IGTV Style Dials Recap: Spring To-Do List Inspired By Wes Anderson

Time to get ready for spring with a to-do list inspired by the films of Wes Anderson!

Shop the outfits and makeup below:

Read to-do list: It’s spring! Opt for a bright shade of red and add a healthy shine to your cheekbones with some well-placed highlighter.

To-do no. 1: Exercise. Loosen those muscles and put a spring in your step.

To-do no. 2: Time to don your pastel blue suit, head to the apothecary and change your skin care routine with PESTLO.

To-do no. 3: Have a picnic. Suit up in a mustard yellow jacket and Rushmore’s iconic red beret, or go for a girly look in a breezy babydoll dress with preppy red Mary Janes.

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