Looking for the Best Eye Cream

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After I hit my 30s, crow’s feet around my eyes became more prominent and fine lines began to appear all over my face. Droopy eyelids make my eyes look smaller, crow’s feet make me look old, and dark circles make me look tired. That’s when I began applying eye cream every day – not just around the eyes but on the entire face to try to reverse the clock.

To make up for the carelessness of not using eye cream at an earlier age, I’m on a quest to find the best eye cream. I tried five different eye creams, spanning from lightweight to nourishing, and compared their effects. Read on to find out how my skin responded to each eye cream, and which one I recommend at the end of my one-month trial!

KLAVUU’s Rejuve Pearlsation Multi Pearl Peptide Eye Cream

Key Ingredients:
1,000ppm of Korean pearl extract, pearl collagen, pearl conchiolin, peptides
How I feel:
This eye cream from KLAVUU is the fanciest among the five I trialed. It comes in an iridescent tub with a spatula featuring a flat spoon on one end for scooping and a ball tip on the other for massaging. The tub looks big but its thick interior actually holds just 20ml, while the other four eye creams come in compact and convenient 30ml tubes. Despite this, it’s the most expensive. The ball massager is a nice touch, but I prefer using my ring finger for better control of pressure and temperature while massaging. The cream has a relatively thick consistency, but surprisingly, it’s the least hydrating of the five. It’s also subtly fragranced so those with sensitive skin might have to take note. The major advantage of KLAVUU’s eye cream is its brightening power, though I’ve yet to see this benefit come into effect.

the SKIN HOUSE’s Marine Active Eye Cream

Key Ingredients:
Adenosine, hydrolyzed collagen, marine ingredients
How I feel:
I have to admit Marine Active Eye Cream looks the least attractive out of the five products. The labeling on the tube is a bit blurry, and I wish it stated exactly which marine ingredients were used. It’s also one of the least hydrating of the five eye creams, but I prefer its texture to that of KLAVUU’s since it’s more watery and easier to spread on skin. I reckon those with oily skin will like this eye cream better as it’s less likely to cause milia. The formula is lightly fragranced.

coxir’s Black Snail Collagen Eye Cream

Key Ingredients:
Snail filtrate, collagen, black bean extract, black rice extract, camu camu fruit extract
How I feel:
I’ve tried other snail slime products before, but this Black Snail Collagen Eye Cream is the slimiest! It reminds me of natto or mozzarella cheese, leaving a sticky feel that luckily dissipates within seconds. Its texture attests to the abundant snail filtrate, which is famous for healing wounds and reducing wrinkles. This eye cream is the second most hydrating of the five. It’s fragranced but the scent is hardly noticeable.


THE PLANT BASE’s Time Stop Peptide Eye Cream

Key Ingredients:
36% Damask rose flower extract, 10% honey extract, 10ppb of peptides, adenosine
How I feel:
I’ve always wanted to try THE PLANT BASE’s Time Stop Collagen Ampoule, and this eye cream from the same line didn’t disappoint. The creamy formula is free of artificial fragrances and colorings, and feels comfortable on skin. This one is the most hydrating of all the eye creams I trialed. I only wish it contains more than 10ppb (0.000001%) of peptides – after all, it’s the titular ingredient and known for its anti-aging benefits. The cream’s yellow color probably comes from the honey extract.

Benton’s Snail Bee Ultimate Eye Cream

Key Ingredients:
Snail ferment filtrate, collagen/lactobacillus ferment filtrate, bifida ferment lysate, bee venom, adenosine, niacinamide, peptides, 17 kinds of amino acids, ceramide
How I feel:
I’ve heard so many good things about Benton’s Snail Bee line, and the eye cream lives up to its reputation. The scentless cream has the perfect texture, being neither too slimy nor greasy. As a fan of fermented and fragrance-free beauty products, I have nothing to complain about this cream.

The Verdict

After alternating among the five eye creams for one month, I realized I reached for Benton’s eye cream the most, followed by THE PLANT BASE’s more nourishing eye cream if I felt tautness around the eyes. Sometimes I’d go for coxir’s eye cream just for a change. I rarely reached for the SKIN HOUSE’s eye cream and even less so for KLAVUU’s.

I prefer Benton and THE PLANT BASE as I have sensitive skin, and these two brands are known for hypoallergenic formulas. The eye cream from coxir is a good choice for those who fancy snail slime products. The SKIN HOUSE’s Marine Active Eye Cream is more suitable for summer due to its watery consistency, whereas KLAVUU’s Rejuve Pearlsation Multi Pearl Peptide Eye Cream is targeted for those seeking brightening benefits.

Was I able to reverse signs of aging? To a certain extent, I did find my skin plumper and my fine lines fading. If you have fine lines and none of the anti-wrinkle face creams out there seem to work, go ahead and try one of these eye creams. In time, your efforts will pay off!

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