Spring Makeup Trends to Try Based on Your Sign (Part Two)

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Signs & Attires

Mask-wearing may have changed our beauty routines, but nothing should stop you from infusing a bit of fun and color to brighten up your look this spring season! These makeup looks are inspired by trends seen during Fashion Week, and they don’t require a full face of foundation. You can wear these looks even with a face mask on!

Can’t find your sign? Check out part one.

Virgo: Disco Lips

Think 70s glamorous disco eye makeup, but for lips instead. It can be done with a flashy and fun lippie or as a bold yet neutral lip. If the latter is more your taste, grab a lippie that’s fitted with subtle glitter and in a shade similar to your natural lip color for a soft glam look.

For a more dramatic look with your favorite lippie, apply a coat on lips and dab edible glitter on top. The key is to use fine glitter specks or glitter powder. Lightly and evenly dab glitter over the lips with your fingertips.

Pro tip: To make your own shimmer lippie, mix your choice of lipstick with a glittery, cream eye shadow or a creamy highlight on an easy-to-clean surface. It’s best to apply the mixture using a lip brush to avoid making a mess. When you’re done, scoop the remaining mixture into an empty travel-sized jar so you can touch up lips on the go.

Libra: Blush Everywhere

A dash of blush over the cheeks can instantly enliven a bare complexion. Guess what? Blush can be applied on other areas too! Use it as an eye shadow, highlight and contour, or mix it with lip balm for a pop of color. Blushes really are multi-purpose!

Always start with a less pigmented cream blush. If you’re new to this makeup look, cream blushes are rookie-friendly. To build color intensity, gradually layer on a more pigmented powder blush. Opt for a similar or deeper shade to the first blush used if you want a noticeable gradient effect, or use a contrasting shade for a quirky finish that also doubles as contouring.

Pro tip: Use a blush brush if you want more control, but your fingers will work just fine. With fingers, you have a better grasp over the contours.

Scorpio: Romantic Rock Liner

This sultry cat eyeliner look spotted on Moschino’s FW20/21 runway was created by Tom Pecheux, global beauty director for YSL Beauty. The key makeup artist for the show explained in an interview that he created the look with a “romantic rock” vibe in mind.

To nail the look, start by drawing a thin line from the outer corner of the eye where it aligns perpendicularly with the end of the eyebrow. Keep your eyes open as you draw another thin line that connects to the bottom wing to create a slight V-shape. Since the angle of your wings is less slanted, the top part of the V-shape will look more scooped as you link it up to the crease. Then, line up the look from the center of your lash lines and fill in the wings. Finish the look with mascara!

Pro tip: Prep eyelids and under-eye (including eyelashes) areas with concealer or primer, followed by setting powder. This step creates a smooth base to work on, and it also prevents eyeliner from smudging and fading throughout the day.

Sagittarius: Soft-Block Shadow Liner

This fun and edgy look inspired by post-modern art or cubic art resonates with Sagittarians’ love for quirky things. The key is to stick to one or two colors at a time and keep the rest of the face fresh.

Feeling experimental? Play up the wing-shadow by making it a little bigger than what you’re used to. If you want to give geometric shapes a go but squares and triangles aren’t working for you, take baby steps by tweaking your regular eyeliner look and drawing a square edge!

Pro tip: Wet an eyeliner brush and use your favorite eye shadow as a liner – this gives you more control over pigment and shape!

Capricorn: French Girl Rouge

An unspoken French girl makeup rule when wearing red lipstick (usually in a matte or satin finish) is to keep the rest of the face looking really natural. First, choose a red lippie that works for your skin tone. It’s best to find a color that complements your complexion since red comes in neutral, warm and cool undertones.

For a daytime look, apply one continuous swipe from one end of your bottom lip to another. Using your fingers, lightly dab to blend out the color for a soft yet sophisticated finish. To transition this look for the evening, intensify the lips by putting on several layers, and then press a piece of tissue between the lips to set the color for longer wear. Alternatively, use a lip pencil. Lip pencils aren’t only for outlining; they can be used to fill the center of lips too! Pencil liner lips tend to stay put better.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to wear lipstick under a face mask, set your pout with a translucent powder to prevent the lip makeup from sliding and smudging.

Aquarius: Lash Brows

Dare to try something more avant-garde? Gucci shocked the crowd last year with its provocative SS20/21 show featuring some pretty outlandish makeup. One of the most surreal looks from the show was the “Gucci brow” created by the brand’s head makeup artist, Thomas de Kluyver. Multiple layers of false lashes were used to frame the entire eye area.

To make the look more palatable for every day, take it down a notch by affixing fake lashes just on the brows. First, make sure the brows are cleansed, toned, and brushed. Be sure to use a non-toxic and washable glue stick. Before the layer of glue dries completely, comb back brow hairs using a spoolie. Once the glue is dried, conceal the area with foundation. Apply lash glue along the bottom of your lash bone, and adhere a strip of false lashes over it. Link up another strip for a more encircling effect, and lightly press the lashes in place!

Pro tip: Double up on the gluing stage if your brows are naturally long and thick. Make sure that the first layer has completely dried before applying another layer!


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