How to Sync Your Skin Routine with Your Menstrual Cycle

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Do pimples always appear just before your period? Hormonal breakouts are a pain. Even women who aren’t usually affected by acne may get pesky spots, a loss of glow or agitated skin due to hormonal changes.

We’re used to choosing products that suit our skin type and concerns, but has the idea of tweaking your skin routine in accordance to your menstrual cycle ever crossed your mind? Everyone’s cycle may vary slightly, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll use the 28-day cycle. You can also try adapting your routine to the lunar cycle to help balance your body and mind.

Aside from the many discomforts and inconveniences that accompany Aunty Flow’s monthly visit, your skin suffers from a lack of nutrients and moisture as estrogen levels decline during the menstruation phase. This is also when skin may look the most lackluster. For those with sensitive skin, your skin may be extra irritated and prone to redness during this week, so it’s best to opt for gentle, soothing and hydrating products.

What should you use? Switch to a milder, fragrance-free cleanser like make p:rem’s Safe Me. Relief Moisture Cleansing Milk for a gentle cleanse. Serums can be layered on for a boost, depending on how your skin feels each day. Try a hydrating and calming serum like Abib’s Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump!

Don’t go shy on the moisturizers – your skin needs all the nourishment it can get! Ingredients such as avocado oil and honey extracts are great for nourishing dry skin and strengthening weak skin. BOTANIC FARM’s Avocado Honey Rich Water Balm Cream offers all of these benefits. Alternatively, put on a calming sheet mask like one from I’m SORRY For MY SKIN to conclude your skin regimen!

This is when your skin is on its best behavior, as your body is building up high levels of estrogen in preparation for ovulation. But it’s no time to relax and skip skin care steps. Implement products that are anti-aging or brightening to maintain the glowing goodness!

What should you use? Toner pads are non-disruptive and convenient products to incorporate into any routine. . A’PIEU’s Vitamin AC Pads are soaked in a vitamin-rich formula that boasts fantastic skin-brightening effects while wiping away sebum and dead skin cells. A concentrated essence also works well as a toner-step substitute. The Truffle Water Essence from jenny house is packed with fermented black truffle extract to invigorate collagen production, leaving skin smooth, plump and glowy.

Supercharge skin with a revitalizing wash-off pack! JUMISO’s All Day Vitamin Nourishing & Recharging Wash-Off Mask is formulated with radiance-boosting lemon peel and Multi-Vitamin Complex to provide skin with plenty of nutrients. Have a busy schedule? A handy mist is a must! Combining a hydrating mist with a peptide serum, PESTLO’s Peptide O2 Serum Mist instantly freshens skin and boosts glow and bounce.

During this phase, your progesterone level rises, and so does sebum production. As skin’s oil glands become more active, you may notice more visible pores, oilier skin and – gasp! – pimples. This is the time to amp up your cleansing game. In order to maintain optimal oil-water levels for balanced skin, it’s important to cleanse thoroughly and rehydrate your skin properly.

What should you use? To help prevent and combat acne, opt for a hypoallergenic cleansing foam that sloughs away sebum and unclogs pores without leaving your skin feeling tight. IM’UNNY’s Mild Face Cleansing Foam EX contains plant-based derivatives to reinvigorate skin, while added ceramide water strengthens moisture retention. GRAYMELIN’s Grain Peeling Pad is packed with AHA and BHA to gently exfoliate, as well as grain extracts to replenish skin with nutrients and promote a healthy complexion

Take pore care up a notch with AXIS – Y’s Mugwort Pore Clarifying Wash Off Pack. This skin-purifying mask is formulated with mugwort extract to dissolve impurities, dirt and sebum. For those troubling pimples, a spot treatment like the Purifyng S.O.S Spot Gel from IWLT will work wonders on relieving irritated areas with a cooling touch.


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