Recreating Every Outfit from Whee In’s “Water Color”

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Mamamoo’s Whee In has plenty of solo singles under her belt, but this April, she released her first full EP Redd. The album’s lead single is Water Color, a trendy song with 80s and 90s new jack swing influences. In interviews with The Korea Times and Soompi, the singer explained that while she had showcased poised and sentimental sides in the past, this time, she wanted to express her true self and all of her diverse, dazzling and colorful sides. In the music video for Water Color, Whee In and her backup dancers don color-coordinated outfits that range from glam dresses to sports luxe and contemporary workwear, featuring plenty of creative pattern mixing, asymmetrical cuts and statement jewelry.

Outfit #1

The music video begins with the singer in an extravagant, tiered tulle maxi dress in blue with a sweeping train and a pair of streamlined pointed blue heels. She walks down the halls and into a dimly lit, opulently decorated apartment, where everyone seems to have collapsed in the middle of a party, whether on the floor, Baroque sofas or even dining tables littered with plates of food and half-empty wine glasses.

She appears in this dress again towards the end of the video, alone on a yacht at sea. Here, we get a close-up of her delicate pearl teardrop earrings. The music video also transitions into an animated sequence at its close. Whee In is drawn in her blue maxi dress, diving deep underwater and reuniting with a peacock friend.

Outfit #2

Her second outfit is a more complex ensemble and the most artistic one in the MV, experimenting with a range of colors, prints, shapes and textures. She’s dressed in a short-sleeve black button-up shirt with a red and white abstract print, enhanced with a fluttery gradient fringe. Underneath, she layers a long-sleeve top with a monochrome geometric printThigh-high red striped socks and red chunky lace-up boots complement her red patterned top. A unique pink skirt with a high-low hem adds a youthful, girly touch while maintaining the color palette. Finally, she accessorizes with large, non-matching earrings: one is a red gemstone drop earring, while the other is a long blue piece made of dangling discs, breaking up the sea of red with a blue element that segues into the next outfit.

She rocks this outfit during a dance sequence with dancers in a variety of bold, retro outfits all featuring whimsical colors and dizzying patterns. Though it could come across as busy, the colors and patterns somehow all blend together harmoniously – just like a watercolor painting.

Outfit #3

Whee In gives off an air of confidence in a cerulean blue tuxedo playsuit, accessorized with a matching lettering cap and triangular earrings. The casual cap balances her more formal attire, while her earrings add a fun energy. Her slouchy knee-high flap boots in white are clean and sharp, completing the sports luxe outfit.

Outfit #4

Echoing the blue maxi dress from the beginning of the music video, Whee In is clad in a silky red ruffled maxi dress with a sultry off-shoulder, V-neck cut. She’s only seen in this dramatic dress for a moment while on a grand staircase, with a peacock companion by her side and rippling water overhead. Unlike her earlier get-ups, this look keeps the color coordination to a minimum with a classic red lippie and understated gold-tone hoop earrings.

Outfit #5

Whee In’s last outfit exudes a similar boss lady aura as the blue sports luxe ensemble. It’s comprised of all-white pieces apart from a pop of color via long purple gloves, mimicking the palette of the all-blue outfit with white boots.

Putting an edgy spin on basic workwear, Whee In opts for a white one-shoulder blazer top with an asymmetrical cropped hem as well as a pair of simple white dress pants that give off a modern feel. Her slick ponytail and white wide-brimmed fedora ground the androgynous look. For jewelry, she opts for effortlessly cool silver pieces – in contrast to the elegant, timeless gold jewelry in the previous look. A single swirly threader earring adds fluidity to her structured clothing, and a set of layered rings stand out against her purple gloves.

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