IU’s Glam Gowns and Alternative Attire in “Celebrity”

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Last month, IU dropped the pre-release single Celebrity for her upcoming fifth album, and the song has since topped digital charts and received several music show wins. The electro-pop track might deviate from IU’s usual sound, but the lyrics channel her usual depth. Through this song, the singer-songwriter hopes to encourage those who feel “odd” to embrace that they are one-of-a-kind stars.

The music video for Celebrity features mesmerizing, cinematic scenes as IU shifts between various personas. She wears intricate outfits that bring these personas to life, ranging from glitzy frocks and a sleek all-leather ensemble to boho-chic and pop-punk attire. Read on to recreate the looks!

Glam Gowns

True to the song’s name Celebrity, IU dons plenty of grand dresses paired with luxe silver-tone, rhinestone-embellished accessories fit for red carpet events. She uses different colors and silhouettes to exude varying moods from sweet girlishness to old-school glamor.

Outfit #1

Overwhelmed by hair stylists and makeup artists, countless clothing racks and looming shadows on the walls of her dressing room, IU appears in a dreamy, off-shoulder tulle gown in a cotton candy color, looking like a vision of innocence. She completes this fairytale dress with a fringed rhinestone headband and a rhinestone choker with a teardrop pendant. Although we don’t get to see what footwear she picks, we catch a glimpse of some shoes in her walk-in wardrobe, including point-toe rhinestone flats that would go perfectly with the dress!

Outfit #2

Later in the music video, IU is seen in a pitch-black room. What initially appear to be distant stars in the backdrop are gradually revealed to be dancers draped in strings of lights. Although it seems like IU is a star who lives in the spotlight, the only reason she can shine is because of the fans who light her up, even during dark times. She’s clad in a feminine fringed dress in the same hue as her tulle gown, but its long sleeves and mini length make it a modern party piece. Her look is adorned with silver-tone jewelry, such as a thin rhinestone choker, twisted triangular earrings and a rhinestone belt with a flower buckle.

Outfit #3

IU wears a black dress while standing in front of a curtain with a projected image of herself in the aforementioned pink dress – alluding to the fact that no matter how successful or famous one may be, you’re probably still looking up to someone else as your celebrity. Cinched in with a wide faux leather belt, this black dress with a shirred mock-neck and balloon sleeves comes in a darker color palette and more wearable silhouette than the other two looks, making it more subdued and less costume-y. However, its allover gold and silver foil stars keep the dress on-theme, and a layered rhinestone headband and circle chandelier earrings enhance the dazzling effect.

Outfit #4

Surrounded by paparazzi, IU has her final celebrity moment as she runs away from the crowd to gain freedom. In a music video full of dresses, her last red tulle gown with off-shoulder sleeves and a tiered full maxi skirt is the most impressive of them all. The transition from pink to red dresses shows her blooming from a starlet into a full-fledged star. To cement her queen status, she pairs the dress with a bridal necklace, teardrop earrings, a tiara and long black silk gloves. I’ve picked out an unconventional star tiara to mirror the star motif shown repeatedly throughout the MV.

Alternative Attire

IU also rocks some alternative attire to showcase the different sides of being a celebrity. Personally, I love the dark sartorial revamp, as it reflects IU’s artistic journey in recent years to break out of her cutesy mold and unveil a more mature side.

Outfit #5

To conceal her celebrity status by going undercover, IU dons an all-black, spy-like get-up featuring a black turtleneck, faux leather trench and knee-high block-heel boots. The faux leather material is also seen in her accessories: chain-accent gloves and a buckled newsboy cap, both of which include gold-tone notes. Her pair of golden interlocking hoop earrings is a sophisticated touch, while her animal-print sunglasses add mystique.

Outfit #6


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Undercover-IU is shocked when she spots her doppelganger in a coffee shop – the “normal girl” persona we catch fleeting glimpses of throughout the MV. Her stylish ensemble gives off a relaxed, summery air reminiscent of her Every End of the Day era. She layers a red lace camisole dress under a slouchy, off-shoulder mélange sweater in light purple, which matches the purple string braided through her messy top-knot. A brown faux leather belt and short brown cowboy boots add rustic elements, while her kiss-lock crossbody purse is constructed with cloth for an everyday softness. Finally, like the jewelry in her all-black look, her layered heart pendant necklace is gold-toned, providing a contrast to the rhinestone-adorned silver jewelry paired with her occasion dresses. Whereas silver is cool and pristine, gold balances chicness with approachable warmth.

Outfit #7

IU’s signature dance move for Celebrity is drawing a star with her index finger. To suit the fun dance sequences, she’s dressed in a comfortable yet put-together get-up consisting of a pink and black striped cropped sweater and distressed black denim shorts. Apart from casual base pieces, this ensemble incorporates edgy accessories like a black faux leather belt with a dangling chain, diagonally striped tights and a pair of knee-high lace-up boots. The sweater’s bold pink stands out among the grungy black pieces to create a pop-punk princess air. It also reminds me of the iconic pink striped bodycon mini dress IU’s character Cindy (also a popular celebrity – albeit in a fictional universe) wore in the 2015 K-Drama The Producers!

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