Quench Skin Thirst with MAXCLINIC’s Pro Hyaluron Skin Care Line

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Spring and summer call for cleansers that’ll leave skin feeling clean and refreshed. This is where MAXCLINIC’s Pro Hyaluron skin care line comes in! The set includes the Pro Hyaluron Eye & Lip Makeup Remover, Pro Hyaluron Cleansing Foam and Pro Hyaluron Peeling Gel. The repeated mentions of “hyaluronic acid” on each product caught my attention as this well-known skin care ingredient is excellent in retaining moisture to give skin that youthful plumpness. I’m a sucker for anything that can quench my thirsty skin, so I was keen to try out all three products.

Did my skin stay plump and hydrated throughout my trial? Read on to find out!

Pro Hyaluron Eye & Lip Makeup Remover

What it claims:

The double-layered makeup remover contains eight types of hyaluronic acid to replenish skin moisture while thoroughly removing waterproof makeup around the delicate eye area with olive oil. 

My take:

I am very picky when it comes to eye makeup removers, and this one really checked all my boxes! It consists of an oil layer and a water layer that mix into one when shaken. I love these kinds of eye makeup removers, as oil and water make a powerful duo to get rid of all makeup. I also noticed that the olive oil helped hydrate and moisturize during the cleansing process, leaving a slight sheen after swiping. The most impressive thing was that it removed even the most stubborn of eye makeup including waterproof mascara. One to two swipes were enough to dislodge all the dirt and makeup on my eyes and lips. I highly recommend this even to those with heavy eye makeup. You’ll be impressed with the results!

One piece of advice when using any dual-phase eye makeup remover is to BE PATIENT! Leave the cotton pad on the eye area for 20-30 seconds to allow the ingredients to react with the makeup before swiping. Also, don’t rub! Not only does it hurt the skin, it’s actually less effective in getting rid of eye makeup. If the makeup hasn’t completed melted, fold the cotton pad and use the clean side to wipe again.

Pro Hyaluron Cleansing Foam

What it claims: 

This moisturizing cleansing foam rids skin of impurities while retaining its moisture with 11 types of hyaluronic acid. It’s also infused with coconut-derived surfactant and eight types of probiotics to boost skin elasticity.

My take:

This cleansing foam is a good second-step cleanser for a thorough cleanse. It works best right after using the eye and lip makeup remover. Just like any other cleansing foam, it has a creamy paste texture and lathers up into soft foam when mixed with water. It doesn’t require much of the product to create rich lather, so a little goes a long way! Packed with hyaluronic acid, it deeply cleansed my skin while providing and sealing in moisture. After rinsing it off, my face didn’t feel taut, and I grew to appreciate the refreshing feel post-cleansing. My skin became a bit brighter and bouncier after using it a few times.

I was intrigued that the product contains coconut-derived surfactant as I haven’t noticed this ingredient in my other skin care products. Its benefits include moisturizing the skin, reducing inflammation and promoting healing of wounds with its antibacterial properties. The most noticeable effect would probably be wound healing because my tiny acne scars have faded.

Pro Hyaluron Peeling Gel

What it claims: 

This multifunctional peeling gel is formulated with PHA and papain for gentle exfoliation; bamboo water to soothe and hydrate skin; and a rich blend of eight layers of hyaluronic acid, mineral water, bifida ferment lysate and beta glucan for moisturizing, anti-bacterial and anti-aging benefits. 

My take:

At first I confused peeling gels with peeling masks and was looking forward to the satisfying experience of peeling it off, but peeling gels are actually used like an “eraser” after cleansing to exfoliate skin.

In terms of texture, this has a lightweight and watery consistency, and it came out just like water. When I massaged it on my face, it felt like a burst of hydration. Then I noticed the small sugar-like granules rubbing against my face, presumably for deep exfoliation. This is my least favorite out of the three products, because I’m not a fan of scrubs. That aside, the nice blend of moisturizing ingredients kept it gentle and didn’t cause irritation to my skin. 

Final Verdict

The Pro Hyaluron Eye & Lip Makeup remover is hands down the best among the three and I’ll definitely repurchase! I can’t stop praising what an amazing job it does in removing all makeup with just a few gentle swipes – I’m not exaggerating! The Pro Hyaluron Cleansing Foam and Peeling Gel worked great together to deeply cleanse my skin. Perfect for my pre-bedtime ritual, they were gentle and didn’t strip my skin of its natural oils. They’re also wonderful in smoothing out my skin. Overall, my skin is plumper, brighter and free of dry patches.

This line is a great option for hot and humid summers. They provide a boost of hydration while remaining super lightweight on skin. The fragrance-free formulas of all three products are particularly suitable for anyone with sensitive and dehydrated skin. They also feature ingredients with anti-aging and antibacterial abilities. If you want products that provide sufficient hydration and other benefits, MAXCLINIC’s Pro Hyaluron skin care line is a great bet!

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