iKON BOBBY’s Oversized and Chicly Disorganized Style

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Style Files

Bobby is the main rapper of K-pop group iKON. He first appeared as a member of Team B in the 2013 survival TV show WIN: Who Is Next, though Team A ultimately won and debuted as Winner. The following year, his team participated in another survival show, Mix & Match, and through their tenacity, the members finally debuted as iKON in 2015. Bobby also joined the rap competition Show Me The Money in 2014 and became the Season 3 champion. To date, he is the only K-pop idol to have won Show Me The Money.

Like many idols under YG Entertainment, Bobby has a distinct style. In the past, Bobby could easily be distinguished by his baggy silhouette and haphazard styling. Yet in his latest solo comeback, he’s adopted a slightly new look. Is there a method to his (styling) madness?


Oversized and Disorganized

In his pre-debut days, Bobby often wore sleeveless muscle tees. This piece was a constant part of his look whenever he was on stage in Show Me The Money. That’s why I chose an oversized sleeveless hoodie with a distressed hem.

In his latest comeback, Bobby radiates a low-key yakuza vibe by adding animal-print suits to his repertoire. The daring jumble of prints is a rather shocking twist to his usual street-style look. To make the look more accessible, I went for a more subtle, monochrome zebra-print shirt that contrasts with the dark gray solid tone of the sleeveless hoodie.

Bobby is the patron saint of bagginess. Even during the height of the skinny jeans trend, he was wearing his skinnies in a baggy ruched style. Now that baggy jeans are in, he wears them ultra-baggy! Distressed denim jeans accented with green patchwork are right up his alley.

Bobby is a big basketball fan, which may explain why he usually sports chunky footwear. These beige sneakers color-blocked with green and orange might not be basketball-appropriate, but they match the idol’s look.


Pop of Color

Bobby often adds pops of color to his outfit in warm tones like red, orange and pink. He also loves backpacks, opting for large boxy pieces. I selected a bright red bag as iKON’s official color is orange-red. Since the singer-rapper often wears nail polish, I added red and white polish to match the bag.

Completing the warm-toned trifecta is a pink snapback embroidered with “Work Hard, Play Hard” lettering on the front and back.


Chained Up

The artwork of Bobby’s second full album LUCKY MAN is filled with fun smiley faces. To incorporate this aesthetic into his look, I picked a chunky chain necklace and a belt chain accented with smiley face designs. Lastly, chain cuff earrings and a chain ring complete the look.


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