SHINee’s Experimental Streetwear and Military-Inspired Fashion in “Don’t Call Me”

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With Onew, Key and Minho recently completing their military service, SHINee is finally back together for Don’t Call Me, the group’s first album since 2018’s The Story of Light. SHINee is known for performance-heavy tracks, intricate harmonies and synchronized dancing, and while Don’t Call Me delivers on all those fronts, it’s a sonic and thematic departure from their previous works.

The album’s same-titled lead single Don’t Call Me experiments with trap, EDM and hip-hop, and speaks words of warning to an obsessive ex-lover. The music video is relatively simple, set in an abandoned train station. Still, the members all get their dramatic solo moments, such as Minho’s red-lit room full of levitating chairs, Onew out in the rain with an umbrella, Key’s expansive ocean backdrop, and Taemin floating mid-air surrounded by floor-length swathes of translucent fabric.

The outfits also maintain SHINee’s colorful, high-fashion reputation, but with a darker and more mature twist. I’m going to focus on the two main outfits the members wear during the group dance sequences. Read on to recreate these looks!

Outfit #1

This first set of outfits draws inspiration from hip-hop-style streetwear. The looks feature bold colors, a whirlwind of patterns and patchwork, funky headwear, grungy footwear, and distressed and baggy silhouettes.


Key dons a landscape-print sweater that has been oh so trendy on Instagram lately. He layers a red fishnet top underneath and opts for a pair of blue lace-up shoes to further highlight the blue shade on his sweater. A pair of white jeans tones down the outfit’s loud colors but still keeps things street-style-apropos with the super distressed style. He completes the look with an eccentric tasseled black knit beanie for cozy yet fashion-forward vibes.


Continuing the blue and red color palette of Key’s outfit, Minho rocks his newly-dyed red hair and a patterned co-ord set in blue consisting of a collared zip-up jacket and matching pants. He layers a teal lettering turtleneck underneath and grounds the look in black accessories, notably lace-up boots with a ridged platform and fingerless gloves.


Taemin dons the same black lace-up platform boots as Minho, which match his simple black sweatshirt with white lettering. Nothing else about his outfit is subdued, including the off-white, drawing-print bomber jacket adorned with patches, as well as a tight-fitting pair of brown tie-dye pants. A set of stacked, chunky, gold-tone rings adds a sleek, elegant touch to his pattern-heavy outfit.


Also in red, Onew’s outfit carries a more athletic feel by incorporating a red lettering beanie-scarf and a pair of black and red sneakers. The rest of his outfit fits right in with the group’s overall look though: a black distressed knit sweater embellished with monochrome patchwork and a pair of drawcord-waist, paint-splattered pants for a splash of color.

Outfit #2

As the group is dancing on the abandoned train station set, the video transitions seamlessly into the second set of looks, which are more uniform. All four members wear dapper outfits featuring brown and mint hues. While brown is classic and mature, mint brings a fun, youthful energy that keeps these outfits unique. Their ensembles consist of button-up shirts, collared coats, trousers and berets, as well as a repeating spade motif for a military-inspired aesthetic.

For the base of the outfits, they opt for brown and mint sweaters. Key is clad in a brown open-knit sweater with mint strands braided throughout and a statement embroidered spade patch, while Taemin’s mint open-knit sweater comes with distressed hems. For bottoms, all four members wear gray-colored trousers. Of particular interest is Minho’s fitted faux leather pants and Taemin’s high-shine, slouchy satin pair.

The SHINee members are dressed in a variety of brown-toned outerwear for a posh, put-together mood. Over his mint turtleneck, Minho layers a brown faux leather button-up embellished with draped gold chains and brooches, while his preppy brown plaid blazer shows off his broad shoulders. Taemin’s dark brown, double-breasted long coat comes with a unique collar adorned with studs and gemstones. Lastly, Onew’s brown zip-up jacket is enlivened with allover embroidered spade patches and a contrasting mint-colored fleece collar.

For accessories, all four members wear black ankle boots with dangling chain detail. I picked out classic Chelsea boots to pair seamlessly with their choice of outerwear. Another piece worn by all four members is a black beret, although each hat is differentiated with decorations including beads, chains, medallions and pearls. Onew rocks a pearl-trim beret and a layered pearl necklace – a surprisingly feminine juxtaposition to the masculine air prevalent in this set of outfits. Finally, to complete the military-inspired aesthetic and complement the warm brown tones in their outfits, both Key and Taemin accessorize with layered gold necklaces consisting of a chunky chain and a coin pendant necklace.


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