K-Pop King: Big Bang’s G-Dragon

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Style Files

Kwon Ji-yong, famously known as G-Dragon or GD, is a pop phenom. He debuted as leader of the K-pop boy band Big Bang in 2006 and just three years later, the star released his first solo album Heartbreaker. G-Dragon is famous not only for his stage presence but for being a true renaissance man who composes and produces a large number of his band’s songs and his solo works. The singer is also known for his unique fashion taste. Over the years, his experimental wardrobe has caught the eyes of famous designers around the world, and the rapper is regularly photographed at front row during Fashion Week.

Before becoming a singer, G-Dragon aspired to becoming a fashion designer. The icon fulfilled that childhood dream with his ready-to-wear label PeaceMinusOne launched in 2016. Often described as “outrageous” and “too much,” his style has always intrigued me, every piece he wears is unique and chic enough to be the pièce de résistance of anyone else’s outfit, but on GD, it may just be one small part of his whole look.

BigBang's GDragon Style Files Main Illustration

Graffiti Galore

G-Dragon’s style has gone through some major changes since his debut. What hasn’t changed over the years, however, is his love for color. The pop star has a penchant for vibrant pieces, particularly graffiti-style designs judging from his collaborations with multiple fashion brands. GD often roughs up his clean-cut and trim silhouette with vibrant kitsch patterns and large, ill-fitting pieces, a look that accentuates his usual laissez-faire vibe.

A black sweater printed with pink, blue and yellow graffiti seems like a natural choice for G-Dragon. I paired the sweater with matching graffiti-printed black denim jeans. Bringing in one of his favorite colors, white, I added a color-blocked fleece jacket designed with fun monster drawings, as well as a white bucket hat scribbled with doodles and Hangul.

Back to Black

The singer and rapper often pulls an outfit together with black pieces. He also loves yellow! I brought in that pop of color with a black and yellow striped turtleneck.

To make an outfit ooze GD vibes, each item has to be unique and chic. I’ve styled him in iconic round sunglasses that are very mod, and contrasted that with an on-trend graffiti-printed black belt bag. He likes to change up his styles, so instead of going full streetwear, I went with black pleather boots designed with a zipper fastening and grommet detailing for a punk rock touch.

Stack ‘Em Up

“Too many accessories” is a phrase that would never pass GD’s lips. In fact, choosing just nine pieces for this Style Files feature is a minimal take on his accessorizing style. He’s usually seen donning layers of bracelets and necklaces, as well as multiple rings and, of course, earrings. Continuing with the rugged aesthetic, I chose chunky, irregularly shaped rings along with intricate filigree-styled pieces. After all, GD is boujie. I went for the same rough look with his cuff and dangling earrings. As Big Bang is considered to be the first K-pop group to have an official light stick, I added a small crown-shaped stud earring reminiscent of the Bang Bong light stick as a little Easter egg for VIPs (Big Bang fans).


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