First Time Trying BANOBAGI’s Milk Thistle Repair Lotion

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I love skin care brands that embrace safe and natural ingredients so BANOBAGI has been on my radar for a while. The brand gets back to the basics with non-chemical ingredients and safe-to-use formulations that restore skin’s balance. Founded by a team of experienced clinical dermatologists, BANOBAGI prides itself as a cosmeceutical brand that caters to all skin types, even those with the most sensitive skin.

BANOBAGI’s Milk Thistle Repair line stood out to me immediately. Besides being drawn to the range’s minimal and soothing lavender-hued packaging, I was intrigued by the unusual choice of ingredient. My knowledge of milk thistle was limited to it being commonly used to make tea.

What is milk thistle good for? Milk thistle extract possesses rich antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Traditionally, it’s used in herbal remedies to improve liver health. It’s also proven to help relieve skin conditions like eczema, acne, rosacea and psoriasis when used topically.

The Milk Thistle Repair Lotion is a new addition to the line. As the weather is warming and becoming more humid in my side of the world, I picked this up to see if it can relieve my sensitive and dry skin during springtime.


Milk Thistle Repair Lotion

What is it? Free of fragrance and essential oils, the lightweight moisturizer is formulated to relieve and strengthen sensitive and stressed-out skin. Enriched with milk thistle, burdock root extracts and other EWG green-grade ingredients, the lotion helps to nourish skin, reinforce the skin barrier and alleviate inflammation. Suitable for all skin types.

In detail:

Packaged with a convenient pump dispenser, the bottle design echoes the minimal aesthetics of its outer packaging . One pump of lotion is enough to cover my whole face. Its mild, earthy and herbaceous scent with a subtle spice kick is apparent only during application, and hardly there afterwards. The white, milky and runny texture spreads silkily on skin and dries instantly to a creamy and matte finish.

My Daytime Experience

I especially replaced my daytime moisturizer with the Milk Thistle Repair Lotion to prep my skin before makeup. Initially, I was concerned that it may not be moisturizing enough, but since the climate is less dry now, the lotion was sufficient for keeping my skin soft all day. When I use a thicker cream as a pre-makeup moisturizer, I have to wait a minute or two to make sure it’s fully absorbed into skin before dabbing sunscreen and foundation on top. With Milk Thistle Repair Lotion, the waiting period was dramatically reduced as the cream absorbed seconds after I applied it.

My Evening Experience

In the evening, after cleansing, double toning and two layers of serum, I applied two pumps of the lotion all over my face, neck and shoulders. If my skin felt particularly dry, I layered on another face cream to finish off my routine. But for most nights, the Milk Thistle Repair Lotion sufficed in keeping my skin soft and moisturized.


The Verdict

The moment the weather warmed up, I noticed my skin getting drier and more irritated. Even though my skin is generally on the dry side, the abrupt weather changes made it produce more sebum than it used to. The Milk Thistle Repair Lotion is the right product to incorporate into my skin routine this time of the year – it’s moisturizing enough for my skin’s daytime and nighttime needs. Its mild scent and soothing effect reminded me of my childhood when doctors prescribed emollient creams to relieve my eczema.

The lotion is essentially what K-Beauty lovers know as an emulsion – it’s a pre-moisturizer, or a lightweight moisturizer (not as rich as serums and thick face creams). For those with really dry skin, it’s worth giving the Milk Thistle Repair Lotion a go for an extra boost of nourishment. I can also see the lotion being a great stand-alone moisturizer for those with oily skin, since it’s quickly absorbed into skin and doesn’t leave a sticky or heavy after feel.

Overall, I’m happy with the Milk Thistle Repair Lotion, and I’d love to try other items from the same line such as the Milk Thistle Repair Mask Set and Milk Thistle Repair Serum. I’ve also heard great things about the Milk Thistle Repair Cream, which may be more suited to my skin during autumn and winter.

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