Retro Summer Wardrobe Ideas for Your Sign

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Are you ready for summer? The change in season offers the perfect excuse for avid shoppers and trend-spotters to buy new and refreshing pieces for their wardrobes. If you’re looking for inspo to get your shopping gears going, read on to see what kind of retro summer aesthetics you can infuse into your wardrobe!

Fire Signs: “Sunset Tones”

Imagine watching the sunset in any location in the world. Now, envision your outfit in those luscious sundown hues. Whether the pieces are in bold allover prints, vivid motifs or a gradient of colors that match your favorite scenery, summer is the season to embrace your elemental colors with pride!

You can also try: Patterns and prints aren’t up your alley? Break up the busyness of prints by pairing them with plain color pieces. For the minimalists: try wearing the colors of the sunset one individual color at a time with a bold monochrome ensemble.

Earth Signs: “Librarian Chic”

The preppy appeal of librarian chic lies in its smart and bookish charm that fits the serious yet sensuous nature of earth signs. For summer, swap your favorite nudes and earthy colors with soft pastels for a change! The key to nailing the aesthetic is to opt for pieces that aren’t too tight-fitting. A collared blouse is the perfect introductory piece as it allows for versatile styling options!

You can also try: Take inspiration from childhood memories of your local librarian to channel your inner grandma. Put your own twist on long skirts and blouses, like sporting them in eccentric prints and colors.

Air Signs: “Regencycore”

If you thought the Bridgerton-inspired trend was only going to stay for a season, think again. Considering the announcement that the Netflix series has been renewed for three more seasons, the regencycore phenomena will continue for some time. All the more reason to renew your wardrobe with some statement pieces worthy of a modern debutante! Join the trend with statement summer dresses – from dramatic silhouettes to elegant cuts to intricately patterned designs that suit your personality.

You can also try: For air signs who aren’t into dramatic regency-inspired one-pieces, try the trend in the form of dainty hair and pearly accessories. They’re much easier to incorporate into your look!

Water Signs: “Summer Knits”

It can be hard to part with cozy and comfy knits that were your fashion staples in the past seasons, especially for comfort-loving water signs who are likely suffering from knitwear withdrawal. Fret not, summer knits exist for this reason. It’s time to swap your chunky sweaters for breezier summer alternatives!

You can also try: If you’re extra sensitive to heat, yet eager to incorporate knitwear into your summer collection, try sleeveless crop tops that are lightweight enough for the warmer months. Alternatively, knitted hats and bags are a great way to style knits in your outfit without having to go full-on knitwear.


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