Review of I’m from’s Gentle and Nourishing Rice-Infused Line

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As a fan of white rice, I find this staple of Asian cuisines most nourishing and satisfying, whether served in a bowl mixed with piping hot vegetables or shaped into onigiri. Interestingly, this ingredient also comes with powerful skin care benefits. Rice water, for instance, has been an integral part of skin care routines in South Korea, Japan and China since ancient times. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, rice comes with proven anti-aging benefits, on top of being a skin-soother. When integrated into a skin care routine, it can give troubled and sensitive skin a thorough detox and a re-energizing lift.

Due to the grain’s mighty capabilities – many people swear by the benefits of cleansing the face with rice water – I have high hopes for I’m from’s rice-infused line. As my skin still shows persistent signs of redness and roughness due to winter dryness and the effects of aging, I’m always on the lookout for an ultra-soothing regimen that can restore it to health. Formulated primarily with gaomi – a nutrient-rich rice from Yeonju, Korea – and designed for all skin types, this vegan-friendly line comprising of toner, serum, moisturizing cream and wash-off mask appears to be exactly what I need. The swoon-worthy glass packaging, which is rendered in a color palette of cream and beige, also makes trialing this selection a no-brainer.

Will my fatigued skin experience a revival after four weeks of dedicated usage? Read on to find out.

1. Rice Toner

What it Does: Containing 77.78% gaomi extract, this double-layered toner consisting of water and a rice-based emulsion is designed to prep and moisturize skin for a glowing, wrinkle-free finish. The peptide-rich formulation comes with extra perks for skin: fighting sun damage and fending off external aggressors.

What i thought: At first, I was doubtful about its hydrating properties due to its milky appearance, but I was immediately proven wrong. This toner gave my skin the moisturizing boost it needed on a winter’s day, and a subtly plumped-up appearance that lasted until the next day! To my delight, it didn’t have an overpowering scent, just the faintest whiff of rice-based sweetness. While its brightening and anti-aging effects were not pronounced – my face still showed signs of sallowness and sagginess throughout the period of usage – I believe continued usage would reap concrete rewards. Overall, on the basis of its hydrating powers alone, this is a bona fide winner.

2. Rice Serum

What it does: Infused with 73% fermented rice embryo, which contains a mix of lipids called gamma oryzano for soothing skin and combating aging, this powerful serum promotes a long-lasting glow. Additional ingredients niacinamide and hyaluronic acid improve clarity and keep moisture levels high.

What I thought: Gently nourishing rather than heavy-hitting, this milk-colored serum spreads easily over skin to provide a steady boost of nutrients and hydration. It worked well with the rest of the routine in promoting softer, plumper-looking skin. However, I felt it could’ve packed more power. Perhaps I was hoping for more dramatic results, but I experienced no marked changes in terms of skin brightness. Despite failing to deliver a significant glow – it probably requires more time to see this effect – the serum is still a solid performer that left my skin feeling calm and more settled by the end of the trial.

3. Rice Cream

What it does: Featuring 41% rice bran ceramide – a type of ceramide extracted from the husk of rice grains – this soothing, lightweight cream promises moisturization as well as fortification of the skin barrier. What’s more, the phytic acid found in rice bran claims to offer excellent sebum control.

What I thought: The Rice Cream is the skin care equivalent of a cuddle! The creamy texture and the silky, slightly matte finish was an absolute dream. Absorbing instantly into skin, it left no sticky residue and effectively locked in moisture while still allowing skin to breathe. I normally go for slightly rich creams during winter, but despite the Rice Cream’s lightweight formulation, only a dollop was required to experience its powerful hydrating benefits. Almost immediately after application, my skin felt smooth, supple and more refined!

4. Rice Mask

The Product: A wash-off mask filled with rice grains and rice powder to gently exfoliate and kick-start a skin care routine on the right note by unclogging pores, sloughing off dead skin cells and clarifying the complexion. Extra firming benefits come courtesy of high Vitamin B1 and B2 content.

Thoughts after usage: Being lazy, I usually prefer the easy pleasures of sheet masks. I’m also a bit apprehensive about physical exfoliants, which have proven to be too harsh for my sensitive skin in the past. However, this wash-off mask was a pleasant surprise. The rice grains were small enough not to aggravate, and the formula itself was exceedingly gentle. On the next day, I woke up to zero irritations and silky-smooth skin with pores that looked a tad smaller.

Final Verdict:

I’m from’s wholesome, naturally derived formulas live up to the phrase “simple but impactful.” My skin felt uber comfortable with this routine in a way that I’ve seldom experienced with a skin care line. All four products hit just right when it comes to rescuing and resetting my temperamental skin. The toner and the cream are now mainstays of my skin care cabinet, and I’m eager to use the rice mask once every weekend for a skin-clarifying boost. As for the serum, I’ll probably rotate it with a few of my current faves, including Dear Klairs’ Rich Moist Soothing Serum and mizon’s Hyaluronic Acid 100, for variety. While you shouldn’t expect miracle turnarounds from this line, especially if your skin is experiencing flare-ups, the rice-infused range can soothe and nourish in equal measure. The payoff is rich, though it may take a bit of patience to see the results!

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