Firm Up Aging Skin with NEEDLY’s Skin Renewal Be Born Again Kit

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It’s never too early to dive into the world of anti-aging skin care. Now in my late 20s, I’m becoming more cognizant of my complexion and how tired-looking it gets with age. I don’t have many wrinkles at the moment (phew!), but my skin can always use some lift and rejuvenation as my beauty goal is to age gracefully.

That’s where Korean skin care brand NEEDLY and its Skin Renewal Be Born Again Kit comes in. The kit includes the Pad First Clearing, Skin Renewal Be Born Again Patch and Ampoule Real Active Panthenol Plus. NEEDLY uses natural ingredients essential to keeping skin in tip-top condition. Recommended for those who want to strengthen and firm up aging skin, the Skin Renewal Be Born Again Kit sounded promising for achieving my beauty goal.

NEEDLY Skin Renewal Be Born Again Kit

As recommended by the brand, I used the Pad First Clearing after cleansing my skin and stuck on the Skin Renewal Be Born Again Patch right after. The patch stays on for at least four hours. I kept mine on overnight before taking it off the next morning and applying the Ampoule Real Active Panthenol Plus.

Step 1 (Evening) – Pad First Clearing

NEEDLY Pad First Clearing

Key ingredients: centella asiatica extract, tea tree leaf extract and mugwort leaf water

NEEDLY Pad First Clearing

When I opened the package, I noticed the pads were soaked in plenty of watery essence to tone skin. Infused with centella asiatica and tea tree leaf extract to soothe skin and mugwort leaf water for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s quite a skin refresher. Each pad boasts a soft, bumpy texture on both sides to exfoliate impurities, and an insert on one side so you can slip your fingers in for convenient use.

This scentless pad felt like a quicker and more efficient way of sheet masking. I smoothed the pad over my skin, gently wiped and patted in the remaining essence onto my skin for better absorption. My skin felt cool and fresh after use. The finish was non-sticky, smooth and free of tingles, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Step 2 (Overnight) – Skin Renewal Be Born Again Patch

NEEDLY Skin Renewal Be Born Again Patch

Key ingredients: skin growth factors EGF 6200 and FGF 18000, patented gel-type CLHA (super hyaluronic acid)

NEEDLY Skin Renewal Be Born Again Patch

A small case houses two patches that fit the curvatures of the under-eye area. The super fine microneedles on the patches penetrate into skin to reduce wrinkles. Skin growth factors EGF 6200 and FGF 18000 revitalize skin by stimulating collagen growth and improving elasticity. They also feature NEEDLY’s patented gel-type CLHA, a super hyaluronic acid that plumps skin up with long-lasting moisture.

I carefully peeled the film off the patches, avoiding the microneedles. I stuck each patch below my eyes and gently pressed it into my skin until I felt a slight piercing from the needles. As it was my first time trying out microneedles, I didn’t press any further for fear of irritation. I left the patches on overnight, sleeping comfortably still, and removed them the next morning. I didn’t notice any dramatic changes to the applied area, but my skin did look tighter.

Step 3 (Next morning) – Ampoule Real Active Panthenol Plus

NEEDLY Ampoule Real Active Panthenol Plus

Key ingredients: panthenol 5 %, allantoin, niacinamide and adenosine

It enhances the skin barrier by hydrating skin and improves apparent fine lines with the help of panthenol and adenosine. It also brightens skin with niacinamide, and soothes and moisturizes with allantoin. Better yet, it’s free of alcohol, parabens, artificial colorings and fragrance.

After removing the patches, I quickly rinsed my skin with lukewarm water and applied this ampoule. The packet was small but enough to plump and soothe my skin. I benefited from a temporary glow-up, although the smooth ampoule left a slightly sticky finish. This doesn’t hinder me from wanting to try the full-size ampoule bottle to see its long-term effects!

Final Thoughts

Despite having an overall positive outcome and a mini glow-up after using NEEDLY’s Skin Renewal Be Born Again Kit, its anti-aging benefits weren’t profound as this was only a one-off trial best suited for traveling. The greatest benefit I got from using the kit was that my skin felt soothed. I’d definitely go for the full-size versions of each product next time to reap more benefits.

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