Pinterest Predicts Beauty Trends for 2021

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In this unpredictable year, Pinterest takes the courage to forecast over 150 trends for 2021. The trends detailed in the annual Pinterest Predicts report are collated from 442 million users posting on Pinterest. The report organizes this year’s upcoming trends into ten categories, namely Beauty, Fashion, Wellbeing, Food and Beverage, Hobbies and Interests, Home, Parenting, Finance, Celebrations, and Travel (yes, it still exists). The image-sharing social platform also added an audience filter in this year’s report to target different generations spanning from Boomers and Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z.

Pinterest claims that eight out of ten of its predictions came true last year, so this report is definitely not to be missed. I’ve summed up the trend predictions on beauty in this article. The bracketed numbers indicate the year-on-year increase of terms that were highly searched and saved on the platform. For the full report, please visit


Skinimalism is the new glow up

Still sticking with a 12-step routine? Maybe it’s time to switch things up! Streamline your beauty routine and opt for multifunctional products made from natural ingredients instead. Try out clean beauty – beauty products made with minimal ingredients. Keep skin dewy and healthy with aloe masks and face massages. Opt for the bare minimum of makeup before your Zoom meeting – all you need is a hint of concealer, a little mascara and a swipe of tinted lip balm.

  1. Benton – Aloe Soothing Mask Pack
  2. Beauty of Joseon – Glow Serum
  3. The Saem – Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 PA++
  4. FACE FACTORY – Rose Quartz Face Roller
  5. ilbu – Plain DIY Facial Mask Bowl

Indie Beauty

Cheeky is the new chic

While some prefer a minimalist approach, others go experimental with makeup. Take it from the Gen Z crowd as this generation favors bold eye shadows and eyeliners, candy-colored lipsticks and emoji-inspired nail art. Cheeky decals and doodles are popular search terms amongst these users who like to express their youthful, cheerful and creative sides. It’s all about feeling cute!

  1. WGOMM – Nail Art Stickers (Various Designs)
  2. 3CE – One Color Shadow
  3. MAGICO – Butterfly Nail Art Stickers
  4. MAGICO – Smiley Print Nail Art Stickers
  5. Flowfushi – Eye Opening Liner Liquid Eyeliner 0.55ml

Poppin’ Protective Styles

Low-maintenance is the new high heat

People are getting creative with braid styles that are protective, low-maintenance and glamorous. A fade haircut (hair tapered at the back and side) with braids works particularly well on those with a round or square face, as braids draw attention to the top of the head and away from the chin. The same principle applies to Viking braids which focus on long and bulky braids in the middle and the back of the head.

Knotless box braids look good without hurting the scalp since no knots are formed at the base. Bubble braids divide ponytails into “bubble” sections using hair ties, while yarn braids are a bold way to throw in color and texture to the look by weaving yarns into the braids.

Most of these braiding methods don’t require washing until the third week, but constant touch-ups with a hydrating mist or hair oil can help them stay smooth and shiny. Also, apply hair gel to hair tips before braiding to tame frizz and to make them easier to style.

  1. NATURE REPUBLIC – Argan Essential Moist Hair Mist
  2. Tuhat – Set of 50: Plain Hair Tie
  3. Grayzus – Plain Yarn
  4. Mandom – Gatsby Hair Jam
  5. HIME – Set of 50: Hair Beads


Defiant brows are the new defined brows

Improve your brow game! Embrace new techniques, such as the ombre powder method to color brows using micro ink dots, resulting in a powdery, more natural look with a faded front and crisp tail. Other brow trends include black or triangular goth brows; lettering tattoos above brows; bleached brows that allow you to redefine the brows or even look as if you don’t have any; and colorful brows that can be achieved by bleaching and vivid browcaras.

  1. METZ – Lettering Waterproof Temporary Tattoo
  2. Kracie – Epilat Bleaching Cream For Sensitive Skin
  3. IM’UNNY – Styling Eye Brow
  4. LUCKY TRENDY – PRM Colorful Pop Mascara
  5. Shu Uemura – Brow:palette Eye Brow Powder


Due to being mostly homebound, we’re developing better ways to pamper ourselves and ease anxiety, as self-care terms are popular on Pinterest. A spiritual cleansing bath relaxes and recharges your body and soul with salts, herbs and essential oils. Also likely to gain popularity in 2021 are full moon bath rituals and bath tea recipes to provide special soaking experiences. Incorporate a protection crystal to your night beauty routine, light a scented candle or put a fragrance diffuser in your bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

  1. CHARLEY – Imagination Bathroom Bath Salt & Herbs
  2. THE PURE LOTUS – Rose Quartz Guasha
  3. Popcorn – Fragrance Diffuser
  4. CANDLIA – Plastic Candle Mold
  5. The History of Whoo – Beauty Sample Set


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