Trying I DEW CARE’s Let’s Get Sheet Faced Mask Set for Self-Care Sessions

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I used to save some of my skin care products, including sheet masks, for special occasions. Having spent the majority of last year at home, I realized it was time to stop saving things and indulge in them whenever I felt like it. Self-care should be practiced anytime, not just on Friday or Sunday nights. 

Pandemic or not, I’m making self-care a top priority this year to help me de-stress while also allowing me to enjoy my favorite products. The latest addition to my self-care routine is I DEW CARE’s Let’s Get Sheet Faced 14 Days Sheet Mask Set. 

I DEW CARE Let’s Get Sheet Faced 14 Days Sheet Mask Set 

What are your self-care essentials? Mine includes a good sheet mask with a face roller. This set from I DEW CARE comes in a pack of 14 sheet masks that treat different skin concerns. All sheet masks are made with eucalyptus fibers and come in the cutest packaging!

The set includes: In The Zone (3 pcs), Up All Night (3 pcs), Time Warp (2 pcs), Morning Dew (2 pcs), Olive ‘Bout You (2 pcs) and Unwind (2 pcs).

In The Zone

Key ingredients: Chamomile and tea tree

Main benefits: Calms irritation, reduces redness, controls sebum, tightens pores and smooths skin

My experience: This sheet mask caught my attention first since it provides the most benefits compared to the rest. I’ve been dealing with some hormonal breakouts that can be quite red and inflamed, and I owe it to the In The Zone mask for instantly calming my redness! Although I don’t have enlarged pores, I did see a mini improvement in the appearance of my pores afterwards. Those with oily skin would enjoy this sheet mask.

Up All Night

Key ingredients: Citrus lime and niacinamide

Main benefits: Brightens and energizes dull skin

My experience: Niacinamide is becoming one of my favorite skin care ingredients, and my only regret is not seeing its potential earlier. My hormonal acne leaves behind dark spots so I look for products with niacinamide to treat my hyperpigmentation. The Up All Night mask leaves my skin brighter, and although three uses weren’t enough to completely fade my dark spots, I’m confident that it’ll help when I use it more in the long run. 

Time Warp

Key ingredients: Acai berry and adenosine

Main benefits: Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

My experience: If you’re looking to rehydrate or plump your skin, the Time Warp mask can help achieve that. Thanks to acai, fig, pomegranate and white mulberry fruit extracts, this formula is packed with antioxidants to repair skin and reverse the effects of aging. Hydrated skin? Check. Plump skin? Double check. 

Morning Dew

Key ingredients: Nelumbo nucifera and sodium hyaluronate

Main benefits: Hydrates and rejuvenates tired skin

My experience: I quickly popped the Morning Dew sheet mask in the refrigerator before applying since it claims to rejuvenate tired or stressed-out skin. The cooling sensation left my skin feeling so refreshed that I wished I could leave it on for longer than 20 minutes. Using this in my morning routine awakened my skin, which makes it perfect to use after a long night.

Olive ‘Bout You

Key ingredients: Olive and collagen

Main benefits: Nourishes and hydrates dry skin, and strengthens a weakened skin barrier  

My experience: I can’t get enough of its scent, a fresh aroma that reminds me of a dewy spring morning. This is the ultimate self-care sheet mask if you want to treat skin to a nourishing face mask while de-stressing. This mask has been a treat for my dehydrated skin in winter. 


Key ingredients: Mugwort leaf and madecassoside

Main benefits: Relieves and relaxes stressed and sensitive skin

My experience: This is a great sheet mask for sensitive skin. Infused with skin-soothing ingredients like mugwort leaf and madecassoside, the mask restored balance to my skin. The Unwind mask also helped reduce my inflammation and eased any itching for new breakouts.

If you’re looking to treat yourself to a self-care session at home, you can’t go wrong with I DEW CARE’s Let’s Get Sheet Faced 14 Day Sheet Mask Set!

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