Small Talk: Haruharu WONDER Face Creams (Cup Type)

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The YesStylists have tried a gamut of K-Beauty products, from sheet masks to lip tints on Small Talk. This time, the editors turn their eyes to Haruharu WONDER and its award-winning products. Haruharu, which means “every day” in Korean, wants to be part of consumers’ everyday lives with fun and efficacious skin care.

We’re trying the brand’s face creams, which come in cute packaging inspired by disposable coffee cups. The five different formulations give skin a wake-up call and an energy boost. Scroll down and read all about which cuppa suits our different skin types and concerns!

Haruharu WONDER face cream small talk


EditorSkin TypeCreamIngredientsBenefits


OilyHoney Green Brilliant CreamGreen tea, honey extract, niacinamideBrightening, repairs skin


Dry + SensitiveMaqui Berry Anti-Oxidant CreamMaqui berry extract, niacinamide, adenosineBrightening, anti-aging
SarahCombinationHoney Green Aqua Bomb CreamGreen tea, honey extractMoisturizing, repairs skin
MelanieCombinationBlack Rice Hyaluronic CreamBlack rice extract, hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oilMoisturizing, anti-aging
AgnesCombinationHoney Green Repairative CreamGreen tea, honey extract, adenosineAnti-aging, repairs skin


Dianne: OMG guys~~ I love these cute little cups! I saw that Michelle reviewed Haruharu WONDER’S egg-shaped face cream and was shooook that Haruharu WONDER’s face creams come in even cuter packaging!

Melanie: I love how they are in the shape of a coffee cup!

Agnes: I absolutely love the packaging as well. It reminds me of a nice cuppa Joe 🙂 My all-time fave beverage, ha!

Sarah: It even has the little hole on the lid to perfectly imitate a coffee cup 😂.

Agnes: It’s reusable, too. 😉

Sarah: I saw on the site that you can separate the inner and outer layers, and use the outer cup to house stationery, plants, beauty tools, etc.!

Melanie: I’m gonna keep mine to use as a pencil holder.

Zoe: It’ll be a while until I finish the product inside 😂 but it’ll be a cute pencil pot. <3

Dianne: LOL. I was just gonna say the same thing, Zoe! I want to reuse it as a planter, but there’s a lot in the cup and Idk when I can finish it!

Zoe: I’ve been using it twice daily for almost three weeks now and I only dented 1/5 of the cup.

Dianne: Do you guys use the spatula that comes with it?

Agnes: I didn’t, but I think I’ll put it to good use when I reach the end!

Melanie: Idk if it’s just me but I think the spatula is kinda short and it can’t reach the bottom.

Dianne: I think so too, but I like how it makes applying cream hygienic. It would’ve been great if the packaging had somewhere to store the spatula, but is that asking too much? The packaging is already so cute 😂.

Zoe: I used the spatula every time. :O It reminds me of the ones I used to eat kid-sized yogurts with 😂, but I think the amount it picks up is just enough to cover my whole face and a bit of my neck too!

Dianne: Yes! I think it provides the perfect amount! Plus I love how each cup has a unique design and logo on the front tho Idk what it means 😂. Appaz this skin care line won a design award~~

Zoe: :O the packaging is defo innovative for skin care.

Dianne: It’s safe to say all of us are suckers for good packaging lol (xd). I’m glad the Honey Green Brilliant Cream I tried was actually really nice too.


Dianne: Mine had a pretty strong floral fragrance which was the only thing I didn’t like about it. I caught a whiff of Zoe’s and it had a pretty similar scent!

Zoe: I found both the texture and scent of my Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant Cream to be like a fruity yogurt 😂. The scent is a nice touch to end my skin care routine, both in the AM and PM. <3

Agnes: I tried the Honey Green Repairative Cream and thought the scent was very subtle. The green tea was there, but it was very lightly scented. The texture was very lightweight as well.

Sarah: I tried the Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream and the fragrance was actually one of my favorite things about it! It’s sweet, subtle and refreshing, and reminded me of honey lemon cough drops (inlove).

Melanie: My Black Rice Hyaluronic Cream has a light lavender scent and it gradually faded after a few minutes 👌. The texture was not too heavy for me.

Dianne: Sarah, your cream had a really nice color too! Was it gel-like or creamy?

Sarah: It was very bouncy but still lightweight! Kind of like a translucent, jiggly pudding.

Agnes: That’s the perfect way to describe it 😂. Mine was just like that! I’m happy that it smoothly glided onto my skin.

Zoe: I like how refreshingly dewy the cream is on skin, tho not quite moisturizing enough for me right now. My skin is feeling a little tight lately coz of the change of season. The cream absorbed too quickly into my dry skin 😭.

Sarah: Ahh Zoe, I totally agree! I loved that it was so quickly absorbed and gave a non-sticky, cooling finish, but even though it’s called an Aqua Bomb Cream, my skin didn’t really feel moisturized in the morning 😭.

Agnes: Yeah, I thought the cream wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin. I felt my skin getting a bit taut afterwards.

Melanie: Then I think you should give the Black Rice line a try! Maybe the products are more moisturizing than the Honey Green range.


Dianne: Sarah, your cream is supposed to “repair” skin too, like the one I’m using~~

Sarah: Yah, it’s formulated with green tea fermented with natural honey to moisturize, brighten and repair damaged skin! I didn’t notice immediate differences in brightness but my skin felt soothed and nourished. Did you experience any repairing effects with yours?

Dianne: Mine DEFINITELY brightened my skin after only two weeks of use! I had a lot of healing on acne spots too − I saw them heal pretty quickly~~ Idk if I can attribute that to the face cream but the green tea extract helped in soothing my skin 😍.

Zoe: I’m jelly. :O Mine is anti-aging, but like all anti-aging products, it’ll take a while before I notice any significant improvements.

Dianne: Girl, Idk why you’re always using anti-aging products! What extract did yours have? I remember you saying there was an illustration of an onion?!

Zoe: It’s maqui berry. I had to look it up XD. It’s a kind of wineberry 😂 naturally rich in flavonoids and polyphenols.

Agnes: Mine is also infused with adenosine and supposed to be for anti-aging and improving skin wrinkles, but I didn’t see results on that end. I mean, I don’t have many wrinkles to work on at the moment. LUCKILY 😅.

Melanie: The Black Rice Hyaluronic Cream retains hydration with infused hyaluronic acid and safflower oil, so it has a thicker consistency than the other creams! Zoe, you can try this one next time?

Zoe: I’ll defo try and give that a go in future 😂. What other effects does it have?

Melanie: It has anti-oxidizing properties and brightens skin tone 🤩.

Zoe: 👌 Aite, adding it to my wishlist 😂.


Sarah: I saw that the creams contain a patented technology to deliver active ingredients deep into skin to aid absorption! I guess that’s what makes them extra efficacious (stareyes).

Dianne: Oooh, no wonder! My skin absorbed it pretty quickly even tho my skin is super oily! Most creams usually sit on top of my skin 😭.

Agnes: It’s great that the creams are mostly lightweight, but since they absorb quickly, I didn’t think it was enough to keep my face moisturized throughout the day. :/

Dianne: I’m shocked it didn’t keep your skin moisturized! My T-zone was oily by midday lmaooo 😂 #oilyskinproblems.

Agnes: I have combination skin, but I found my skin felt a bit tight. I might double the amount I put on.

Zoe: I used mine as a daytime moisturizer before putting on makeup. By midday, I noticed that my makeup didn’t adhere as well as it used to before I switched to this cream. Or maybe it’s just the changing season that’s making my skin less able to retain moisture (think).

Sarah: I actually felt that the moisturizing effects of my cream were more long-lasting during the day compared to at night. Maybe because my mask keeps it all trapped in 😂 so it makes my skin feel nice and supple throughout the day.

Melanie: It worked well for me as a nighttime cream but I wouldn’t use it as a daytime moisturizer coz it leaves a slightly greasy finish…

Sarah: Maybe you should try mine then! It has a barely-there finish so it’s perfect for the day.


Dianne: Is this a repurchase for you guys? Or is this the last cuppa you’ll be using 😂?

Agnes: I definitely want to try the Black Rice Hyaluronic Cream since Melanie made it sound quite moisturizing! (happyeyes) But I wanna get the egg-shaped version, hehe.

Melanie: Gogogogogo!! The shape is really cute and you can bring it to work.

Zoe: I’m defo more intrigued in the one Melanie tried! I’ll probs get that after I finish my current one 😂. The Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant Cream might be more suited for my skin during late spring or early summer. I love both the scent and the dewy finish.

Sarah: I’ll definitely finish mine cause I love the smell and texture, but I don’t think it’s as moisturizing as other creams I’ve tried… so sadly I prob won’t be repurchasing. 🙁

Agnes: I’ll finish mine as well, but I’ll probably try increasing the amount I put on my face!

Melanie: I also wanna give the Honey Green face creams a try!!! I’m a green tea fan 😍.

Dianne: I wanna try Sarah’s Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream too! Love the color and texture.

Sarah: The green tea extract makes it soothing and gentle! I’d recommend it for those with oilier skin.

Dianne: I’d recommend the face cream I tried, the Honey Green Brilliant Cream, to anyone who wants to soothe and brighten skin. I guarantee its efficacy tho it’s a bit heavy on the scent.

Melanie: If you guys finished your creams, can you give them to me HAHAHA! I wanna collect them all coz of the cute packaging (inlove).

Agnes: LOL, for sure, but that’s IF I get a second cup.

Sarah: Hahaha, I’m imagining a row of them lined up at your work desk, Melanie! But yes, whoever wants mine can have it.

Zoe: I think we’re all too attached to our own cup 😂.

Agnes: I wanna keep mine too. <3

EditorSkin TypeCreamFinal Verdict


OilyHoney Green Brilliant Cream★★★★


Dry + SensitiveMaqui Berry Anti-Oxidant Cream★★★★
SarahCombinationHoney Green Aqua Bomb Cream★★★
MelanieCombinationBlack Rice Hyaluronic Cream★★★★
AgnesCombinationHoney Green Repairative Cream★★★


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