Purr-fectly Smooth Skin with I DEW CARE’s Mini Meow Trio Peel-Off Mask Set

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I’ve been itching to try I DEW CARE’s peel-off masks since it joined YesStyle’s roster of K-Beauty brands. I’ve been on an endless scrolling marathon of I DEW CARE’s Instagram and coveting all the shelf-worthy, cruelty-free and gluten-free products. I need a couple of those on my shelf!

My skin gets more textured in winter, with small bumps appearing everywhere, so I zeroed in on I DEW CARE’s peel-off masks. I couldn’t decide which of the three to try so I’m reviewing all of them. ‘Tis the season to commit to good exfoliation sessions!

The Mini Meow Trio Peel-Off Mask Set includes all three of I DEW CARE’s peel-off masks, each in a small 10g size. They are also available individually in 85ml tubs.
Disco KittenSugar KittenSpace Kitten
IngredientsWhite Flower Complex, diamond powder, oat extract, centella asiatica and glycerinRuby powder, rose water, hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica and glycerinCharcoal, sapphire powder, volcanic ash and witch hazel
EffectsIlluminating and smoothingHydrating and smoothingT-zone clearing and smoothing

Aptly named Disco Kitten, this peel-off mask is formulated to brighten skin. Apart from its illuminating and smoothing effects, the mask is also infused with oat extract for nourishing and strengthening benefits. 

Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-Off Mask Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel-Off Mask

I used this mask two to three times a week as recommended. I DEW CARE’s silicone pack brush made it fuss-free to apply the mask evenly on my face. The Disco Kitten peel-off mask has a very smooth texture with an IG-worthy silvery sheen that doesn’t change as it dries. Upon application, the first thing I noticed was its subtle medicinal scent. The mask promises to brighten complexion, but after three weeks of use, I didn’t see a noticeable change.

The Sugar Kitten Hydrating Holographic Peel-Off Mask is not infused with sugar but rather hyaluronic acid and rose water to hydrate skin. Unlike the Disco Kitten mask, the Sugar Kitten version has a strong floral scent, which likely comes from the rose water in its formulation. 

Sugar-Kitten-Hydrating-Holographic-Peel-Off-Mask Sugar-Kitten-Hydrating-Holographic-Peel-Off-Mask

I DEW CARE suggests leaving the mask on for 20 minutes before peeling it off. I left it on for 25 minutes to allow the formula around the crevices of my nose to fully dry. Out of the three masks, this was the one that peeled off in one satisfying piece! When I opened the product, I was shocked by the formula’s minty green color. However, upon application, it dries into a holographic purple tint. I expected it to leave my oily skin feeling taut and dry, as most peel-off masks tend to do, but this mask stayed true to its benefits and left my skin smooth and not overly dry. 

Unlike the two previous masks, the Space Kitten is recommended to be used only on the T-zone. As the forehead, nose and chin are usually the oiliest parts of the face, this formulation contains charcoal, sapphire powder and volcanic ash to purify pores and control sebum. I attribute the mask’s deep musky fragrance to the witch hazel in its formula. 

Space Kitten Exfoliating Galactic Black Peel-Off Mask Space Kitten Exfoliating Galactic Black Peel-Off Mask

Adhering to I DEW CARE’s instructions, I applied it only on my T-zone and used it once or twice a week. It became immediately evident why I should only use it sparingly. The mask has a thicker viscosity than the others and, once dried, it adheres closely and strongly to skin. I had to peel it off gently and slowly from my face. It was obvious that the mask pulled off blackheads, whiteheads and even tiny hairs! 

Final Verdict

Disco KittenSugar KittenSpace Kitten

I tend to choose products based on their IG-worthiness. I admit this strategy often doesn’t result in effective picks. But this time, I DEW CARE’s peel-off masks proved to be not only pretty on the outside but effective on the inside too! 

I DEW CARE’s peel-off masks are great for those with combination and oily skin. They fit into your weekly exfoliation sessions to clear small bumps and pesky whiteheads and blackheads. After a peel-off sesh, I find that my makeup adheres better on skin! 

The Mini Meow Trio Peel-Off Set is perfect for those who want to try out the different masks before committing to the full-sized 85ml tubs. I recommend getting the silicone brush as well if you don’t already have one. Applying the mask sans the brush would be nightmarish and messy. The silicone brush enables even application of the mask, and it’s a breeze to clean, as you simply just peel away the dried product.

When using the peel-off mask, I also used I DEW CARE’s White Cat headband to keep my hair out of the way, especially since I’ve got a lot of baby hair. Don’t worry if the mask gets on clothes (or in my case, the rug). Once dried, it’s pretty easy to peel it off, and it doesn’t leave any stains!

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