Two Kickass Heroines, One Crop Top

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Katniss Everdeen needs no introduction. A pop culture icon like no other, the teenage heroine from The Hunger Games sparked and led a revolution – with her signature braid still intact. Equally kickass but with an appealingly vulnerable streak is Wanda Maximoff, the mind-reading superhero recently featured in the Disney+ series WandaVision. By turns glamorous and grungy, she switches seamlessly from 50s dresses to 90s flannel as the series progresses through different eras.

How would these two powerful women with wildly divergent wardrobes style the same tank top, a versatile staple that’s perfect for flaunting some skin in the summer months? Read on to see whether Katniss lives up to her reputation as the queen of utilitarian chic, and whether Wanda can infuse an easy-breezy look with a dose of glamor!

Katniss: Utilitarian Chic with a Hint of Greek Goddess

In a dystopian world where everybody knows their own place, Katniss stands out for her strong will, pure heart and bravery in the face of injustice. The ultimate anti-damsel-in-distress, she boasts a formidable range of skills ranging from archery to hand-to-hand combat to high-stakes negotiations, capabilities she uses to take on a totalitarian government with explosive results. Katniss’s ability to juggle a softer, gentler side with a tough gal exterior makes her truly kickass. For every opponent she beats, there’s also someone she takes under her wing, such as an ally on the battlefield or a childhood friend. With her love of nature, disdain for couture and refusal to fight dirty, Katniss proves that an on-screen goddess doesn’t have to be glamorous or seductive to be captivating.

A cropped black cami is a natural fit for our heroine, who favors comfy casuals over flamboyant ball gowns. Instead of a hoodie or parka, I selected a spring-appropriate denim jacket in a faded charcoal wash that vibes perfectly with these army green cargo pants featuring detachable trouser legs. Black high-tops and a roomy bottle-green satchel complete the fuss-free outfit. At the same time, to highlight her softer side, I added two key pieces of jewelry: a chunky, gold-tone necklace with a supersized lobster clasp, and a delicate, arrow-shaped earring referencing her talent for archery. Finally, to seal that hard-soft contrast, I included this pleather take on a girly staple: the scrunchie.



Wanda: Vintage Glam with a Hint of Grunge

One of Wanda’s chief charms is her lack of superhero bravado. She never flaunts her ability to bend time, manipulate space or read minds. In some ways, Wanda’s lack of absolute control over her environment and her vulnerability to gossip are what make her such an unforgettable heroine. Navigating the perils of her own mind as well as potential social faux pas, she is a witch who can conveniently warp reality when needed – but is unable to harness that power to boost her social status.

As Wanda plays the role of a suburban housewife stuck in a strange, sitcom-style reality that spans the ages, her changing wardrobe becomes a showcase for iconic vintage styles, from flouncy 50s frocks to 70s maxi dresses to 90s denim playsuits. It’s a far cry from her usual glam-grunge aesthetic rendered in a red and black palette, not to mention her campy scarlet-colored superhero costume. Taking cues from the series’ vintage aesthetics while staying true to Wanda’s kickass qualities, I built an outfit around the same simple >crop top, this time in red. I paired it with a semi-sheer white shirt and a midi gingham skirt in a tiered design. A faux pearl choker introduces a touch of luxe to the look that’s tempered by easy-breezy golden hoops dripping with 70s vibes. In tune with the minimalist color scheme, I added an acid-wash bucket hat in charcoal gray as well as burgundy socks and black lace-up boots, all striking a subtly punkish note.

The Survival Instinct

At first glance, Katniss and Wanda seem to lie on opposite ends of the spectrum: one is a spiky teenage girl with the weight of a divided world on her shoulders, the other’s an emotionally vulnerable, mind-reading witch stuck behind a white picket fence. However, they’re united by their common traits of compassion, righteous anger and truly phenomenal powers. Both bravely re-shape the world around them in their own style. Against all odds, these heroines know how to survive, and it is this survival instinct that makes them truly kickass.


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