In the Mood for Love

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and there’s no reason not to keep the lovey-dovey vibes going during socially-distanced times! While romantic getaways are off the agenda, you can still indulge in a lil’ pampering with your loved one. From dressing up for a Zoom date to letting your hair down for an indoor picnic, here are some ideas on how to enjoy the season of love from the comfort of your home!

1. Breakfast In Bed

Indulge in the ultimate morning pampering tradition – breakfast in bed! Pull out all the stops by dusting off your cutest crockery and cutlery to lay out the spread, and enjoy a glass of bubbly (or hot cocoa) too. Don’t settle for burnt toast, overripe banana or porridge. Go full-on with a proper meal, such as bacon and eggs or piping hot dim sum. There’s nothing like a snuggly breakfast to start the day on a perfect note!

2. Indoor Picnic

Why not recreate that sunny day magic in the comfort of your living room? An indoor picnic gives you all the carefree coziness of a picnic in the park, minus the bugs and the temperamental weather. For starters, chill the lemonade, prepare a nice gingham tablecloth and whip out your rattan basket. Then, spread out the scones and cucumber sandwiches (or your Pocky biscuit sticks and Calbee chips). Embrace the spirit of the event by slipping into picnic-inspired clothing such as a floral dress, gingham blouse and cottagecore-style cardi!

3. A Nature Ramble

If circumstances allow, go for a breath of fresh air with your significant other, whether it’s a brisk walk or an invigorating run. Look cute while you’re outdoors by selecting attire that hits the sweet spot between athleisure and serious sports gear! To score style points while out in nature, go for sleek yet comfy clothing like these black leggings and bra top, both fitted with mesh panels for a sexy touch. Complement the fashionista vibes with chunky sneakers in a mood-boosting color palette like white and yellow. Don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent!

4. All-Night Movie Marathon

Why not substitute the usual Netflix-before-bed routine for a snuggly movie marathon with your special someone? Start with a rom-com before progressing to something steamier, and finish off with a gem you both unequivocally enjoy regardless of genre, like a cheesy 80s action movie. To ramp up the romantic mood, put up fairy lights and don those pretty glasses you’ve saved for special occasions. Slip into a comfy sweatshirt, stay toasty with a cute fleece blanket doubling as a cape, and simply chill.

5. Pre-Zoom Date Primping

We all know Zoom doesn’t show us in the most flattering light, so getting a glow-up before that virtual date is important! Throughout the week, stay hydrated with a rich, winter-appropriate cream, indulge in frequent sheet mask seshes, and use a jade roller. You’ll get that lit-from-within glow in no time! On the wardrobe front, consider a sleek shirt in a luxe fabric for effortless glam, or complement a simple yet sexy top with statement earrings that double as a conversation starter. Of course, you can keep things casual with comfy bottoms!

6. Love Letters Via Snail Mail

Lockdown and social distancing have reduced opportunities for face-to-face meet-ups, which means budding lovers might have to resort to communicating the old-fashioned way – writing. Why not ditch the texting and write each other a love letter on paper to be unsealed on Valentine’s Day? Choose from an array of letter sets running the gamut from dreamy to boldly galactic styles, and pour your heart out using this funky update on the classic fountain pen. Years down the line, you might look back and realize this was the most romantic thing you’ve ever done!

7. Self-Care Above All

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating romance. Ultimately, it’s about feeling good and treating yourself right. Indulge in some major self-care, whether you’ve got a special someone in your life or not! That means no more Cup Noodles while bingeing on period dramas. Swap the hoodies and joggers for some fancy PJs and put on sexy red lipstick. Light a cupcake-shaped candle to set the “me time” mood before adding a maximalist touch to your desk, like this heart-shaped mirror in a filigree frame. Make the day more memorable by doing something you wouldn’t normally do, such as reaching out to an old friend – although preferably not an ex!

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