A Sweet Taste of I DEW CARE’s Ice Cream Trio Wash-Off Masks

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If you’re into K-Beauty, you’ve probably heard of the Korean skin care cult favorite I DEW CARE. Known for its fun and playful approach, the brand has won the hearts of many with its Magic Kitten, Yogi Kitten, Super Power and Vitamin To Glow collections. As summer is fast approaching, the YesStylist editors were excited to try out I DEW CARE’s ice-cream-inspired Wash-Off Masks available in three different flavors: Berry Groovy, Matcha Mood and Cake My Day. Sit back, relax and read on to find out which flavor was our favorite!

Melanie: How do you guys find the “latest scoop” of I DEW CARE’s wash-off face masks? 😋

Angela: It’s my first time trying anything from I DEW CARE, and the wash-off mask was a great start to getting to know the brand.

Melanie: Yay! I’m not the only one who’s trying out I DEW CARE’s products for the first time 😂

Agnes: It was also my first time!

Sarah: I tried three products from its Yoga Kitten line previously, but this was my first experience with the wash-off masks! I love the berry version 🥰

Zoe: I was super hyped to finally try its signature wash-off masks since I loved the Vitamin to Glow Set!

Melanie: Yes! I heard many good things about the Yogi Kitten and Vitamin To Glow lines as well🤩 Actually these wash-off masks are all inspired by ice cream – perfect to try out this summer! ☀️

Zoe: The packaging is super cute! The mini spatula really completes the whole ice-cream aesthetics⭐

Sarah: Yess, love the ice-cream concept!🍨 All three masks are supposed to resemble different types of ice cream, like gelato, sorbet and soft serve🍦

Angela: I adore the ice-cream packaging. All the positive associations I have with ice cream –indulgence, a sweet treat – got brought into this mask experience.

Cake My Day

Agnes: I was super stoked to try this wash-off mask when I heard they have a Cake My Day flavor hehe.

Melanie: It smells exactly like the cupcakes with sprinkles on top!😯

Agnes: It’s mixed with hydrating sprinkles which look 100% like the rainbow sprinkles I get in my ice cream! It smelled utterly delicious and reminded me of birthday cake!

Melanie: I’m just curious… Was the smell overpowering to you? It smells like vanilla imo. 

Agnes: I didn’t think the scent was too strong. It was just right👌

Melanie: Did you want to lick it when you applied it? 😂

Agnes: Haha I was about to! 😜 I liked the texture of the mask. It was buttery smooth, and not cakey or dense. It really resembled soft serve in terms of texture.

Zoe: What’s actually in the Cake My Day mask though? I wonder what ingredients they use to make it smell like cake😂

Agnes: It contains vanilla planifolia fruit extract which apparently has great antioxidant benefits!

Zoe: Ooh, not a big fan of vanilla, but I’d love to give it a go since I love cake😂 How did it leave your skin feeling?

Agnes: You should definitely give it a go! It left my skin feeling more refreshed than hydrated tbh. I think the glacial water was why I felt so refreshed. Even though it claims to hydrate with hyaluronic acid and squalane, I felt it wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin.

Melanie: I think we’ll need a sheet mask for that extra boost of hydration😅

Zoe: I guess this wash-off mask will be great for when our skin gets oilier in the summer! 🤨

Berry Groovy

Sarah: I tried the Berry Groovy mask! I love that it’s packed with sooo many fruit extracts, including raspberry, cranberry, cherry and pomegranate 😍 It comes with exfoliating strawberry seeds which make it look even more like ice cream 😂 But I actually thought it smelled like watermelon chewing gum 🧐

Zoe: Same here! At first it kinda smelled like a berry smoothie, but once it was on my face, the smell reminded me of the strawberry-flavored cough syrup I used to have as a kid. Thank god I only needed to keep it on for 5-10 mins, otherwise the scent might have given me a slight headache😂

Sarah: Yeah, sadly I think the scent was a little sweet and artificial – but it wasn’t too strong! Idk if Zoe agrees, but I found the berry mask quite moisturizing!

Zoe: It’s defo moisturizing and my face was so soft afterwards. The texture was also really buttery and smooth!

Sarah: Yesss, it’s so smooth! It felt like I was actually scooping out ice cream. I also like that we only have to keep it on for 5-10 mins! It’s very convenient.

Melanie: You said they have strawberry seeds in it?! 😯 They’re for exfoliating, right?

Zoe: Yesss, it contains glycolic acid too. At first I was worried that it might be a little strong for my sensitive skin. I was really surprised it didn’t irritate my skin!

Angela: It contains glycolic acid? Did it exfoliate your skin well?

Zoe: It defo buffed away some of my more noticeable blackheads and whiteheads, but I think I need to keep the mask in my skin routine longer to get a deeper cleanse!

Sarah: I also find the mask not irritating at all! It was quite refreshing and mild! I noticed some subtle brightening effects after repeated use too⭐

Melanie: Did you apply your Berry Groovy mask every day? 

Sarah: I applied it every day for the past three nights. I just put it on at the end of skin care and washed it off after brushing my teeth and flossing! It integrated seamlessly into my routine👍

Melanie: Aww, I could tell you had a berry good mask experience 😍

Matcha Mood

Angela: Mine’s the Matcha Mood mask and there’s nothing about it that smells like real ice cream. It has an unfamiliar smell that’s like raw green plants.

Sarah: Haha, I’ve heard some people say matcha tastes like grass tho.

Zoe: Did it smell like raw matcha?

Angela: To be honest, not at all. It does look like matcha latte!

Melanie: I guess it has the most subtle scent out of the three😂 I really like how it glides smoothly onto my skin!

Angela: Yes, the texture is smooth and so easy to apply onto the face.

Sarah: I also found it really easy to spread on skin, and easy to rinse off as well~

Melanie: But sadly… the Matcha Mood was not hydrating enough for me.

Angela: I’m on the same page with Melanie. It left my skin soft but I didn’t experience a lasting hydrating effect either.

Sarah: What are the benefits of the matcha mask supposed to be?

Zoe: Matcha is rich in antioxidants and helps to restore oil-water balance, so it’s great for oily and combination skin! It’s probably not the most hydrating as it’s meant to absorb excess sebum?

Melanie: Oh Angela, I remember you mentioned before that you have oily skin. Do you think the Matcha Mood wash-off mask helped reduce oiliness? 

Angela: It did help a bit in reining in the oiliness, but the effect was temporary. 

Agnes: I agree that the effects are temporary, but I appreciate that the mask didn’t completely dry on my skin after 10 min of use😌

Zoe: True! It’s actually more moisturizing than regular wash-off masks already! 

Angela: There’s glacial water and marine ingredients in the matcha mask. The box indicated it’s designed to cool and soothe, and that’s exactly what I experienced. It immediately cooled skin upon contact and I felt refreshed afterwards. 

Melanie: I had no idea it had marine ingredients🤯What skin benefits do they have? 

Angela: In the ingredients, it lists green tea and aloe vera leaf extracts, niacinamide, ultramarine ingredients and more, all to “calm and balance” skin. 

Melanie: The aloe vera extract did help calm my skin! Tho it’s not hydrating enough, it actually brightened my skin tone.

Zoe: While the spatula is super cute, I find it a little too small to apply the mask onto my skin. It took me quite some time to get a smooth and even application…. I don’t know if it’s just me? 😂

Angela: That happened to me too! 

Agnes: I applied it the messy way – went straight in with my fingers.

Melanie: Same here! I just scooped it with my fingers😂 Tbh I find it really satisfying because of the texture haha.

Zoe: 😯I’m jel haha! I’m wayyy too OCD when it comes to applying masks😂

Agnes: Yea, I didn’t mind getting a little messy because it still applied so easily and smoothly.

Sarah: The small Mini Scoops tub is so cute and convenient, but I feel like I’m already halfway done with the product – which makes me so sad 😥

Agnes: Same here! I used it three times and it’s gone…

Zoe: I’ve got the big tub, so that’ll last me for a long time even if I use it 2-3 times a week🙌 But I wish I got the Mini Scoops set, so I could try all of them! Now I gotta wait till I empty my big tub! 🤔

Sarah: I’d love to get the other two masks as well! If only to look at and smell them😂

Angela: Mine is the big one. I’ve only used it once a week and only half a tub is left, so I may have only two sessions left.  

Zoe: Omg, how did you use up half the tub already?

Melanie: 😂 Do you use it day and night?

Zoe: #hardcoremasker

Angela: Wait… I only used it twice in two weeks, and only in the evening.

Zoe: I guess you applied it thickly? I barely made a dent in mine😂

Angela: Yes, I applied thickly on every inch of my face. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? I clearly have to learn from the experts here on how to spread it out more evenly, haha! 

Melanie: I actually did the same coz the wash-off mask is rather thin.

Agnes: I did a thick layer the second time because I wanted to reap the full benefits, haha. Probably because I wasn’t getting enough hydration. 😂

Angela: I’m not sure wash-off masks suit my convenience-obsessed lifestyle as there’s a clean-up job to consider. I gave up on washing off the mask at the bathroom sink and just popped in the shower to rinse it all off in a blast of water. I’ve been so spoiled with more convenient masks, like sheet marks and peeling masks for which the removal process is super simple, quick and hassle-free.

Zoe: I feel you! I only use wash-off masks once or twice a week when my skin really needs a deep cleanse! Sarah, you used it every day. Was it easy for you?

Sarah: I actually thought it was super easy to wash off even in the sink! Much less fussy than some of the other masks I’ve used, like clay masks. 

Agnes: I didn’t mind the wash-off part, but certainly won’t do it every day!

Angela: But if you’ve got time on your hands or want to do a fun pampering sesh with friends, the I DEW CARE mask is a great choice because it’s such a crowd-pleaser. 

Melanie: Haha, you don’t have to worry about that! I DEW CARE has lots of options including sheet masks! You never know which works best for you until you try, right? 😎


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