Staycation Ideas for Your Sign (Part One)

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With work from home being the new norm for some of us, the distinction between work life and personal life has become increasingly blurred. When was the last time you dedicated a day to yourself, without work responsibilities and chores looming in the back of your mind? #Staycation isn’t just a trend. It’s an opportunity to plan an activity or experience that we can enjoy. Most importantly, it’s a way to properly de-stress and reconnect with loved ones!

Aries: Get Out in the Wild

Depending on the season and your geographical location, there are plenty of outdoor activities that don’t involve crowds. A hike meets all your requirements − as an active personality, you naturally gravitate towards outdoor adventures with friends and loved ones. Even better if it piques your competitive spirit! Choose a scenic route and let the sounds of nature be the OST to your adventure.

What you’ll need: If the majority of the day will be spent outside, sun protection is a must. Prevent physical exhaustion by taking things steadily and stopping for a rest whenever needed. Keep a water bottle at hand and stay hydrated! A hydrating face mist can serve as a wake-up boost throughout the hike. Be sure to wear the correct gear if you’re going on a more challenging hike. Weather is unpredictable, so pack a breathable windbreaker just in case it gets cool.


Taurus: Pampering Hotel Stay

Relaxation comes after thorough planning. That’s why when you unwind, you do so completely – you don’t even want to worry about meal prep. A peaceful and comfortable environment is much preferred, so a lavish and relaxing hotel stay will satisfy your creature comforts! Add a spa to the experience in accordance to your schedule and budget. Alternatively, curate your own spa day at home!

What you’ll need:Pack must-have skin and body care in a toiletry bag − even a five-star hotel room with amenities can’t cater to all your needs. While you’re at it, add a silky sleeping mask in there too! For your at-home spa, lay out some scented candles to create a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, or create your own scent by mixing your favorite essential oils in a diffuser.


Gemini: Virtual Gallery Hop

For Geminis, the perfect holiday is the kind that tickles the mind, body and spirit. Geminis love exploring different cities to converse with locals and bask in the cultural and historical attractions. Since such vacations aren’t feasible at the moment, turn to technology for a virtual gallery hop with your mates via Zoom. Many galleries and museums are offering interactive virtual tours, so you can navigate the sites and view artwork and artifacts up close, all without leaving your home.

What you’ll need: It’s a cultural activity after all! Combine the experience with a candle-lit dinner – fix yourself a cool beverage and prepare a simple but tasty meal to enjoy as you hop from the Louvre in Paris, to the J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, to The National Gallery in London.


Cancer: At-Home Film Fest

When it comes to holidays for Cancerians, the company matters more than the destination. The ideal staycation doesn’t even require getting out of the house – an at-home film fest is right up your alley! And no, it’s not your usual movie night on the living room couch. Curate a list of films by theme or mood, and let them stream all day! If you have a backyard or garden, grab your laptop and picnic blanket, and take your regular Netflix marathon outdoors. If you’re staying indoors, set up a mini cinema in another room, or use a different side of the living room to create a different mood.

What you’ll need: Setting the mood is super important when transforming a space. After setting up your streaming device, scatter some fairy lights and lay out cushions and blankets to cozy up the interior. Grab your snack bowl and cuppa before you press play!


Leo: Go Camping

Like the other fire signs, Leos love the outdoors. Go on a camping adventure and load up on outdoor activities like a barbecue, fishing and star-gazing. If leaving the home is not an option right now, turn to your garden or balcony for camping at home. There’s also nothing stopping you from pitching a tent in the living room and viewing the night stars via your TV screen.

What you’ll need: Be fully equipped to stay warm and dry when camping overnight outdoors. If it’s hot during the day, keep an icy water bucket at hand to keep drinks chilled. For those camping at home, you won’t need to prepare much. Keep warm with a hot water bottle and a blanket or two. Have a foldable stool or two to sit on while you wait for sunrise!


Virgo: Workshop Day

Your eagerness to over-plan may put you in stressful situations, which is why Virgos often feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and struggle to fully unplug. You’ve already scheduled your out-of-office e-mail, so it’s time to take your mind elsewhere! Start unwinding by spending quality time tending to your botanical collection. Houseplants aren’t solely for decoration; most of them also help eliminate harmful toxins in your home! Need something more creative? Get crafty! There are many fun and therapeutic activities you can dip into while putting your skilled eye for detail to use.

What you’ll need: Have a go at making candles – it takes time and can be messy, but you’ll get a functional decoration at the end! Needlework may seem like a test of concentration and patience, but it’s therapeutic once you get the hang of it. Get started with embroidery or crochet kits that come with a pattern and all the required essentials, so you don’t have to worry about buying any equipment!



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