cooling effect, but I find it powerful enough at room temperature.

It’s also suitably moisturizing, although the hydration effects were slightly less long-lasting than I hoped for. Its soothing effects were superb. My face was visibly less red and blotchy after days of usage, and a persistent pimple on my cheek showed signs of fading.

I’m still ambivalent about the gel texture though, and whether it can truly provide long-term nourishment to rough, dry skin. While the product left no greasy residue, which was a blessing, its nourishing benefits weren’t potent enough to kick-start marked improvements in my skin. As a result, I probably won’t be sticking to it exclusively.

3. Ampoule Dipping Pad

What is it? Infused with the line’s signature brew of algae extracts, hydrolyzed vegetable protein and heartleaf extract, these gentle-on-skin toner pads are designed to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum while providing serum-like nourishment.

My Experience: I’m not the biggest fan of toner pads as they seem a bit extra, but these pads from KLAVUU were so gentle and efficacious that I’m now eager to incorporate them into my regular skin care routine. The soft, non-aggravating fabric made exfoliation a painless process, and I loved how soothed, cooled and comforted my skin felt after a quick wipe every other day.

While my enlarged pores didn’t show dramatic signs of shrinkage over the course of two weeks, these are still early days. Overall, my face felt smooth and more hydrated after dedicated usage – a great first step towards healthier-looking skin.

I didn’t use the Ampoule Dipping Pad as a mask pack, but given how refreshing the pads were during application, I’ll probably do so in the near future.

The Final Verdict:

Refreshing and gentle on skin, this algae skin care routine is perfect for summer, especially if you’re looking for 100% vegan products. Although the regimen didn’t produce groundbreaking results, it won on comfort as well as soothing and cooling powers. In general, The Origin line’s toner, ampoule pads and moisturizing gel are lightweight without sacrificing on efficacy. Even though my skin hasn’t quite achieved a glow-up, I’m happy to report that it’s less prone to flare-ups.

Of the three KLAVUU products, the Ocean Essence Water & Ocean Booster Shot and the Ampoule Dipping Pads are definitely keepers. As for the Deep Ocean Gel Comforter, I’ll probably keep it in rotation with other rich, cream-type moisturizers. This routine may not treat every single skin care concern, especially when it comes to long-term nourishment, but it’s certainly convinced me that algae is a bona fide skin-saver.

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