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If you’re looking to incorporate more anti-aging ingredients into your skin care, then collagen is worth adding to the regimen. As we age, our skin starts to produce less collagen, which results in a loss in elasticity. Adding collagen-rich formulas to your routine helps keep your skin plump and youthful for as long as possible. 

Here’s what you need to know about collagen, plus a list of collagen products that are worth trying.

What is collagen and what are its benefits?

Collagen is a protein that plays an important role in keeping skin strong, healthy and firm. 

Those in their late 20s may begin to notice that their skin isn’t as bouncy as it once was. In addition to aging, external factors such as air pollution and sun damage can result in the breakdown of collagen. Even though our body continues to produce collagen as we get older, the rate of production slows down and becomes less efficient. 

Collagen keeps skin firm and supple. It also helps the skin produce new skin cells and get rid of old ones. To fight visible signs of aging, try applying a serum or moisturizer packed with collagen to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

A downside of collagen skin care

Applying collagen products may help keep skin youthful-looking, but they aren’t miracle workers. To boost skin’s natural collagen production, consider taking collagen supplements, or adjust your lifestyle and diet – your body needs nutrients to make collagen. 

Korean skin care products with collagen

You can find collagen in a wide range of skin care products. Aside from giving skin a more supple appearance, collagen products also give it a hydration boost and improve skin elasticity.

Collagen products are suitable for all skin types and can be used in your morning or evening routine. Here are some K-Beauty products that you should add to your collection:

THE PLANT BASE − Time Stop Collagen Ampoule

Formulated with mushroom extracts, this ampoule stimulates collagen production and can make fine lines and wrinkles look less visible with consistent use. The ampoule also helps reverse the effects of sun damage on skin.

MIZON − Collagen 100

If you’re looking for a fast-absorbing serum, you’ll enjoy using MIZON’s Collagen 100. It’s formulated with birch tree sap, hyaluronic acid, papaya and raspberry extracts to help your complexion stay hydrated, smooth and firm.

Pretty skin − 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule

Are you a fan of gold in your skin care? If the answer’s yes, then you won’t be disappointed with the 24K Gold Collagen Ampoule from K-Beauty brand Pretty skin. Featuring 24K gold powder and hydrolyzed collagen, this ampoule not only restores skin’s firmness but also gives you an enviable glow. 

PETITFEE − Collagen & CoQ10 Hydrogel Eye Patch

Our eyes are usually the first to develop signs of aging since the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of our face. To tackle this issue, incorporate eye patches into your daily regimen. Give your under eye some love with PETITFEE’s Collagen & CoQ10 Hydrogel Eye Patch. These patches instantly soothe, brighten and smooth out the appearance of crow’s feet. 

NEOGEN − Dermalogy Collagen Lifting Cream

The name says it all! NEOGEN’s Dermalogy Collagen Lifting Cream is packed with collagen, ceramide and hyaluronic acid that all work together to strengthen the skin barrier, slow down the aging process and rejuvenate skin for a healthy glow. 

KAHI − Wrinkle Bounce Collagen Moisturizing Mist

If you like to keep a face mist on your desk, consider KAHI’s Wrinkle Bounce Collagen Moisturizing Mist. This mist is infused with salmon collagen extract and nine kinds of hyaluronic acid, so your skin gets an instant boost of moisture and anti-aging benefits. 

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