PETITFEE CACAO Energizing Hydrogel Face Mask and Eye Mask Review

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Ever since I tried PETITFEE’s Chamomile and Agave Hydrogel Masks for Small Talk in 2019, I’ve been in love with hydrogel face masks. That’s why I needed to try the brand’s newest additions, the CACAO Energizing Hydrogel Face Mask and Eye Mask!

Main Ingredients: Both masks are infused with cacao extract to soothe and rejuvenate skin. Cacao seed, Brazil nut, pine seed and macadamia extracts were also added to help increase skin’s elasticity.

Petitfee Cacao Energizing Hydrogel Eye Mask

Despite it being called an eye mask, I often found myself applying it on other areas. I placed the patches on my neck and décolletage because those are areas I usually forget to moisturize, and they need some TLC too.

The hydrogel eye masks are incredibly soothing and hydrating. The tub contains 30 pairs of eye patches and a plastic spatula. Compared to sheet masks, these eye masks feel thinner, so you need the spatula to scoop them out. One thing to note is that the essence stays at the bottom of the container, so I stored the tub upside down to ensure that the masks are thoroughly soaked in essence.

Petitfee Cacao Energizing Hydrogel Mask

Like most hydrogel masks, the CACAO Energizing Hydrogel Masks comes in two separate pieces with notches near the forehead, nose and chin. You can easily affix them to the contours of your face, no matter the face shape. Each set comes with five masks and I used it once or twice a week. The face mask is  hydrating. After 20 minutes, my dehydrated skin soaked up the essence, and it didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky.

Final Verdict

Are these masks worth purchasing? Yes! I love hydrogel masks and this duo left my skin hydrated, smooth and vibrant. The eye masks are great not only for the eye area but also for the neck and forehead too. If you often find sheet masks ill-fitting, then let me give you a virtual high five, because I have the same issue. Hydrogel masks are a great solution if regular sheet masks don’t fit your face, and they supply much needed hydration to dehydrated skin.

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