BTS’s Suga: The Man in Black

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BTS member Min Yoon-gi is more commonly known as Suga, a stage name he credits to Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO. The rapper and basketball fan has also said in interviews that his stage name is a portmanteau for shooting guard, his basketball position. In 2016, he added another alias to his list when he debuted as a solo artist under the name Agust D.

BTS is full of fashionistas, from fellow Daegu native V – a walking luxury fashion catalog – to e-boy poster child Jungkook. Suga, on the other hand, prefers the minimalist style. The star’s looks are not as loud as his bandmates, but they still clearly communicate his personality and make him stand out.

BTS Suga Main Illustration

The Modern Day Danny Zuko

Suga has a minimal color palette when he’s off stage. The star is often spotted in a white T-shirt, black skinny jeans and a classic biker jacket, like a modern day Danny Zuko. The pieces he wears are often tailored to fit his build, giving his look a very smooth, polished finish.

Eschewing the oversized trend, Suga’s white cotton tee and pleather jacket fit just right to sit snugly around his shoulders. The rapper usually tucks his tee into ripped skinny jeans with an ankle-length cut.

Seriously Black

BTS is a close-knit group, and you can see it in the way their fashion choices often overlap. Like fellow rapper RM, Suga totes around a carryall in between schedules. I chose one made from black faux leather to match his jacket.

For headwear, I went with a simple black baseball cap subtly embroidered with “youth” in contrasting white on the side of the brim. Countless BTS songs contain heartfelt lyrics for and about youth, a theme they also touched on in their  speeches at the United Nations in 2018 and 2020. Like many ARMYs (BTS fans), I’m excited to watch Youth, a TV series based on the group’s path to stardom slated to be released sometime this year!

One of my favorite aspects of Suga’s style is his shocking choice of footwear. The idol’s outfits are usually clean-cut and chic, so seeing him in comfy sandals makes him stand out to me! I selected black sandals designed with thick rubber soles and buckled thick straps for a snug grip.

Silver Accessories

While Suga’s outfits are simple, his accessories add flavor, even if they don’t stray far from his monochrome palette. Like other BTS members, Suga wears earrings but his are a lot bigger. He opts for large hoops earrings and wears multiple pairs at a time.

I accessorized the idol in two pairs of silver earrings in small and large designs for a subtle, unique touch. A chunky chain necklace in the same silver tone adds that hip-hop vibe.

It’s time to say goodbye. After covering stylish K-pop idols for over two years, this 52nd Style Files blog post is the last one. Take a look at all the past Style Files below!


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