Brand Spotlight: peripera

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With its candy-colored aesthetic and emphasis on girlish glamor, peripera has taken the K-Beauty world by storm since its 2006 debut as part of Clio Cosmetics. Now firmly established as one of Generation Z’s most beloved K-Beauty brands, peripera continues to revolutionize the scene with its winning formulas, playful packaging and bold makeup looks.

Lip tint addicts will love the brand’s extensive and deliciously colored selection, which offers finishes ranging from the intense to the sheer. The bestselling Ink The Velvet delivers a bold, richly pigmented matte, while Ink Airy Velvet, which won the Pink Liquid Lips Award at the Allure 2017 Best of Beauty Awards, offers a relatively lightweight but no less arresting finish. Ink Tint Serum, peripera’s take on the classic lip gloss, delivers juiciness with none of the stickiness. Infused with ingredients ranging from hyaluronic acid to ceramide, all the lip tints come with distinct moisturizing and nourishing benefits.

For major dazzle, indulge in peripera’s eye makeup range. It includes essentials like Ink Color Cara, a heavy-duty mascara available in eight shades, and more dramatic fare such as Sugar Twinkle Liquid Shadow, a glittery eye shadow with a holographic finish, and All Take Mood Palette, an eight-color eye shadow palette combining multiple formulations. From date-night-friendly to club-ready, peripera’s dreamy selection has something for everyone.

The brand’s ever-expanding foray into base makeup, skin care and sun care, meanwhile, is all about creating a total look for the “peripera girl,” whose confidence, fun-loving nature and chic style set her apart from the pack.

Legendary Lip Makeup: Ink The Velvet

Newcomers to the peripera aesthetic should try the iconic Ink The Velvet, which has the longest-lasting and most intense finish amongst all the brand’s lip tints. With a creamy, buildable formula that glides on effortlessly to produce a matte and smudge-proof finish, Ink The Velvet comes in 13 shades, including pink, burgundy and multiple variations of red ranging from the cute to the vampy. Not only does the formula effectively smooth out lip wrinkles, it also keeps lips hydrated with a mix of jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen. What’s more, the brand’s distinctive dropper-bottle-style packaging is the stuff girly dreams are made of.

New to the line are three exhilarating shades: Inkrush Orange, Beauty Peak Rose and Heart Fuchsia Pink. An intense orange, a low-key coral pink and a vivid fuchsia, they’re subtle spins on classic peripera colors. Inkrush Orange comes with an extra hint of red, Beauty Peak Rose offers a distinctively mellowed-out lip look, and Heart Fuchsia Pink is the perfect showstopper for girls with cool-toned skin.

Whether you’re going for a full-on or gradated lip look, Ink The Velvet will give you the kissable lips you deserve.

Mesmerizing Eye Makeup: All Take Mood Palette

Offering eight luscious shades in matte, shimmery and glittery formulations, the brand’s bestselling All Take Mood Palette comes in four color combinations running the gamut from warm and rosy to cool and elegant. Finely milled powders in a soft, pearlized texture combine with highly pigmented colors to create eye makeup looks that last all day. Designed for “one-take” application − meaning a single palette can create a total look − the selection comes in snazzily colored single-file packaging that fits conveniently into makeup pouches.

Each eye shadow palette in the series evokes a distinctive mood. Mood Breathing features natural-looking browns that are perfect for everyday looks. Lala Coralmingo impresses with girlish pink and coral colors. Muteful Rose’s subtle pinks and muted browns provide a sophisticated touch to eye makeup looks, while Burnt Breeze’s warm reddish browns offer high glam appeal.

Whether you’re aiming for soft and pretty or disco-ready looks, these palettes – together with the rest of peripera’s delectable makeup range − will help you make immediate impact!

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