Spring Makeup Trends to Try Based on Your Sign (Part One)

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Makeup is seeing a huge comeback amidst social distancing and the new norm of wearing a face mask wherever we go. Perhaps it’s because I just binge-watched two seasons of Glow Up on Netflix, but it reminded me how fun and mood-boosting makeup can be. So why not have some fun with makeup again, starting this spring!

Here are some refreshing 2021 makeup looks to try this season, as inspired by current trends and styles spotted during Fashion Week! All these looks can be achieved without a full face of foundation. Whether you’re aiming to rock fierce eyes while wearing a face mask, play up your WFH look, or turn heads on Zoom, get started with these makeup looks, even if they’re not assigned to your sign.

Pisces: Just-Kissed Lips

The freshly kissed look can be executed as smudged or stained lips. If you’re going for a matte finish, pick up a velvety lippie and apply it over the lips with an eye shadow crease brush. This type of brush comes slightly fanned out, and its feather-soft bristles are perfect for creating an instant blurry effect around the edges of your lips. For more control over the lip lines, use a smaller lip brush to blend out the edges and achieve a refined blurring effect.

The stained lip gives off a bitten lip look with only a hint of color, and it can be done in both matte and gloss finishes. It’s easier to use a lippie with a doe-foot applicator, and lightly stain the inner center of your pout before blending the edges with your finger or brush. For a glossy look, simply swipe a layer of clear gloss over the previous step, and voila!

Pro tip: The key to applying the lippie is to start from the inner lips, and then slowly blend out to the outer lips to achieve a smudged look that looks natural without being messy.

Aries: Colorful Brows

Colorful makeup doesn’t just apply to lips and lids. Bold colors always catch attention, and it’s time to venture into new territory – your eyebrows! Take a break from your favorite red lippie. Colorful brows work best over a plain canvas, especially if you want a more wearable day-to-day look.

For a chic boy-brow look, pick a colorful mascara of your choice and brush it along your brow hairs. Need more color? Grab your favorite matte eye shadow (the more vivid the color payoff, the better) and fill in the brows using an angled eyeliner brush.

Pro tip: If you have dark hair, opt for dark-toned hues like violet, teal and blue. Lighter hues sit on top of your natural hairs, which will give off more clownish vibes than a quirky, edgy look. To make lighter colors work for you, prime your brows with a concealer beforehand.

Taurus: Slept-In Smoky Eyes

The smoked-out eye shadow emulates a slept-in look that gives off just the right amount of slouchy, sexy city girl vibes. As seen on the catwalks of Isabel Marant, this look won’t take away from the rest of your outfit, but rather heightens it with effortlessly blasé and realistic flair.

To nail the perfectly undone, slept-in smoky eye, always prime the eyelids with a concealer. Blending the concealer with your fingertips is recommended, as it allows the formula to adhere closely to skin and create a natural-looking finish. Lightly dust your choice of eye shadow over your lids using an eye shadow brush, and blend it out as much as possible. Pick up a small eye shadow brush for the under-eye, and smudge it out. To finish, tightline your waterlines with an eye pencil. Add a few swipes of mascara and you’re all set!

Pro tip: Use your fingertips as opposed to a brush to blend and smudge out the eye shadow for a lived-in effect. When dealing with the under-eye area, use your ring finger as it has the lightest pressure.

Gemini: Feeling Blue

Geminis love to challenge social norms, so of course they won’t settle for the usual spring color palette. From pastel to cobalt to deep navy, there’s a whole spectrum of blues out there and there’s bound to be one that works for you. For that extra personal touch, incorporate various shades of blue into your eye makeup to express your dualistic personality.

Try a soft glam look by playing up the intensity of your favorite blue eye shadow! Start with a thin layer of eye shadow and blend it out. With an angled eye shadow brush, go over the upper and lower lash lines to add depth and dimension.

Pro tip: Need something more low-key for the everyday? Keep the rest of your face fairly plain, and let your lashes be the center of attention with a few swipes of blue mascara.

Cancer: Glitter Freckles

Face and body glitter aren’t new, but nothing fits the bill to cure your Coachella blues like glitter freckles. Always prep skin with a hydrating primer and sunscreen beforehand. When planning your look, don’t reach for a glue stick out of convenience. A glitter primer for skin may not be as widely available, but there are plenty of skin-friendly alternatives you can use. A clear lip balm does the job and won’t irritate your skin!

On to the fun bit: choose your preferred glitter and apply them as you please. Large pieces are easier to affix to skin, and you’ll have better control over how you want to shape your freckles. Small flecks, on the other hand, are fiddlier, so be sure to keep a pair of tweezers at hand.

Pro tip: A glittery lip balm as primer adds extra shimmer that will shine beautifully under light. Alternatively, apply a bit of highlight over the cheeks if you’re using a transparent lip balm as primer.

Leo: Colorful Graphic Liner

Bored of black eyeliners? This impactful graphic liner look is the answer to a Leo’s love for self-expression! It’s easier to execute than expected! Let out your inner child and get creative with colors, shapes and lines – your eyelids are your canvas and there’s no right or wrong way to do this.

When choosing the eyeliner, pencil or gel formulas are more suited for beginners. These two types tend to glide nicely on skin, and are relatively easy to control. Brush-tip eyeliners require more precision but are great for creating intricate designs. If you have mono lids, draw elongated winged lines above your creases to create the illusion of a prominent double eyelid and add depth to eyes. You don’t always have to draw lines – get creative with shapes, patterns or whatever design that is unapologetically you.

Pro tip: Keep a cotton bud soaked with makeup remover at hand! Even if you don’t make mistakes, it’s great for cleaning up edges so that your lines look sharp and pristine.




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