Everyday Makeup with VT X SORN’s “Don’t Waste My Time” Signature Box

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Best known for its BTS and BT21 makeup and skin care goodies, VT is back with yet another K-pop collab. This time, it’s with CLC’s Sorn! The Thai singer is also a social media star with a TikTok account boasting 1.3 million followers, as well as her own YouTube channel Produsorn. Though Sorn has a range of solo activities under her belt, the SORN Signature Box is her first foray into beauty.

Sold exclusively at YesStyle, the makeup box is sassily titled “Don’t Waste My Time,” which is spelled out in a newspaper-cutout style on the box. The pink and rose gold packaging will surely make the girly-girl in you swoon. It contains three products for creating an everyday makeup look: a lipstick, a mono eye shadow and a  two-in-one primer-mascara.

Although it’s been ages since I’ve put on a full face of makeup due to COVID, as a K-pop fan, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to try out this limited-edition release! I was also drawn to the luxe yet fun packaging and the wearable shades of the collection. Read on for a full review of VT X Sorn’s Signature Box!

Dear Lip Stick

The Dear Lip Stick, which comes in Coral Pink, is described as having a soft, lightweight satin texture that glides evenly onto lips for smudge-proof and non-flakey wear. It offers a clear and natural shine.

I love the sleek pink magnetic case that opens and closes smoothly. The lipstick’s color has deep brown undertones and is a more subdued and elegant shade than its name suggests. Although I found the shade flattering, I wasn’t a big fan of its rather drying formula. The color went on in  patchy fashion and was unforgiving on any cracks and fine lines on my lips. I  recommend prepping your lips with a balm before use.

Mood Shadow

The Mood Shadow comes in Pink Quartz, a sparkly light pink shade dotted with fine silver pearls. It brightens the eyes and gives off a romantic mood. The thin and light texture melts into skin, making it suitable for layered application.

It comes in sleek magnetic packaging fitted with a mirror for on-the-go application, as well as “Sorn” lettering embossed in the eye shadow itself for a distinctive touch. Like the lipstick, the color of the eye shadow is quite muted with purple-gray undertones. Not only is the color not very pigmented, but the glitter is also quite subtle, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally packing on too much. It’s highly buildable and gives off a fresh, lovely feeling. If you’re new to eye shadow or not one to incorporate lots of color into your makeup, this understated choice is a great place to start. I only wish that it came with a brush, which would make application more convenient.

Primer Fixer & Perm Mascara

The Primer Fixer & Perm Mascara is a two-in-one product that offers volumizing, lengthening and curling effects. Formulated with wax ingredients, the primer keeps lashes firmly coated to maintain long-lasting curls. The black mascara’s lightweight gel formula doesn’t clump or flake, creating the look of deep, dramatic eyes.

I don’t usually use mascara because I find that the ones I’ve tried – no matter how long-lasting they claim to be – leave messy-looking flakes under my eyes by the end of the day. Because it’s one extra step to add to the makeup routine, I tend to be too lazy to use primer. As such, I found this innovative two-in-one design caters to minimalists like me. It’ll streamline my makeup bag for overnight outings, vacations and even daily touch-ups!

The primer was easy to use and great at helping the mascara go on more smoothly. The only thing to note is to be careful not to apply too many coats, as it can leave small white clumps at the tips of lashes if you’re too heavy-handed. I was impressed with the mascara, as it was extremely effective in elongating and lifting my lashes, while defining each lash in a non-spidery, natural-looking finish. Using the primer and mascara together increased wear time and kept my mascara on neatly all day without feeling uncomfortable. However, its highly adhesive formula made it slightly difficult to take off.

Final Thoughts

Of the three products, I was underwhelmed by the lipstick due to its drying formula. The eye shadow has definitely found its place among my regular eye makeup rotation, as I love how it adds a rosy glow to my face. Although I personally still find mascara too high maintenance for day-to-day wear, I’ll be reaching for the long-lasting Primer Fixer & Perm Mascara on special occasions when I  want my eyes to pop.

If you’re a fan of CLC or Sorn, you can’t miss out on this limited-edition makeup kit. Not only does it make for a highly aesthetic collectible, but the three pieces are also ideal for creating an effortlessly cohesive look. You’ll be able to look put-together with just one makeup box. Since the individual products are so versatile, you can also mix and match them with your existing makeup to create new looks!

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