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I’m always on the hunt for minimal and fragrance-free skin care products so I was stoked to stumble upon THEREALSKIN! I’m a big fan of clean skin care, and this Korean brand creates all of its products based on its “3P” philosophy of “Pure, Person and Protection.” The Calm Solution Set includes the Calming Rebalancing Toner, Calming Rebalancing Mist, Calming Enriched Cream and Calming Lotion Essence, all of which are vegan-friendly. The brand’s products are free of artificial fragrances, colorants and harmful chemicals – exactly what I look for in my minimal clean skin care routine.

Read on for more about my two-week skin care journey using the toner, mist, cream and essence!

Calming Rebalancing Mist

What it claims:

The refreshing Calming Rebalancing mist is loaded with 82% aloe extract, witch hazel extract and cica extract to soothe skin, as well as galactomyces and amino acids to strengthen the skin barrier.

My take:

Face mists are among my favorite skin care products and this one didn’t disappoint! Not only did I incorporate it in my morning and nighttime routines to hydrate skin (particularly after washing my face or getting out of a hot shower), I also used it as a pick -me-up throughout the day. Infused with soothing ingredients like aloe and cica extract, it made my skin feel perceptibly soft and moisturized the minute I sprayed it on, and it left a dewy finish after absorption. Those with dry skin will benefit more from this mist as it leaves a long-lasting hydrating finish. If you have oily or combination skin like me, you may find that it has a slightly stickier finish than other facial mists. I suggest trying the “moisture sandwich” method by using the spray in between other products to give skin maximum moisture.

Calming Rebalancing Toner

What it claims:

Like the mist, the multifunctional Calming Rebalancing Toner is enriched with 82% aloe extract, witch hazel extract, cica extract, galactomyces and amino acids to soothe skin and strengthen its barrier.

My take: 

Similar to the Calming Rebalancing Mist, the toner’s lightweight and moisturizing formula absorbed instantly into my skin without clogging pores. The gentle low pH formula didn’t sting. I used it both day and night after double cleansing my face. It prepped my skin for the next skin care products, such as the Calming Lotion Essence and Calming Enriched Cream.

Calming Lotion Essence

What it claims:

The essence is infused with 62% aloe extract as well as cica and myrobalan extracts to calm skin. It also contains tree peony extract to soothe skin from daily stressors like UV rays, and hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, phytosqualane and shea butter to moisturize skin.

My take:

I have no complaints as this essence is pretty similar to other products I’ve used before, and it’s especially suitable for the current dry weather. Since it contains relatively low doses of acne-fighting ingredients like cica and myrobalan, it won’t irritate or dry out skin. The formula also helps to restore moisture to skin and promote an all-day glow. However, it does require a few weeks of usage to see concrete results.

The texture of the essence was viscous but pleasant on skin, thanks to the infusion of aloe and cica extracts. It spread easily like butter and took about five to ten minutes to dry to a velvety finish. The first thing I noticed was that it helped to clear some tiny bumps, resulting in smoother skin. The essence can also be mixed with BB cream or foundation, but I haven’t tried this approach yet.

Calming Enriched Cream

What it claims: 

A deeply hydrating and calming cream powered by 53% tea tree leaf water, 3% macadamia oil, hyaluronic acid and phytosqualane. It also contains 1.5% sea buckthorn extract to soothe skin and beeswax for moisture-locking and antibacterial effects.

My take: 

The Calming Enriched Cream has a thicker consistency than the other products from the set, and is perfect for hydrating dry skin during winter. The sea buckthorn extract in the formulation helps to strengthen the skin barrier and retain moisture, making it particularly effective against harsher climates and inflammation.

The cream felt like a mix of milky lotion and gel in terms of texture. My skin took about the same amount of time to fully absorb the cream as it did to absorb the Calming Lotion Essence. Although it felt a little sticky and heavy, it definitely nourished my skin through the night. True to its claims, the cream kept my skin soft, supple and fully moisturized.

As I don’t suffer from severely dry skin, I alternated between this and the Calming Lotion Essence depending on how my skin felt. I’d use the cream if my skin needed an extra boost of moisture. This method suits those with oily or combination skin. Since the cream leaves a sticky finish, I wouldn’t recommend using it in summer.

Final Verdict

I’ve been using the four products for two weeks, and I’ve gradually fallen in love with the gentle and soothing formulations. I’m also impressed by their moisturizing effects as I haven’t seen a single dry patch on my skin!

I definitely recommend the Calming Lotion Essence and Calming Enriched Cream for those in need of a moisture boost, especially during the cold and dry season. There’s also nothing to dislike about the Calming Rebalancing Toner and Calming Rebalancing Mist as they’re both gentle and hydrating for my combination skin. However, I wouldn’t recommend these two to people with sensitive skin as they’re infused with witch hazel, which could cause mild irritation. All in all, THEREALSKIN’s Calming Solution Set is a great option if you’re looking for simple and clean vegan skin care.

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