What Your Favorite Netflix Show Says About Your Wardrobe

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Prefer haunted house stories to edgy anime? Can’t say no to a good period drama, especially one filled with pop references? Or are you never one to miss out on a trending show that everyone is watching? While I’m not saying there’s a clear correlation between loving romcoms and appreciating floral pieces, your choice of TV series may reveal more about your wardrobe than you think! Here are three outfits inspired by hit Netflix shows that span the spectrum from soapy and sassy to dark and thrilling.

1. Period Drama At Its Sassiest – Bridgerton

Although you’re not usually the biggest fan of period dramas, Bridgerton gripped you from the start with its high-spirited characters, deliciously soapy plotlines and scandalous content. As a voracious consumer of all kinds of shows – you watch as many reality programs as you do murder mysteries – what you value most are witty dialogue, big dramatic reveals and light humor. It doesn’t hurt if there’s a stellar wardrobe involved too! Bridgerton ticks all the boxes, and presents plenty of eye candy to boot, all dressed in Regency-style finery.

Your own style puts a streetwise spin on classic silhouettes. While you love tried-and-true staples like plaid minis and fitted sweaters, you also never shy away from sartorial adventure, provided you can mix and match to your heart’s content! Combining a girly girl aesthetic – figure-hugging skirts, ribbon embellishments and plush fabrics – with sassy touches like plunging necklines, provocative side slits and an eye-popping color, your wardrobe is a worthy update to Bridgerton’s period luxe. Your look is all about channeling romantic, sexy and fun vibes.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Pink corduroy jacket, pink corset top, pink plaid mini skirt,
gold glitter socks, white Chelsea boots, burgundy velvet scrunchie

2. Academia At its Darkest – Beastars

Gritty yet kawaii, this anime series’ depiction of a campus populated by impeccably dressed anthropomorphic animals appeals to your quirky side. If you love the show’s bold concept, dark undercurrents and cutting commentary on human nature, you probably have an appetite for the strange and the misunderstood – and that extends to your fashion choices. Grandpa’s sweater vest? You love it, and can easily style the piece into an edgy, punkish ensemble for sartorial contrast. That graphic tee from your childhood days? You’ll wear it half-ironically for vintage flair, and add some cute gold-rimmed glasses to the mix.

Your style is likely a mix of street-style casual and unapologetically hipster. Achieving a total look is your ultimate goal, whether it’s a 70s-inspired ensemble or a head-to-toe utilitarian outfit. The comment you get most about your style is “edgy,” but you can go preppy too, just like the characters in Beastars! However, it’ll be with a unique twist – think wide leg pants rather than fitted slacks, cardigans in animal print, and pleated skirts with a punkish finish.

From top to bottom, left to right:
Tiger print fitted cardigan, black denim jacket, coral wide-leg dress pants,
gold-rimmed glasses, brown croc grain handbag, white sneakers

3. Gothic Romance At Its Spookiest – The Haunting of Bly Manor

Although you love a good scare, you prefer a slow-burning horror show, preferably with a dose of romance. The Haunting of Bly Manor, which combines classic literary references with ghost movie tropes, is just your ticket. Building from a haunted house premise into a heartbreaking love story, the show vibes well with your penchant for the gothic, whether it’s the old-school or modern kind.

Always reluctant to jump on a bandwagon, you’re all about creating a signature look. Simple silhouettes, classic colors and flowing lines dominate your wardrobe. For a night out, you’re likely to dress up in a mermaid skirt, velvet top and black patent ankle boots. On lazy weekends, you tend to go for spare yet impactful looks. Slouchy sweaters in dark hues are your thing, especially when paired with ripped, charcoal gray jeans or a midi skirt enlivened with heavy metal details. To counter that tough girl energy, you’ll probably accessorize with dainty jewelry for romantic contrast. Stacked rings, faux pearl earrings and tiers of silver-tone chains are all right up your alley!

From top to bottom, left to right:
Black-and-gray striped sweater, black midi pencil skirt, black patent ankle boots,
safety pin earrings with faux pearls, gold-toned open ring, white faux leather crossbody bag


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