Eye Makeup Tips to Look Alive and Awake

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It’s all in the eyes. In this era of face masks, the eyes have become all the more important in revealing our wellbeing, emotions and personalities. We shouldn’t downgrade our makeup even if half our face is covered with a mask. Rather, we should upgrade our eye makeup skills.

Read on to find out eye makeup tips to look awake and lively!

Dab on eye concealer
My makeup routine always includes a trusty eye concealer. As someone who wakes up to panda circles every morning, I cannot emphasize enough how important this step is. Eye concealer hides any discoloration around the eyes and can serve as a base for eye shadow, all in all brightening eyes and making them look more awake. To key is to use the correct color – a peachy color to cancel out dark circles and green veins, and yellow to erase blue and purplish veins. I normally go for a peachy liquid concealer that’s one shade lighter than my skin tone. Gently dab a small amount onto the under-eye area using the doe foot applicator before lightly patting in with the ring finger. That way, the concealer will stay put throughout the day.

Strong brow game
Many of our facial expressions come from the brows. Whether you have faint, sparse brows or thick, lush brows, precisely outlining and filling in your eyebrows guarantees a livelier look. To perfect your brows, line up your inner brow to the outer edge of your nostril. Continue to draw until you reach an imaginary line extending from the outer edge of your iris. This is where you can add an arch for a bold statement. End the brow line at a point that aligns with the outer edge of your eye. I prefer using an eyebrow pencil, which usually draws better and sits well on my skin. After filling in my brows, I use a spoolie to tame any unruly hair. If you crave something extra, experiment with eye-catching soap brows by scraping a spoolie against a soap bar and combing it upwards onto your brows to keep hairs up all day.

Color, color, color
A perfect way to let your personality shine through is to get creative with colorful eye shadow. Choose from a plethora of colors and textures, and feel free to mix and match. A color that contrasts with your eye color makes eyes pop. Neutrals, browns and dusty rose are great for blue eyes, whereas striking teals and subtle, moody reds bring out brown eyes. I like blending different shades together, starting with a light color on the inner part of my lids and adding a complementary dark color as I blend outward. Occasionally, I add some radiance using either glitter or highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes and under my brow bones.

Draw in eyeliner
Eyeliner adds definition and depth to eyes. I usually go for liquid liners to create a sleek and subtle look. Plus, I find them easier to apply than pencil liners. You can go bold or subtle by controlling the thickness of your lines. There’s the classic winged cat-eye, or the suave graphic arrow if you trust your drawing skills. If you want to be more experimental, choose a playful color, like dreamy turquoise or galaxy white, to keep the youthful spirit alive!

Lash out
Another way to look instantly awake is to lift your eyelashes. Curly lashes give eyes a fluttery, feminine boost and make them look bigger. Make sure your eyelash curler is arched to fit your eye. It should have a rubber lash pad to prevent tearing of lashes, and a wide handle for ease of movement. After curling, apply black or dark mascara to bolden the look. A good mascara gives volume and keeps lashes lifted all day. I also opt for eyelash extensions when I want to be more dramatic.


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