Discover Vegan Beauty with INSSAKIT’s Keep It Green Edition

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INSSAKIT is back again, this time with a green attitude! Anything related to an eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free and natural lifestyle is up my alley. Thus, I took the opportunity to discover the power of plant-based K-Beauty with this new Keep It Green Edition. The box boasts eight vegan and cruelty-free skin care and makeup products curated by YesStyle that are easy to incorporate into my beauty routine. It also includes a silicone cup from iswas and a BT21 A5 spiral notebook from BABOSARANG.

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INSSAKIT Keep It Green edition

Before unravelling the products, can I say how brilliant the biodegradable packaging is! I absolutely love how the INSSAKIT follows through the eco-friendly concept, from the choice of products to the cardboard packaging made with semi-recycled paper and printed with soy ink. The box sleeve can also be turned into an origami box for holding knick-knacks and accessories!

A Plant-Based Skin Care Regimen

I switched out some of my current skin care products in place of the ones in this set. I was very keen to use the vegan products as my skin was suffering from dry patches due to seasonal changes. I wanted to see if using plant-based skin care would calm my irritated skin.

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash

By Wishtrend Green Tea & Enzyme Powder Wash
Key ingredients: green tea powder and papaya enzyme

To start, I sprinkled a generous amount of this powder into my palm, added some lukewarm water, rubbed it altogether until soap built up, and applied it onto my face. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and reduces sebum production and inflammation. Papaya enzymes exfoliate dead skin cells while moisturizing skin and brightening complexion. The wash made my skin feel purified and gently exfoliated, and the scent was barely noticeable.

I’m from Fig Scrub Mask & Silicone Brush

I'm from Fig Scrub Mask & Silicone Brush
Key ingredients: black sugar and fig powder enzymes

After cleansing my skin, I applied a generous amount of this scrub mask onto my face with the handy silicone brush that comes with it. Black sugar is a great exfoliator and draws in moisture, while fig smooths and brightens skin. The mask certainly smelled like sweet figs and made me want to lick some off my face (I refrained from doing so though!). After 15 minutes, I rinsed the mask off. My skin felt nicely slick and looked bright. This would also make a great body scrub, which fellow editor Zoe can attest to!

Barr Super Balance Brightening Ampoule

Barr Super Balance Brightening Ampoule
Key ingredients: niacinamide, 81% green tea water and seven types of hyaluronic acid

Something I always need and want is bright and plump skin. With Barr’s ampoule, I got just that! Also raved about by Zoe, the milky gel glided smoothly onto skin and gave a hydrating finish thanks to the seven types of hyaluronic acid. I used less of my moisturizer after this. The niacinamide also did its job in brightening skin and fading blemishes after just several uses. This little ampoule gave me something to celebrate! I highly recommend it to those with dull, dry and sensitive skin.

ROVECTIN Clean Lotus Water Cream

ROVECTIN Clean Lotus Water Cream
Key ingredients: 75% lotus water, N.M.F and Aquaxyl

To lock in moisture, I used this 75% lotus-water-based cream previously reviewed by fellow editor Maureen. It’s super lightweight and soothing. I squeezed a dime-sized dollop onto my fingertips and massaged onto my skin, which absorbed it instantly. I love how it effectively hydrated skin and retained moisture with minimum ingredients. It even comes with a fun, quirky sticker sheet made from recycled paper and plant-based ink to decorate your belongings!

Dear, Klairs Fundamental Eye Butter

Dear, Klairs Fundamental Eye Butter
Key ingredients: peptides and sunflower seed oil

I love pampering my eyes with some good eye cream, and I’ve been wanting to try this eye butter as it’s been highly praised by fellow editor Romy! Despite having “butter” in its name, it was lightweight and felt super nourishing on skin. Peptides stimulate collagen production and boost skin elasticity, whereas sunflower seed oil is moisturizing. I might be just convincing myself, but my crow’s feet faded and the delicate skin around my eyes became more resilient in just a couple of weeks. This eye butter has earned a top spot in my eye care!

I’m from Mugwort Spot Gel

I'm from Mugwort Spot Gel
Key Ingredient: 90% mugwort extract

As the last step of my routine, I applied this clear spot gel onto post-acne marks and areas with hyperpigmentation. Mugwort has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, so I also dabbed some onto a growing pimple. Its super-fine applicator made the application precise. Targeted spots looked less red the next morning and my eczema-caused dry patches gradually became less inflamed.

Plant-Based Makeup

UNLEASHIA Get Jewel Palette N˚2 Starry Dot

UNLEASHIA Get Jewel Palette No2 Starry Dot

Free of parabens, fragrances, sulfates and phthalates, this eye shadow palette is made for my sensitive eyelids. The matte red, matte beige, shimmery gold and glittery bronze colors complement my light tan skin tone and stay all day long thanks to the creamy formula. Learn how to create a rosy smoky eye look here!

UNLEASHIA Glittery Wave Lip Balm N˚2 Gleamy

UNLEASHIA Glittery Wave Lip Balm No2 Gleamy
Ingredients: mango seed butter, olive oil and babassu oil

At first, I was hesitant to apply this lip balm for fear of a bad glittery outcome. I was shortly proven wrong. The glitter was subtle and the formula was super moisturizing. This lip balm isn’t just pretty but also practical for keeping lips soft and nourished all day long! Like the eye shadow palette, the balm is free of parabens, fragrances, sulfates and phthalates.

Final Thoughts

I love everything about INSSAKIT’s Keep it Green Edition so much that I’ve kept this routine going. My skin has felt healthy and balanced, and better yet, I think it’s helped with my seasonal skin allergies. The products calmed my irritation, and I feel safe and satisfied knowing that I’m using vegan products. You too can start living the green lifestyle with this INSSAKIT!

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